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Water Ministry signs $11m agreement for Jordan Valley project

[2/24/2020 8:20:04 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Ministry of Water and Irrigation on Monday signed an 11-million dollar agreement to finance a project to rehabilitate the hydraulic transmission and distribution system in the Jordan Valley region. Water Minister Raed Abul Saud said the agreement aims at developing, improving and implementing projects for supplying and transporting irrigation water and operating systems in the Jordan Valley. During the signing ceremony, which was attended by the Director of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Jim Barnhart, Abul Saud said that the project will improve the capacity of the stations and the systems. It also upgrades services for citizens and farmers, reduces water loss and raises the efficiency of services in the Jordan Valley, while reducing the cost of maintenance and operation, thereby improving financial returns, he pointed out. The minister stated that the agreement comes within the risk management program, adding that it will supply additional quantities and improve the efficiency of irrigation water delivery using state-of-the-art global technologies. It will monitor water quality and reduce illegal uses, providing additional water quantities for agriculture and other uses, he said. The project will also include the installation, implementation and application of smart metering systems on all the main and subsidiary lines to ensure the equitable distribution of irrigation water to all agricultural units.

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ASE opens trading on lower note

[2/23/2020 4:54:09 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Amman Stock Exchange (ASE), on Sunday, opened trading with a drop to 1,845 points from its last session closure of 1,850 points. The market index fluctuated in the first 15 minutes of today's session between 1,845 points and 1,850 points with a trading volume of JD510 thousand.

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Qatari investment in ASE at US$one billion

[2/22/2020 2:19:22 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Qatari investment in the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) has stood at some JOD737 million (US$one billion) at the end of last January, as Qatari investments in the ASE are the largest per nationality in terms of ownership of securities. The statistical data issued by the Jordanian Securities Depository Center revealed that the number of securities owned by Qatari investors reached some 184,567 million securities last month. The number of Qatari investment contributions to ownership of securities reached 384,000 during the reporting period.

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Planning minister launches Sustainable Development Indicators platform

[2/22/2020 3:58:14 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Dr. Wissam Rabadi, launched the Sustainable Development Indicators (SDI) platform on the Department of Statistics' (DoS) website. In a statement issued on Saturday, the ministry said the platform includes 110 indicators at the national and international levels, allowing users to access the required ones easily, in addition to the economic indicators base which covers 13 economic and social sectors. During the launching ceremony, the minister stressed the need to intensify efforts to raise awareness of the importance of the sustainable development goals, and the future plans to achieve the sustainable development goals by integrating them into sectoral and institutional plans, programs and strategies. Rabadi praised the "distinguished" level achieved by DoS during the past years, stressing the importance of developing the national statistical work and enhancing confidence in this regard to provide the necessary statistical data to take sound decisions based on updated data. On the DoS's role, he lauded its efforts to keep pace with developments and its integration and implementation of modern technologies to serve Jordanian statistical operations, adding the department's adoption of the National Statistics Strategy for 2018-2022 exemplifies its "clear" vision. The minister stressed the need to continue supporting the DoS's independence to enable it "fully" perform its duties and to preserve its entrepreneurial role it has achieved, and to maintain contact with the "sectoral" ministries and the media and build their capabilities in the census field.

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Tourism revenues hit $501.3 million during last January

[2/19/2020 1:54:49 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The Kingdom''s tourism revenues during January, 2020, reached $501.3 million, constituting an increase of 11.4 percent, compared with 9.1 percent during the same month in 2019, according to the preliminary data issued by the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) issued on Wednesday. The CBJ data said the rise came as a result of the increase in the total number of tourists by 12.1 percent to 478.9 thousand, compared to a rise of 4.7 percent during the same month in 2019. In terms of geographical distribution, tourism income increased mainly from the Arab countries by 20.1 percent, of which the Arab Gulf states hiked by 23.9 percent, followed by the Asian countries with 18.7 percent, while the EU nations by 15.4 percent, and the United States of America by 11.7 percent, the CBJ report added. The stake of the Arab countries out of the total tourism revenues ranked first at 42.0 percent, most notably Saudi Arabia, with 14.4 percent, Iraq with 6.4 percent, Palestine with 4.7 percent, non-resident Jordanians with 35.1 percent, and European nationalities with a contribution rate of 11.0 percent, the CBJ figures showed.

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Egypt's natural gas pumping resumed, says NEPCO director

[2/19/2020 1:36:54 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The Managing Director of National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) Eng. Amjad Rawashdeh confirmed on Wednesday, the resumption of pumping Egyptian natural gas to the Kingdom, with the quantities and contractual terms as per the agreement signed between Jordan and Egypt. On the reason for the interruption during the past few days, Rawashda said it was "for purely technical reasons."

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ASE opens trading with drop

[2/18/2020 5:53:11 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) on Tuesday opened trading with a drop to 1,853 points from its yesterday's closure of 1,858 points. The market index fluctuated in the first 15 minutes of today's session between 1,852 points and 1,856 points with a trading volume of JD1.7 million.

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