Anti-normalization committee denounces Israeli participation in youth conference

[6/10/2012 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Anti-normalization committee condemned Israeli participation in youth event in Amman for three days in Amman by a Foundation called "Fellowship of Zulia" with the participation of Israeli youths on Friday.

The group pointed out, in a statement on Thursday, that this conference came within a series of conferences and meetings that the Organization held between about 120 students and youths representing several Arab and Western states, including Tunisia, Egypt , Lebanon, Jordan, as well as America and the Israeli entity.

The anti-normalization group confirmed that this organization provided all the participants with the latest in communication and photography devices and customized a website to facilitate communication among them.

It also noted that Jordanian students participate in this organization through their universities, media institutions and studies centers shows the seriousness of this organization, which signed, in the previous years, cooperation contracts with a number of governmental universities, which forces the gathering to use all peaceful means to confront this organization and thwart its meetings and conferences.

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