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Syria exempts Jordanian trucks from transit fees

[10/12/2019 7:14:29 AM]

AMMONNEWS - In a presidential decree, the Assad regime in Syria has decided to exempt Jordanian trucks from transit fees, Jordanian MP Tariq Khouri, who is close to Syria, told mass media on Thursday. According to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, Khouri explained that this decree lifts the sanctions imposed on the ground transportation movement between the two countries. The Jordanian authorities imposed restrictions on 194 Syrian commodities and imposed transit fees on the Jordanian trucks passing through its soil. This action came in response to popular calls for the authorities to do so, after similar measures had been taken by the Syrian regime. An informed Syrian official expects that Jordan will take the same measure shortly, lifting the restrictions and sanctions imposed on the Syrian trucks and goods. In previous statements, Jordanian Industry and Trade Minster, Tariq Al-Hammouri, stated that his country was ready to take measures regarding the Syrian trucks and goods, if the Syrian regime had cancelled the restrictions and sanctions, stressing that such measures have positive impact on trade between the two countries. On 15 October last year, Jordanian Minister for Information Affairs, Jomaneh Ghoniemat, announced the reopening of the Jaber Nasib Crossing between the two countries. *MEM

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Two cruise ships to dock in Aqaba tomorrow with 5300 tourists

[10/10/2019 8:14:34 AM]

AMMONNEWS - European tourists are scheduled to arrive via two cruise ships in Aqaba on Friday, said the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA). ASEZA Commissioner for Economic Development and Investment Affairs Sharhabeel Madi said Aqaba, some 330km south of Amman, is expected to receive 100 thousand visitors of various nationalities to the end of next April. Madi said Aqaba has become a sea bridge for global tourism, through the reception of international tourist ships carrying thousands of tourists. Aqaba is the ideal model for the tourist and commercial investment environment that is active and attractive to tourists and investments, he noted, adding these ships dock in the Red Sea city within the Aqaba tourism promotion program, which has attracted dozens of passenger ships so far, and more are expected in the coming weeks. Aqaba's tourist movement is witnessing activity during this period of the year, where a number of giant cruise ships carrying tourists from various European countries and America are expected to dock in the city, he pointed out. During the next tourism season, he said 100 thousand visitors will arrive onboard giant cruise vessels.

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Jordan, Iraq discuss enhancing economic cooperation

[10/10/2019 8:04:34 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply, Tareq Hammouri, on Thursday stressed Jordan's keenness to enhance cooperation with Iraq in all domains, especially economic field and to remove all obstacles facing trade exchange and freight movement. During talks with Iraqi Minister of Industry and Minerals, Saleh Jubouri, on the sidelines of the meetings of the Jordanian-Iraqi Joint Ministerial Committee, Hammouri stressed the importance of joint work to implement the agreements and memoranda of understanding (MoUs) reached by the two sides during their meeting last February, chaired by Prime Minister Omar Razzaz and his Iraqi counterpart Adel Abdul-Mahdi, which aim to upgrade the level of cooperation, especially in the economic field. Hammouri highlighted the "fraternal relations" between Jordan and Iraq, calling on developing them to reach an "advanced" stage of economic cooperation to serve the common interests and take advantage of the opportunities available in both countries. He also pointed to the importance of the two countries' efforts to develop economic cooperation and work to establish the joint border economic zone, which will improve economic relations between Jordan and Iraq. For his part, the Iraqi Minister stressed the importance of boosting economic cooperation between the two countries in various sectors and implementing what they recently agreed upon during the joint committees meetings.

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Jordan, Iraq discuss enhancing economic ties

[10/9/2019 7:23:35 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Meetings of the Jordanian-Iraqi Joint Ministerial Committee began Wednesday in Amman with an agenda aimed to boost bilateral cooperation in various fields, especially the economic domain. The meetings began with a meeting of the technical committee chaired by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply, Yousef Shamali, and his Iraqi counterpart, Walid Habib Helou. At the opening session, Shamali said today's meeting complements efforts made during the 27th session of the Jordanian-Iraqi Joint Committee held in Baghdad in 2017, and the subsequent official mutual visits at all levels, which culminated in the agreement of the two sides on a number of important understandings and vital projects. The announcement was made during the official meeting that brought together the Prime Ministers of the two countries at Karama - Trebil crossing on 2/2/2019, who has also agreed on practical solutions to important and strategic issues, and set common and permanent rules for cooperation. These understandings represented a quantum leap in the Jordanian-Iraqi economic, trade and investment relations, Shamali pointed out. Shamali said the total trade exchange between the two countries in 2018 amounted to $654 million, compared to $513 million in 2017, an increase of nearly 27 percent, and the volume of trade exchange during the first seven months of 2019 amounted to $330 million. These figures, he affirmed, place a common responsibility on the public and private sectors to dodge their decline and to work hard to increase joint trade and investment exchange in light of the "enormous" potential available to the Jordanian and Iraqi private sector. Shamali praised the "advanced" level of coordination and coordination between the two countries and the practical and concrete steps taken to translate the political will to deepen the bilateral relations, adding "This is an indication that the path of progress in the relations between Baghdad and Amman will not stop". On future steps, he said the next phase will witness "remarkable" progress in cooperation between the two countries, especially in the process of reconstruction and in implementation of the joint roadmap to carry out strategic projects that serve the common interests, according to a vision aimed at building regional cooperation networks in the areas of energy and transport, and at overcoming all obstacles to increase trade exchange and at developing operation mechanisms of the Trebil crossing. The committee's agenda is "large and comprehensive" for all cooperation areas, he said,adding a number of draft documents will be discussed between specialists from both sides to in preparation for their signature. For his part, the Iraqi official stressed the importance of the Jordanian-Iraqi talks to push forward bilateral cooperation relations "to the best levels". He also expressed hope the talks will reach understandings on various issues and to solve the problems and obstacles facing the trade exchange between the two countries. Continuing: "Through the work of the committee, we hope to establish a new phase of relations that serves the interests of the two brotherly countries and works to strengthen economic and trade relations between the two countries," he said.

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Jordan, Iraq to hold meeting Wednesday on bilateral relations

[10/8/2019 1:52:59 PM]

AMMONNEWS - A Jordanian-Iraqi ministerial committee will meet in Amman on Wednesday to discuss boosting bilateral cooperation in different fields, the official spokesperson of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply, Yanal Barmawi, said Tuesday. Barmawi told "Petra" that: The technical committee, headed by the ministry's secretary-general, Yousef Shammali, and his Iraqi counterpart will discuss on Wednesday Jordanian-Iraqi cooperation in different fields, chief of which are the economy and trade. Furthermore, the ministerial committee will hold another meeting on Thursday under the chairmanship of Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply, Tareq Hamouri, and his Iraqi counterpart, Saleh al-Jubouri.

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Governors have key role to promote development, investment

[10/8/2019 11:18:40 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Interior Minister Salamah Hammad said Tuesday that local governors have the key role of spurring development and opening their regions to investment with the aim of creating jobs and curbing poverty. He told field governors that the Interior Ministry endeavours to turn into action His Majesty King Abdullah's directives to develop governorates and achieve sustainable development through programs and plans that meet the aspirations of local communities. "Diagnosis of the needs and requirements of all governorates across the Kingdom, particularly remote regions, and the hindrances they face is key to the success of projects carried out in these areas, in a manner that reflects positively on their living standards and employment of their sons," Hammad said. Hammad said the Interior Ministry and its executive arms have the task to achieve the concept of comprehensive security and enforce the law equally on all "without bias or discrimination." He also stressed the need for concerted and intensive efforts to combat the drug trade using up-to-date methods to deter criminals and fugitives.

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PM meets industrialists, urges employment of Jordanians

[10/5/2019 3:41:25 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Saturday said the National Employment Pact is an economic priority and it is a higher national interest to increase the employment of Jordanians in the industrial sector. Speaking at a meeting organized by the Jordan Chamber of Industry to discuss the pact, the prime minister said the employment of Jordanians should not be separate from incentives provided to the industrial sector in terms of electricity prices and routine. Razzaz indicated that the national economy has posted "positive figures" in terms of higher exports and better credit rating. In the context, the prime minister said global rating agency Moody's had indicated that Jordan's economy is neither slowing down or shrinking but rather in a "state of recovery". "With the will we see in the industrial sector, we are confident that the current economic situation will turn into a recovery and it is possible in the next few years to achieve this," Razzaz said.

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