'Bury me in Jordan after Execution' - Tariq Aziz

[11/2/2010 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Ziyad Aziz, son of former Iraqi deputy prime minister Tariq Aziz who was recently sentenced to death in an Iraqi court, said that his father stressed in his will that he wants to be buried in Jordan following his execution or death in prison, out of fear that his grave will be desecrated or his body exhumed by current Iraqi authorities.

Aziz added that his father wrote in a letter to his lawyer Suleiman Jabburi that he wishes to be buried in Jordan temporarily, and that his body should be returned to be buried in his country "after Iraq is liberated."

The son said his father fears his grave would be desecrated and his body exhumed as happened to the body of former Iraqi prime minister Muhammad Hamzeh Al Zubaidi.

Meanwhile, international entities called for a reduced sentence for Tariq Aziz, who was also former foreign minister under Saddam Hussein’s regime, considering that he suffers from various ailments, and recently suffered a brain stroke.

An Iraqi court last week sentenced Aziz to death by hanging to be executed within 30 days by the Iraqi Presidential Council.

* Photo: Copy of the letter written by Tariq Aziz to his lawyer from Prison in Baghdad.

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