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Lower House condemns US statements on Golan Heights

[3/24/2019 9:44:18 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Speaker of the Lower House of the Parliament Atef Tarawneh expressed the House's rejection of the US statements and positions that violate international legitimacy resolutions on the occupied Golan Heights. At the opening of today's session, Tarawneh said that the US actions further complicate the situation in our region and increase instability as they support the Israeli occupation. He added that the Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Arab lands is the only mean to end the conflict and injustice inflicted upon our nation. Tarawneh pointed to the recent US attempts to change the facts, noting that U.S President Donald Trump's call to recognize Israel's sovereignty over the occupied Syrian Golan Heights reflects the US bias towards Israel and its withdrawal as an honest broker of the peace process," he added. Tarawneh also pointed to a statement issued by the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union (APU) condemning the statement of the US president, and stressing the support to Syria to regain the Golan Heights.

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Moscow, Damascus Welcome Jordan's Desire To Assist Syrian Refugees' Return

[3/9/2019 8:38:20 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The heads of the Russian and Syrian joint coordination committees, in a Saturday statement, welcomed Jordan's declared commitment to provide comprehensive assistance to Syrians staying on its soil in their return to the home country. "We welcome the desire of the government of Jordan for the provision of comprehensive assistance to Syrians residing in the Kingdom, in their quest to return to their pre-war homes and look forward to the continued participation of our Jordanian colleagues in the implementation of initiatives for the return of Syrian refugees and the speedy liquidation of Rukban camp," the joint statement, published on the Russian Defense Ministry's website said. The statement noted that the situation in the Rukban camp, locked in the US-controlled zone around its At-Tanf base bordering Jordan, remained catastrophic, with children under the age of two making up most of the daily deaths in the area, according to the relatives of camp residents. "As time goes by, and while the United States, hiding behind the supposedly interests of Rukban residents, demand ideal conditions for temporarily displaced persons from long-suffering Syria. There will simply be no one to save," the statement warned. Finally, the heads of the Russian and Syrian joint coordination committees reiterated the call for the United States to disband the Rukban camp by letting those wishing to return leave "the illegally occupied territory of Syria" and ensuring their safety. Over months, the situation in the Rukban camp has been in the focus as Moscow and Damascus criticize Washington for its refusal to facilitate evacuation of the camp's residents wishing to return to their places of residence. In January, the World Health Organization described people residing in the Rukban camp as "trapped," adding that they live "in deplorable conditions." Limited water supply, bitterly cold weather and poorly functioning health care facilities contribute to the rise of diseases, which include influenza, measles, tuberculosis and chronic respiratory diseases, according to the organization. *Sputnik

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Jordan: Al-Rahma gate ‘integral part’ of Al-Aqsa

[3/4/2019 7:42:13 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Al-Rahma gate is an “integral, non-negotiable and non-shareable part” of the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jordan’s Ministry of Awqaf (endowment) and Islamic Affairs warned yesterday. The ministry said that the “Israeli escalations” against the Muslim Waqf (Endowment) Council in Jerusalem was “an intimidation of the Awqaf Council members and direct targeting of the Hashemite (Jordanian) guardianship of Islamic and Christian holy sites.” Israeli police yesterday banned Sheikh Abdul Azi Salhab, the head of the Jerusalem’s Waqf council, and Sheikh Najeh Bkerat, the deputy director of Muslim Endowments and Al-Aqsa Affairs, from entering Al-Aqsa compound for 40 days. The occupation police also banned a mosque guard, Arafat Najib, from entering the holy site for six months. The Jordanian Awqaf and Islamic affairs minister, Abdul Nasser Abul Bassal, described the Israeli measures as “a new escalation aimed at impeding the work of the Jerusalem Awqaf and intimidating the members of the council, which the Jordanian Cabinet has recently restructured.” Remapping of Palestine: Why Israel’s erasure of Palestinian culture will not succeed “The Israeli barring of awqaf officials as a tool to pressure the council to interfere in Al Aqsa Mosque affairs is unacceptable,” Abdul Bassal stressed. Last week, Abul Bassal called on the Jerusalem Awqaf “to study the best possible means of utilising the Al-Rahma gate with the aim of keeping it permanently open.” In a similar move, the Israeli police arrested Al-Aqsa guard Mohamed Al-Salhi while he was exiting the holy mosque from Al-Silsila gate. *MEM

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"Jordan Law" page on Facebook, belongs to a Jordanian citizen residing in Germany

[2/10/2019 3:25:55 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The Criminal Investigation Department (CID)'s cybercrime unit said it had identified a Facebook page administrator, who had published fake and incorrect information, related to the well-known "tobacco case". Public Security Department (PSD) Spokesperson Lt. Col. Amer Sartawi said the "Jordan Law" page on Facebook, belongs to a Jordanian citizen residing in Germany, named Abdullah Ahmad Abdullah Qutishat. The cybercrime unit has initiated legal and judicial actions against Qutishat, and against anyone who contributed to circulating misleading news and information, or provided him with them, Sartawi said In a statement issued Sunday evening.

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Ghneimat: Jordan enforces press freedoms, privacy laws

[2/10/2019 3:22:21 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Jordan enforces laws designed at protecting responsible press freedoms while safeguarding personal privacy and rights, State Minister for Media Affairs, Official Government Spokesperson, Jumana Ghneimat said on Sunday. Speaking at the "The Future of Government Communication Forum", part of the World Summit of Government currently being held in Dubai, Ghneimat underlined the need to continuously upgrade media-related legislation to keep pace with the rapid evolution of mass communications. She affirmed that Jordan is working to enhance press freedoms and at the same time protect personal space and privacy so press freedoms will not be used for encroaching on people's rights or used for character assassination. Ghneimat also referred to a new approach in Jordan through the "Media Education" initiative aimed at creating an early awareness of how to handle and make information. Furthermore, the minister underlined the need to address the "massive publication of targeted or inaccurate information" and said it was important to invest in the younger generation and enable it to well-manage information.

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Jordan warned Tel Aviv of Ramon Airport and will not bear security consequences

[2/6/2019 9:30:59 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Jordanian Minister of Transport Anmar Al Khasawneh said on Wednesday that since Israel began working on the Ramon Airport Jordan has been voicing objection and has submitted a formal complaint to the International Civil Aviation Organization for Israel’s violation of international airspace regulations based on the Chicago Convention on Civil Aviation. "The Civil Aviation Organization is responsible for the accreditation of this airport," the Minister said, "a one-sided agreement which Tel Aviv and the international organization will bear its consequences." The Minister stressed that Jordan has addressed this issue more than once, and stressed that Jordan will not be responsible for any security issues at the airport in the future. "The government is following up closely on this issue and will not hesitate to keep following up," he said.

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Two Jordanians cross into Israel, are arrested by army

[2/3/2019 9:31:32 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Two Jordanian nationals were arrested early Sunday after they crossed illegally into the country, the Israel Defense Forces said. According to a statement from the military, Israeli Army soldiers identified the two suspects overnight, after they crossed the border fence. The troops stopped and arrested the pair near the border, the statement said, adding that they were carrying no weapons. They have been taken for questioning to determine why they crossed the border. The statement did not specify where along the border the incident took place. Though the border with Jordan is generally one of Israel’s most peaceful — the countries signed a peace treaty in 1994 — there have been cases of violence against Israelis by Jordanians. The most recent example occurred on November 30, 2018, when a Jordanian man who was employed in the southern port city of Eilat attacked two Israeli divers with a hammer, seriously wounding them. A second Jordanian worker who tried to restrain the attacker was lightly hurt. Taher Halef was charged with terror offenses in December, with the indictment saying he had been planning to attack Israelis for over a decade. He was accused of several counts of attempted murder, as well as a terrorist conspiracy. Israel in 2014 granted permission for 1,500 Jordanians to work in Eilat, the Red Sea resort town located directly across the border from the Jordanian city of Aqaba. *Time of Israel

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