new voting cards similar to birth certificate specifications

[6/13/2012 12:00:00 AM]

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AMMONNEWS--Abdul Ilah Al- Khatib head of independent commission for election, expressed his desire to reduce the duration of the objection to run for parliamentary elections.

It was revealed by Speaker of the Upper House of Parliament Abdul-Karim Al-Dughmi reveal,, during his presidency of the Legal Committee meeting which was held to discuss the draft election law, noting that he met al-Khatib on Monday morning.

Al-Dughmi explained the Remarks on periods of opposition that Al-Khateeb requested saying that he has a desire to reduce the duration, and pointed out that the Committee has already approved the articles in that context .He added that the Committee can listen to his point of view ,and if satisfied, the Commission would adopt that .

The Department of Civil Status and Passports will be issuing new registration cards other than the personal ID cards , due to the presence of non-personal identity cards which found incorrect and illegal ,according to Al-Dughmi..

Specifications of the new cards will be similar to the birth certificate so that it cannot be forged or counterfeited.. .

He explained that the ballot card will have a device to detect the signs that are confidential and will be more than 10 signs.

President of the House of Parliament said that counterfeiting of the voting cards has been solved ; there is one card of the citizen voter with high technical specifications, calling for the "convenience of the people"

Marwan Qteishat head of civil status department said : We can extract the ballots at any time adding that establishing voting cards is an easy process ; we can decide the true number of voters exactly. He explained that residence of citizens must be correct and valid at least for one year .

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