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Food watchdog denies use of Alloxan in bread

[9/15/2020 9:39:37 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA) on Tuesday denied reports claiming that the Alloxan compound is being used in the manufacture of bread in the Kingdom. Responding to a video that went viral on social media outlets, the watchdog said some countries use Alloxan to impart the white color to flour and to induce diabetes in animals for research purposes. However, JFDA said, neither applications are used in Jordan, describing the video as old. Responding to another video which purportedly raises concerns about the use of titanium dioxide in foodstuffs, JFDA explained that this material is usually used as a coloring additive and is considered safe. It further indicated that this additive has no limits on daily intakes and is widely used in food processing, stressing that there is no scientific evidence that back up the claims suggesting that titanium dioxide is cancerous. However, JFDA explained that it prohibits the use of titanium dioxide in the manufacture of ready-made chickpeas, not because it is harmful to human health, but only because it alters the original product's characteristics. The food and drug watchdog urged the public not to publish any information related to food and medicine without corroborating its veracity and to refer to official sources should they have any queries or complaints.

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No poultry products supplied from Ukraine during import ban

[8/3/2020 6:27:07 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Ministry of Agriculture on Monday dismissed as "baseless and unfounded" reports that it had allowed the importation of poultry products from Ukraine despite a ban on all poultry imports from this county following the outbreak of the H5 avian influenza. The ministry was responding to reports circulated on social media outlets in the wake of two mass food poisoning incidents in the Balqa governorate where hundreds of people fell ill and two persons died after taking contaminated chicken meals from local restaurants. In a statement issued today, the ministry explained that no poultry products from Ukraine have been allowed to enter the Kingdom since January 20th this year after the eastern European nation announced the outbreak of the H5 avian influenza. The ministry added that even after the World Organization for Animal Health announced Ukraine an H5-free country in early March, no shipments of Ukrainian poultry products have been allowed to enter the Kingdom to date. During the ban period, the ministry said, no Ukrainian poultry imports were allowed, adding that the last shipment was cleared in December 2019. The ministry urged the public not to disseminate inaccurate information which, it said, disrupts economic activity and harms local producers and markets.

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85 MPs : House Speakership should reflect the parliament's agenda

[7/19/2020 5:00:34 PM]

AMMONNEWS - 85 MPs have "deplored" the use of the Lower House Speakership as platform to tackle family matters, and to discuss issues currently being handled by the Judiciary, according to a statement signed by the deputies on Sunday. The MPs reject the use of the Speakership platform and work in a manner aimed to distort the image of the Parliament establishment, said the deputies who met at MP, Mijhim Saqqour, home on Saturday. According to the Constitution and the House's internal regulations in place, the Speaker is allowed to speak on behalf of the Parliament, but this capacity should be limited to reflect its jurisdiction, the 85 MPs added. Voicing support, the statement welcomed the government's "firm" measures aimed to tackle tax evasion and several corruption cases, and any steps seeking to collect public money or recovering it. In this context, the MPs referred to the House's calls to find a government mechanism to curb the phenomenon of tax evasion, as well as parliamentary calls to address corruption. The MPs urged support to efforts aimed to expose corruption and refer the violators to the Judiciary, who has the final say in this regard.

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SSC turns down defendants' defenses in the tobacco case

[7/15/2020 11:47:40 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The State Security Court (SSC) has decided to reject defendants' defense submitted in a "tobacco case" previous hearing. During a public session on Wednesday, headed by the civil judge, Nasser Salamat, the court announced its ruling, with attendance of defendants in the fake-cigarette case, which drew wide public attention. Moreover, the court adjourned trial of the case until next Wednesday, to hear other defense testimonies and submit defense evidence sheets, according to the SSC. Defense testimonies were provided to the SSC by the defendants in their personal capacity, and as representatives of the involved companies, announced the court.

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Zmalia factory reopened after suffocation probe results

[7/12/2020 11:10:49 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Minister of Labor Nidal Bataineh on Sunday decided to reopen the Zmalia textile factory in North Shouneh region, Jordan Valley, based on recommendations of a tripartite committee formed to verify the readiness of the factory to operate. In a statement, the ministry said the committee, forged from the ministries of Labor and Health and the Civil Defense Directorate, endorsed that the factory complies with occupational safety and health standards and according to the requirements of all laws, regulations and instructions in force. Last Thursday, the minister decided to close the factory after 130 female workers were poisoned, as they inhaled an insecticide sprayed to sterilize the factory. In another ensuing incident, 39 workers also suffered suffocation on Wednesday, after the factory management decided to resume operations. "The committee stated that the two incidents had been attributed to using insecticide without taking public safety measures, but no longer threaten public health as chemical effects end within 48 hours of the spraying process," the statement added.

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Three arrested for inciting 'sectarian conflict, cursing'

[6/15/2020 5:54:47 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Three men were placed into custody on Monday for charges related to inciting "sectarian and religious conflict and discord, and cursing," according to the Public Security Directorate’s (PSD). The three men have posted slurs against Christian worshippers as they were performing religious rituals at churches last week, prompting the PSD's Cyber Crimes Unit (CCU) to open a probe into the case and bring the suspects into custody. The public prosecution issued its verdict today to detain the three men for a week in a correctional center for the charges of the incitement of sectarian and religious conflict, and cursing as the investigation is still underway to identify the identities of other suspects who had taken it to social media to incite sectarian conflict.

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Senate donates JD100,000 to 'Himmat Watan' fund

[4/12/2020 10:28:41 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Senate's Social Responsibility Fund donated JD100,000 to the Himmat Watan Fund, which was launched recently to support national efforts to curb the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak. In a statement on Sunday, Senate President, Faisal Fayez said the donation aimed at enabling the government to address the economic challenges and supporting the sectors that were affected by the crisis. The fund, which consists of fixed monthly deductions from senators' allocations, also provided JD100,000 to the Health Ministry and the Social Development Ministry respectively.

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