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407 schools switched to distance education since beginning of academic year

[9/29/2020 3:40:56 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The Ministry of Education said that 407 schools switched to distance education since the beginning of the current academic year, after a total of 370 students and teachers and 12 employees tested positive for the COVID-19. According to a daily briefing, the ministry stated, on Tuesday, that 264 schools are operating on the distance education system, including 186 public schools, 62 private schools, 15 UNRWA schools and one military education school. On a daily level, the ministry indicated that 20 schools in the Kingdom switched to distance education for a period of 14 days after recording infections with the virus. It reported that 6 public schools, 10 private schools, and 4 UNRWA schools recorded a total of 24 cases of infection among students, teachers and school administrators. It also pointed out that 11 public and private schools, as well as UNRWA, and military education schools have returned to in-person education, after finishing a 14-day period of distance learning. The ministry called on teachers, students, and school personnel to adhere to the health precautionary measures to maintain their safety.

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Queen Rania Teacher Academy Joins Microsoft Global Training Partner Program

[9/27/2020 7:10:55 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA) has joined the Microsoft Global Training Partner (MGTP) program, a crucial partnership that enables it to benefit from technological innovation in the field of online teacher training, and enhance educator skills in online instruction, especially in light of disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Academy’s enrolment in the program comes in the midst of Microsoft’s ongoing work in the region to digitally transform industries, communities, and individuals alike, particularly during the pandemic. As part of the program, the academy will gain access to resources such as Office 365 and Minecraft, as well as free online training courses on Microsoft’s Education Center to help its participants develop the teaching process in a way that keeps pace with unforeseen circumstances. QRTA CEO, Dr. Osama Obeidat, stressed the importance of this partnership in ensuring that educators gain professional experience in the field of educational technology, and equipping them with skills needed for improving students’ adaptability and resilience. Education Lead at Microsoft Middle East and Africa Emerging Markets, Angela Nganga, emphasized the crucial role of this partnership in supporting teachers in a scalable manner, while guaranteeing that educator skill development aligns with an ever-changing education landscape. QRTA is a non-profit organization committed to empowering educators with the skills needed to excel in the classroom. Since its launch in 2009, and in partnership with the Ministry of Education, QRTA has offered professional development programs for teachers and education professionals in Jordan and the Arab World.

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Authorities denies recording Covid-19 infections among 19 inmates in an Irbid prison

[9/26/2020 4:41:07 PM]

AMMONNEWS - A security source on Saturday said an inmate, in the Bab al-Hawa Correction and Rehabilitation Center, in the northern governorate of Irbid, had tested positive with the coronavirus. The source told the Jordan News Agency (Petra) that a doctor in the center's hospital, had suspected that an inmate had been infected with the virus, and after tests were carried out, the result came back positive, and the infected person was immediately transferred to Prince Hamzah Hospital in Amman to take the necessary measures by the competent health authorities. As a precaution, the center was sterilized and necessary preventive measures were taken, the source indicated. In addition, Director of Irbid Health Directorate, Riyadh Al-Shayab denied news on recording 19 cases of Covid-19 in the center. Al-Shayab told Petra that only one infection was recorded for a detainee in an Ajloun police station, and he was transferred to the Bab al-Hawa Correction and Rehabilitation Center under the health protocol followed with detainees by which a special dormitories shall allocated for those who test positive for Covid-19. He pointed out that the detainee was already informed of his infection before entering the center, and the result came back positive according to the protocol followed with detainees, from whom samples are collected in coordination with the relevant security authorities to verify their epidemiological condition before entering correction centers. He noted that this procedure is followed with all detainees, adding that after confirming the detainee's infection, samples were collected from all detainees who were in contact with him inside the police station or the cell, in addition to everyone who had contacted him during his arrest. He said that 14 people were arrested with the infected person, and samples were taken from them for laboratory testing in accordance with the health protocol used in dealing with such cases, pointing out that the results of those in contact with the infected have not been announced yet.

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Queen Rania marks birthday tomorrow

[8/30/2020 7:22:12 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah celebrates her birthday tomorrow, marking the start of another year in her life-long journey as the partner and companion of His Majesty King Abdullah II. Throughout her public life, Queen Rania has strived to contribute to the achievement of His Majesty’s royal vision for a thriving and prosperous Jordan, channeling her humanitarian spirit and commitment to youth into national efforts to uplift the Jordanian people. As a princess, Her Majesty established the Jordan River Foundation (JRF) in 1995 with the blessing of His Majesty King Hussein bin Talal, may his soul rest in peace. A non-profit working to promote child safety and community empowerment, JRF provides employment opportunities for local and refugee women, while also focusing on efforts to tackle the issue of child abuse. Stemming from her firm belief in the transformative power of education, one of her earliest efforts as Queen was the launch of The Children’s Museum – Jordan (CMJ), which aims to instill a lasting love for learning in children. CMJ’s Mobile Museum has since toured schools across the country as well, providing Jordanian children everywhere with the opportunity to experience the museum’s educational exhibits and to learn through play. A mother of four, Her Majesty is deeply concerned with the wellbeing and happiness of Jordanian orphans, visiting orphanages regularly and hosting many events in their honor. In 2003, Queen Rania established Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans, a non-profit organization that helps adult orphans after their graduation from public care centers at the age of 18. Al-Aman supports older orphans’ efforts to pursue higher education and vocational training, putting them on the road to self-reliance. Queen Rania has visited hundreds of schools across the country, speaking to students and teachers in every governorate. Inspired by these conversations and her observations of conditions on the ground, Her Majesty initiated several projects and initiatives to empower students through education. These initiatives include Madrasati, which has brought together partners from the public, private, and civil society sectors to renovate hundreds of underserved schools. She also joined His Majesty King Abdullah II in launching her eponymous Excellence in Education award, which recognizes the achievements of the country’s most distinguished teachers, principals, and counselors. The Queen has also worked to establish partnerships with leading international educational institutions in order to bring world-class expertise to the Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA), which, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, aims to equip aspiring educators with the skills they need to help students realize their potential. Initially launched to provide teachers with short and free training courses, the Academy launched its leading pre-service training program in 2016 in line with the recommendations of the National Strategy for Human Resource Development 2016-2025. On the global level, Her Majesty has been recognized repeatedly for her advocacy and humanitarian work, particularly her efforts to draw attention to the plight of the world’s refugees, improve access to education, and promote acceptance between all cultures. The Queen also serves as a member on the United Nations Foundation and the World Economic Forum’s Board of Directors, and the International Rescue Committee’s Board of Advisors.

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Health ministry bars hospital visits

[8/24/2020 3:07:54 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Minister of Health Sa'ed Jabir on Monday decided to ban visits to patients in all public hospitals as of today to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 disease among hospitalized patients. In a statement, the Ministry of Health said the decision was part of its policy to take the necessary measures that would prevent the spread of the virus.

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Health Ministry urges citizens to download AMAN App

[8/24/2020 2:59:22 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The Ministry of Health on Monday renewed its call on the public to download the AMAN App, a coronavirus contact tracing mobile application that notifies users if they happened to be in the vicinity of a diagnosed patient. In a statement, the ministry said the app has helped make contact tracing faster and more resource-efficient, as 10 new cases of the virus, 5 of them yesterday, have been reported after receiving alerts about a possible exposure to the virus. "The ministry employs technology and data science through this exposure-detection app to support epidemiological investigation efforts confine the pandemic and define hotspots, in order to reduce the number of contacts per person," the statement added.

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PM : Back-to-school date unchanged, gov't to introduce area-specific lockdowns

[8/23/2020 7:32:31 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Public and private schools across the Kingdom will begin the new academic year on September 1st as planned, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz announced on Sunday, adding that some schools will open as usual while some will either open partially or use distance education, particularly in isolated areas. In his weekly address to the nation, the prime minister indicated that his government will introduce area-specific lockdowns depending on the epidemiological status, saying: "We will not hesitate to take any action that would protect our citizens from this pandemic, which, according to the World Health Organization, the world will not get rid of for two years from now." In the first six months of the current year, the prime minister noted, the number of infections in the world was 10 million, but in the last six weeks alone the number has doubled to more than 20 million. While stressing that the Kingdom is in a much better position than most countries in the world in responding to the pandemic, Razzaz said: "We must realize that we are fighting a long-term battle, therefore, we should prepare ourselves to address health, social and economic impacts that require patience, endurance, perseverance and solidarity." Razzaz assured that the government is now more prepared to deal with the second wave of the pandemic that is sweeping most countries of the world with a much higher rate of infections than previously recorded, referring to the recent opening of a number of health centers and hospitals and the increase in ICU bed capacity and the number of ventilators. "What has helped us to contain the spread of the virus so far is our joint effort and solidarity. We all realized that the citizen's access to accurate information and his understanding of the dangers contribute to increasing awareness of preventive measures, as a prerequisite for success," the prime minister emphasized. Speaking on the repatriation of Jordanian expatriates, Razzaz said the number of hotel rooms allocated to quarantine arrivals will be increased to welcome a larger number of Jordanians coming from abroad.

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