Syrian Refugees in Jordan Riot to Return, Injuring 5 Soldiers

[9/25/2012 12:00:00 AM]

By Mohammed Abu Hmaed

AMMONNEWS - Riots erupted Monday night in the Za'atari Syrian refugee camp in Mafraq when over 250 refugees demanded Jordanian authorities to allow them to cross the border back to violence-stricken Syria.

The refugees protested in front of the camp's security quarters, dragged the caravan of the Hashemite Charity Organization, blocking with it the main road inside the camp, burnt one tent and threw rocks at the security center.

Five Jordanian military personnel were injured in the riots and were transferred to the military-run Mafraq hospital, they are in good condition, a security source told Ammon News.

Meanwhile, police apprehended seven Syrian refugees suspected of instigating the riot.

Gendarmerie forces were deployed to the camp to contain the riots.

In Ramtha, north of Jordan, residents protested Monday night against what they considered ill behavior on the part of Syrian refugees in the Kingdom.

A Jordanian official, who did want his name published, criticized in statements to Ammon News the method with which the Jordanian authorities are dealing with the refugees, considering it "soft."

"Security forces prefer not to use harsh measures against the refugees who escaped the devastation of war in their country to find safe refuge in Jordan, but also the refugees must contain themselves as not to cause tensions," the official added.

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