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King meets president, members of Jordan Press Association

[9/19/2018 7:42:57 AM]

AMMONNEWS - His Majesty King Abdullah II's meeting with president and members of Jordan Press Association (JPA) on Wednesday highlighted a number of issues related to media and domestic affairs, in addition to current developments on the regional and international arenas. His Majesty said Jordan is pushing ahead with the process of reform and stressed the need to assess and develop electoral and parties laws to ensure wider participation in the decision-making process and to enable Jordanian youth to contribute more to development. The King also underscored the role of professional media in addressing national issues and in enhancing participation in the debate over them. During the meeting held at al-Husseiniya Palace, His Majesty said the Kingdom is facing economic challenges, but it is capable of overcoming them, and underlined the importance of the media's involvement in highlighting achievements and in exercising its monitoring role. His Majesty stressed the importance of the media's role in presenting facts to citizens, in light of the spread of fabricated news and said state institutions are requested to provide information to journalists so that the citizen will not remain subject to rumors. His Majesty also stressed the importance of the media's role in confronting extremism and shielding young people from "the dark thought" that contradicts the noble principles of Islam. The discussions also touched on the King's participation in the UN General Assembly meeting in New York, as His Majesty said he will meet with heads of states and delegations participating in the meetings to discuss issues of interest to Jordan, as well as the Palestinian issue and the support of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). For his part, president of the JPA, Rakan Al-Saida, stressed the association's keenness to promote the profession and contribute to the delivery of the media message that serves Jordan and its interests, stressing the importance of maintaining contact between state institutions and journalists to provide the correct information and to enable them to counter rumors. Al-Saida also stressed the importance of empowering the media and developing the skills of journalists to deal with social networking platforms, so as to be more influential players in the public opinion. Members of the association talked about a number of issues related to the media and stressed the importance of facilitating access to information, in an effective way to deal with fabricated news, as well as keeping in pace with developments in modern media. Chief of the Royal Court and the Advisor to the King, Director of His Majesty's Office, attended the meeting.

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Cabinet cancels permanent residence condition of Jordanian women married to non-Jordanians

[9/10/2018 3:13:06 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Upon recommendation of the Minister of Interior, the Cabinet on Monday decided to drop the condition of permanent residence of Jordanian women married to non-Jordanians for a period not less than 5 years before benefiting from privileges offered to their children. The cabinet also decided to consider the card issued from the Department of Civil Status and Passports to children of these women, as a personal identification card. Earlier in 2014, the Cabinet decided to grant children of Jordanian women married to foreigners such facilities as education, health, labor, investment, ownership and obtaining driving licenses in addition to facilities in the field of residence permits, but without acquiring the Jordanian nationality.

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French Agency Support Jordanians Who Drop Out of School

[9/10/2018 8:03:42 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Since he dropped out of school a few years ago, Osama said he still regrets every single day out of the educational system. “I wish I didn’t ever leave. Especially when you see your friends are preparing to go to college. So I keep reading books to be ready to go back to school after this Informal Education class,” the young student explained, full of hope. Osama (names were changed for anonymity purposes) was one of the 53 grinning graduates standing on stage on Saturday, as part of the graduation ceremony of the Premiere Urgence Internationale (PUI)’s Informal Education (IE) project’s second phase. Part of a project financed by the French Agency for Development, the IE component aims at supporting young children who dropped out of school for less than three years, and accompany them on their way back to education, according to PUI head of mission Martin Rosselot. To ensure a comprehensive support of the children and their parents, the programme includes a variety of aspects, ranging from IE classes based on the Makani curriculum (Arabic, English, math and sciences), weekly recreational activities, parents meeting to ensure the full investment of students’ families and collaboration with psychosocial counselors through phone calls, counselling sessions and home visits. “Our main goal as a humanitarian organisation is to support people who suffered a particular situation of crisis to recover their autonomy and their place and dignity in society. In itself, the fact that 53 children have improved their education and their self-esteem is a beautiful achievement,” Rosselot said during the graduation ceremony, stressing, however, that “to really make a place for these children means we also need to associate parents, host communities, the government and our donors to the whole project”. Operated in Amman’s Al Hashemi and Zarqa’s Hai Ramzee areas, the programme was conducted in direct partnership with local community based organisations Khawla Bint Al Azwar and Amman Jordanian Association. “We really strive to link the IE to the re-integration of these children in Jordanian schools, as kids who are attending learn or re-learn how to be committed, to enjoy school again, and to feel that they are considered,” Rosselot told The Jordan Times on Sunday. Among the 53 young Jordanian, Syrian and Iraqi graduates aged between seven and 17 years old, Aya voiced her happiness and pride to have completed this programme. “Education is the most important thing in life, there is a big difference between someone at home and someone in school learning and progressing,” she expressed. Meanwhile, grinning young Mohammed said: “I will do my best to learn more to be smarter. Now I’m good and familiar with mathematics.” Following the final exam that took place in August, nine of the children were officially registered in school, while the other ones are in the process, Rosselot explained, stressing the long term vision underlying the programme. “This activity doesn’t end with the final exam; the children are receiving home visits to ensure that they are fully aware of the needed documents for registration, asking them if they are facing any kind of challenges that could be supported by the team project, and we continuously collect feedback them and their parents,” he pointed out. Present at the ceremony, French Ambassador to Jordan David Bertolotti commended Jordan’s generosity and the government’s support to refugee children’s education. He reiterated France’s support to various educational projects across the Kingdom, stressing the common responsibility towards children, “who suffered war and exile, and deserve their right to education”. “We know our contribution is modest,” Rosselot acknowledged, noting that since 2016, PUI has served approximately 3,300 people in education, 10,000 in health and 4,000 through psychosocial support. “We reached in total 38,000 persons through home visits assessing the situations and providing them with important messages regarding health, education, protection. But, in order to keep hope and energy, we can recognise achievements, which is what we are doing today,” he concluded. *JT

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King meets with military retirees, veterans

[9/5/2018 4:08:45 PM]

AMMONNEWS - His Majesty King Abdullah II on Wednesday met with a number of retired servicemen and veteran warriors and hailed their unceasing efforts and sacrifices in defending the nation and safeguarding its achievements. The King told the audience at the Royal Court that he was proud to meet with his brothers in arms, whom he was honored to serve with. "You have given my father King Al-Hussein strength, and you are constantly giving me the same strength. I am not worried of any conspiracy against the country with Nashamas like you," His Majesty said. King Abdullah voiced pride and confidence in the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army and said: "We highly appreciate the efforts of the armed forces and the security services working day and night to safeguard our borders and protect the homeland and citizens, and there is nothing fear about our borders." The King also commended the professionalism and courage of servicemen and women and their sacrifices in countering terrorist Khawarij who pose a threat to the region and to the whole world. He paid tribute to army and security agencies' martyrs who made the ultimate sacrifice while defending the nation. King Abdullah said the situation on the borders with Syria and Iraq had improved, and that work is underway to reopen the northern border soon, noting coordination with Iraq on the border issue. Speaking on local issues, His Majesty said that he had ordered the government to work quickly and transparently, and communicate with everyone to address economic challenges, alleviate the impact of hardships on citizens and improve the quality of services provided to them. Turning to the Palestinian issue, His Majesty reiterated that Jordan's position is firm and unwavering that there is no alternative to the two-state solution and the establishment of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. "Any proposal outside this framework is of no value," he said. "Every year, we hear about the confederation issue, and my answer is: a confederation with who? This is a red line for Jordan, and everyone knows Jordan's strong and courageous position on this issue. We have nothing to worry about here," he said.

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Gov't excludes martyrs' relatives form recruiting instructions

[9/3/2018 4:19:29 PM]

AMMONNEWS - he cabinet on Monday decided to exclude a group of Jordan's martyrs relatives from instructions of the recruitment and selection in government agencies, in recognition of their sacrifices, honoring their families and relatives and providing a decent life for them. The decision was taken in implementation of the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II during his visits to the homes of the Kingdom's martyrs from the armed forces and security agencies who were killed in the recent terrorist incidents. In another matter, the cabinet began adopting a new approach by inviting presidents of the governorates councils (decentralization) and governors to participate in its meetings as of today to discuss the governorates councils' budget 2019 and priorities for the implementation of development projects. The meeting also discussed local and economic issues.

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King mourns deaths of veteran journalist, prominent actor

[9/2/2018 3:15:46 PM]

AMMONNEWS - His Majesty King Abdullah II on Sunday mourned the passing away of prominent Jordanian journalist Saad Silawi and actor Yasser Al-Masri, who passed away few days ago. In a post published on His Majesty's account on Twitter, King Abdullah paid tribute to Silawi's and Al-Masri's ethics, generosity and their love to the homeland. He said the media and art are noble messages both Saad Al-Silawi, and Yasser Al-Masri, carried out professionally and honorably. "Our consolation is that the homeland that brought up both of them will always be generous," the King added. Silawi passed away yesterday in Beirut, following a respiratory failure that caused a cardiac arrest, due to the disease he suffered form for years, while Al-Masri passed away on August 23 in a car accident in the Zarqa governorate.

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Two million students head to classrooms Sunday for near school year

[9/1/2018 3:12:33 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Two million students will head to schools across the Kingdom Sunday, including 200,000 first grade pupils, marking the start of the new scholastic year 2018/2019. In a back-to-school press statement, Minister of Education, Azmi Mahafazah, congratulated the teachers, education staff and students on the new academic year, hoping that it will be a year of "giving, fruitful work and success". He expressed hope that the students "will reach an educational level worthy of our Jordan and one that rises to that in developed countries and contribute to enhancing the culture of science and knowledge". The Education Ministry's spokesman, Walid Al-Jallad, said the ministry had stepped up preparations for the new academic year despite the many challenges, notably the "large and natural rise" in the numbers of students and overcrowded classrooms, noting that over 130,000 Syrian refugee students are enrolled in the Kingdom's schools. These, he said, usually pose a huge pressure on the Ministry of Education at the beginning of each academic year, prompting the ministry to run the two-shift system in some of the schools and charter more schools. He also said 16 new schools have been built and 202 classrooms added in existing schools this year and will be ready to receive students for the new academic year.

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