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Ramadan in Jordan

[5/8/2019 5:51:32 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Ramadan in Jordan

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World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa(WEF)

[4/6/2019 4:13:21 PM]

AMMONNEWS - World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa(WEF)

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Jordan celebrates King’s 57th birthday

[1/30/2019 6:50:20 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Jordan celebrates His Majesty King Abdullah’s 57th birthday today. On the occasion, His Majesty on Tuesday received cables from several heads of states and local officials, a Royal Court statement said. In the cables, they expressed their best wishes and sincere congratulations for the King on the occasion and wished the Jordanian people further progress and prosperity. Born in Amman on January 30, 1962, King Abdullah is the eldest son of His Majesty the late King Hussein and HRH Princess Muna. A Royal Decree was issued on January 24, 1999 naming him Crown Prince. He assumed his constitutional powers as King on February 7, 1999, upon the passing away of His Majesty the late King Hussein. The King began his primary education at the Islamic Educational College in Amman, and later attended St. Edmund’s School in Surrey, England. For his secondary education, he attended Eaglebrook School and Deerfield Academy in the US. King Abdullah joined the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst in the United Kingdom in 1980, and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in 1981. He joined the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army in 1982, moving up the ranks in the military to become commander of the Royal Jordanian Special Forces and Special Operations. He also served with the Royal Jordanian Air Force Anti-Tank Wing where he received his wings as well as his qualification as a Cobra attack pilot. In 1987, the King joined the Foreign Service faculty of Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and completed an advanced research and study programme in international affairs along with a Master’s programme in Foreign Service affairs. The King rejoined the military in 1989 and continued to be promoted, becoming commander of the Royal Jordanian Special Forces and Special Operations in 1994 with the rank of brigadier general. In 1996, the King restructured the Special Forces to comprise selected units, and was promoted to the rank of major general in 1998. King Abdullah married Her Majesty Queen Rania on June 10, 1993, and they have four children: Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Hussein, Princess Iman, Princess Salma and Prince Hashem. Since his accession to the Throne in 1999, King Abdullah has focused on enhancing the capabilities of citizens, enriching the concept of respect and dignity of citizens, ensuring the sovereignty of the law, realising equality and justice and equal opportunities for citizens, in addition to focusing on pushing the development process forward and highlighting the effective role of Jordan at the international level. Over the past year, the King has continued to focus on enhancing citizens’ living conditions and improving the economy, launching several initiatives in the economic, political and educational fields. Last November, His Majesty King Abdullah was the first head of state to be awarded the Templeton Prize, the prestigious award granted in appreciation for his exceptional efforts to promote interfaith harmony, safeguard Jerusalem’s Islamic and Christian holy sites and protect religious freedom. Last December, the King directed the government to issue a general pardon to alleviate the pressures on citizens.

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Jordanians protest near 4th Circle

[12/13/2018 12:55:01 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Many of Jordanians protest near 4th Circle and taking place in the area close to Jordan Hospital on Thursday evening . Protesters have been holding sporadic demonstrations for the past two weeks. The General Directorate of Gendarmerie (Darak) Forces have been heavily deployed at the scene of the protests as a cautionary measure.

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King, Queen attend Princess Salma graduation at Sandhurst

[11/24/2018 4:02:28 PM]

AMMONNEWS - His Majesty King Abdullah II, accompanied by Her Majesty Queen Rania, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Hussein and Her Royal Highness Princess Iman, on Saturday attended the graduation ceremony of Her Royal Highness Princess Salma Bint Abdullah II at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst.

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King patronizes opening of RMS International Conference, opens 2nd JOHEX

[10/30/2018 3:06:04 PM]

AMMONNEWS - His Majesty King Abdullah II, Supreme Commander of the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army, on Tuesday patronized the opening of the 9th edition of the Royal Medical Services (RMS) International Conference with the participation of 600 medical scientists, experts, officials and specialists from Jordan and 50 Arab and foreign countries. The event themed "Leadership in Healthcare: Commitment & Challenges" is held at the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Center in the Dead Sea region and runs for four days It provides a platform to exchange knowledge and expertise. On the sidelines of conference, His Majesty opened the second edition of the Jordan Health Exhibition (JOHEX) in which 85 local and global companies are taking part. King Abdullah looked firsthand at advanced medical equipment and technology. The 5,000-square-meter exhibition at the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Center is an opportunity for companies to showcase their products and demonstrate technological advancements in the global medical arena. In a speech at the opening ceremony of the conference, Director-General of Royal Medical Services, Maj. Gen. Muin Habashneh, reviewed the role of the Royal Medical Services since its inception in the 1940s in rehabilitating and developing the capabilities of its cadres and recording achievements in many medical sectors in the region and the world. He pointed out that the conference aims at building bridges of cooperation with universities, colleges and medical institutions around the world and to keep abreast of developments, inventions and disciplines. Habashneh noted that 93 Arab and foreign participants, as well as 120 speakers from various medical sectors in the Kingdom, will deliver 460 lectures in 87 scientific sessions and 5 seminars on different medical sciences. He further said that there will be 49 scientific workshops that will include surgical operations that will be transmitted live for educational purposes. His Majesty and the audience watched a documentary film highlighting the history and journey of the Royal Medical Services.

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King opens Third Ordinary Session of the 18th Parliament

[10/14/2018 6:13:55 AM]

AMMONNEWS - His Majesty King Abdullah II on Sunday, opened the third ordinary session of the 18th Parliament with a speech from the throne. Following is the full text of His Majesty's speech: In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate, Prayers and peace be upon our Prophet Mohammad, Honourable Senators, Honourable Representatives, Peace, God’s mercy and blessings be upon you, In the name of God, and with His blessings, we inaugurate the third ordinary session of the Eighteenth Parliament, marking a new chapter in your mission, characterised by national consensus and teamwork to overcome the critical challenges and circumstances our homeland faces. Honourable Senators, Honourable Representatives, In my daily observation of the concerns of our country and our citizens, I have sensed dissatisfaction with the way current challenges are being addressed. The process of development in Jordan, as in other countries, has been marred by some mistakes and challenges, which we must learn from, resolve, and prevent from reoccurring, so that we may move forward. This dissatisfaction is, unfortunately, the result of a weakening public trust in government institutions, as well as an atmosphere of scepticism that leads to frustration and withdrawal. Here, we must remember that countries are not built on cynicism and self-doubt, nor by undermining or denying achievements. They are built by knowledge, determination, and hard work. I take this opportunity to address all Jordanians through you: be fair to Jordan and remember its achievements so that your dissatisfaction with the current difficulties may become a positive force to push you forward. The nation needs you and your energies to fulfil its highest potential. Honourable Senators, Honourable Representatives, Jordan’s ambitious vision is based on rooted principles. Jordan is a state of law; it is a productive state; it is citizen-centric; and it is guided by a noble mission. These constants distinguish Jordan as a vibrant country and a society striving for progress. Jordan, as a state of law, will not allow the selective implementation of the law; all Jordanians have an equal right to justice, and corruption will not be left unaddressed to become a chronic social illness. I hereby affirm that the state’s institutions are well capable of uprooting corruption and holding to account those who dare to encroach on public funds. It is important to reinforce state institutions against corruption by enhancing oversight bodies and ensuring accountability; completing the e-government project, which enhances transparency and addresses shortcomings in public administration; and maintaining ongoing assessment and development of administrative staff to ensure efficiency and integrity, and elevate the quality of public services. As we reaffirm our trust in the awareness of Jordanians and their active role in combating and countering corruption, caution is required in dealing with those who may, willingly or inadvertently, spread rumours and baseless accusations to harm reputations and undermine or deny achievements. We will not allow Jordan’s reputation to be in jeopardy. Honourable Senators, Honourable Representatives, The productive state we seek is striving to gain the elements necessary for its economic independence. Jordan is moving resolutely towards a culture of creating opportunities and self-reliance. With this spirit, we can deliver our mega projects in energy, infrastructure, investment promotion, and agriculture support. The most important achievement in this field would be encouraging excellence, dedication, and professionalism. Therefore, the concerned state institutions and their employees must embrace proactivity and openness, and welcome creative ideas and implement them to encourage national, Arab, and foreign investments, which, in turn, transfer knowledge and expertise while developing infrastructure and providing job opportunities. As a citizen-centric country, Jordan embraces social solidarity and is keen that all policies, projects, and plans serve, protect, and empower Jordanians to continue their role in building a prosperous nation. Due to the ineffectiveness of traditional economic paradigms in addressing challenges and meeting the growing needs of citizens, the Government, in line with its plans, must develop a realistic economic model that stimulates growth, enhances fiscal and monetary stability, addresses the exacerbated debt, and attracts investments to provide job opportunities for Jordanians. Jordanians deserve much more, especially in terms of health, education, and transport services. Therefore, the Government must work to enhance the quality of these services, and all employees at public institutions must take pride in serving Jordanians. Because our people are our true asset, we affirm their right to quality services, and to the education, knowledge, and tech skills that empower them to contribute to the homeland’s progress, so that we keep up with global trends, as the world economy is in constant flux, which demands that we double down on our efforts. Honourable Senators, Honourable Representatives, Jordan is a country with a mission rooted in the principles of the Great Arab Awakening. This is what drives Jordan’s strong stand against injustice, its pursuit of peace, defence of Islam, and advocacy of moderation, tolerance, modernity, and openness. All of Jordan’s policies, positions, and sacrifices stem from these steadfast principles. Our position on the Palestinian cause is unwavering and known to all. Our message to the whole world is that injustice against the brotherly Palestinian people must end to enable them to establish their independent, sovereign state on the 4 June 1967 lines, with East Jerusalem as its capital. Honourable Senators, Honourable Representatives, Jordan remains committed to its leading role in fighting terrorism and extremism. These dark ideologies have no place in a free and democratic Jordan. We also pay tribute to the heroism and sacrifice of the Arab Army and security agencies. We proudly salute them and pledge that Jordan’s people and institutions will stand with them shoulder to shoulder, as always. Honourable Senators, Honourable Representatives, From this Chamber, I salute the great, patient, determined and dedicated Jordanian people. I call on all Jordanians, as we near the first centennial of the deep-rooted Jordanian state, to raise our heads high and to continue to work diligently to build the future we strive for. Honourable Senators, Honourable Representatives, This is the vision and approach we have always called for and affirmed, based on three key components that all Jordanians seek: First, a just and firm state governed by law; Second, a resilient, growing economy that is open and agile; Third, quality basic services provided to the public. I urge you all to work positively together in the spirit of constructive cooperation. Let that be the motive for our sincere endeavours. I wish you success in serving our beloved Jordan and our dear people. Peace, God’s mercy and blessings be upon you. Upon the King’s arrival at the Parliament accompanied by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Hussein, the artillery performed a 21-gun salute and the national anthem was played. His Majesty also reviewed the guard of honor. The opening of the ordinary session was also attended by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Hussein, a number of Royal family members, the prime minister, the Senate president, president of the Judicial Council, the Royal Court chief, the King's advisor, the director of the King's Office, the King's advisors, the army chief, the directors of the general intelligence, public security, gendarmerie and civil defence departments as well as senior civic and military officials.

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