National Front condemns protestors Attacked

[6/10/2012 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The National Front For Reforms issued a statement on Saturday condemning what they described as "state security-sponsored thuggery" during Friday's peaceful protest in downtown Amman, and Jerash.

The statement expressed that the attacks on peaceful protestors and activists on Friday is a re-launch of the "old-new method of security forces' bullying and thuggery against citizens to restrict freedoms and terrorize the citizens."

On Friday, an "un-identified" mob stormed into the peaceful demonstration and beat protestors in the northern governorate of Jerash, with metal batons and wooden sticks.

In a separate incident, downtown Amman a number of men tried to attak the Islamic leader Hamza Mansour after Friday prayer while he was participating in a peaceful rally.

The movement, which leaded by the former prime Minister and ex-chief of Jordanian intelligence agency Ahmad Obidat, stated that such violent attacks will not dissuade Jordanians from continuing their popular and peaceful movement calling for political and constitutional reforms in the country.

Protestors on Friday were calling for political and economic reforms, stopping price hike, and combating corruption,

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