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Muasher: Government is considering comments on new income tax law

[9/20/2018 7:38:35 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State, Rajai Muasher, said that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) asked for approving the income tax draft law in its current form. He told Petra that the government is considering citizens' comments on the draft law and is constitutionally committed to the principle of the separation of powers. He said that the Parliament has the jurisdiction to approve the law in its final form.

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Razzaz promises new measures to resolve issues affect citizens lives

[9/16/2018 5:44:43 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister Omar Razzaz, Sunday morning, stressed Jordanians can encounter difficulties and seize the opportunity to step to a better situation, especially in the economic and service sectors, pointing out that in few weeks the government will announce new measures to solve all issues affecting the daily lives of citizens. In a radio address, broadcast early this morning, the prime minister expressed the government's commitment to meet citizens' legitimate demands including the fight against tax evasion, no room for corruption complacency, improving the quality of services and providing jobs. Following is the full text of the premier address: Good morning every one, I would like first to thank all our national broadcasters, who always make the citizen's voices, ambitions and aspirations heard, and allow us to take them in our considerations and further reflect in our thinking. Let me start with the fact that we all realize and feel that our country is going through a challenging economic hardships, reflected by the turbulent political circumstances the whole region is also going through . Such circumstances, will definitely, cause frustration and sometimes pessimism, but we must not give up or lose hope, especially as we have solid pillars, namely trust in our Hashemite leadership, and the conscious of citizens, that have proved to stand hand in hand to overcome all the challenges. This gives me hope and confidence that we are capable of doing everything, facing challenges, grab opportunities that will, by God willing, move us to a much better situation, especially in the economic and service aspects. We began gathering citizens' complaints on their daily services, including education, health, transportation, and other living issues which have negative impacts on their living conditions . We also have commenced putting in place new procedures that we will be announced within few weeks, designed to solve these issues affecting citizens daily lives, he added. We will also start medium and long term programs, recognizing that not everything can be resolved in a glimpse, but we are determined to solve all our problems. Our citizen believes in the state of law, seeks the rule of law, wants to fight corruption, and also looks for a just tax law that does not equate the poor with the rich, but put the greatest burden on the rich and we will never tolerate corruption anymore. The citizen also wants to fight tax evasion, needs improvements in the quality of services, and have more job opportunities to support his family and build his country. These legitimate demands are our responsibility as a government, and we promise to fulfill them, he said, adding that but we deeply need to hold on to a glimmer of hope and not to sit idly by . These are the basis of our approach and goals we hope to accomplish with the help of you all . Wishing you a blessed morning.

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Jordanian Delegation May Attend Upcoming Damascus International Fair in Syria

[9/4/2018 6:31:05 AM]

AMMONNEWS - A Jordanian delegation may participate in the Damascus International Fair, slated for September 6-15, Atef Tarawneh, the speaker of the lower house of the Jordanian parliament, told Sputnik on Monday. "A very large Jordanian delegation may head [to Syria] in the coming days, our relations will be restored," Tarawneh said. The lawmaker noted that the group of officials, that would go to Syria for participating in the fair, would be a high-level delegation. The Damascus International Fair is the major and the oldest fair in the Middle East launched for the first time in 1954. In 2017, the event was carried out for the first time since the beginning of the Syrian armed conflict in 2011. READ MORE: Jordan's Military Kills Daesh Terrorists Attempting to Cross Border From Syria While last year, 43 countries participated in the fair, 48 states have already confirmed they will send their representatives to this year’s event. *Sputnik

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Without a deal, Israel will have a PM named Muhammad, Trump quips

[8/20/2018 7:48:39 AM]

AMMONNEWS - According to a report on Israeli’s Channel 10, US President Donald Trump made a comment, apparently in jest, to Jordan’s King Abdullah II at the White House several weeks back, joking that Israel could have a prime minister named Muhammad in a few years if a negotiated solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict isn’t achieved. The comment was reportedly made in response to King Abdullah’s statement that, “Many young Palestinians no longer want two states. They want one state with equal rights. The result would be Israel losing its Jewish character.” *Israeli Media

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Work on Jordan-Israel gas pipeline begins despite public refusal

[8/3/2018 3:57:12 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Work has begun on a 65-kilometer pipeline which is supposed to start bringing gas from Israel to Jordan in early 2020. The Jordanian government says the deal will save hundreds of millions of dollars a year. But many organizations involved in anti-normalisation campaigns have been criticising the deal. Jordanian society, many of whom are Palestinian refugees, continue to resist official efforts to promote ties with Israel. It's been more than two decades since Jordan signed a peace treaty with Israel but it is still largely unpopular. *Al Jazeera

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Jordan takes in Syrian 'White Helmets' evacuated with Israeli help

[7/22/2018 6:24:53 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Jordan said on Sunday 800 people including members of Syria’s “White Helmets” civil defence group had been evacuated from southwest Syria where Damascus’ forces are advancing against rebels, with Israeli officials saying they facilitated the mission. The Israeli military said that overnight it had completed “a humanitarian effort to rescue members of a Syrian civil organisation and their families ...due to an immediate threat to their lives”. It said they were transferred to a neighbouring country, which it did not identify. On Saturday, Israeli security forces closed down roads in the occupied Golan Heights, on the Syrian frontier, ahead of the evacuation operation. A Jordanian foreign ministry spokesman said the kingdom had allowed the UN to arrange the entry and passage of 800 Syrian civil defence workers. said their lives were in danger after a government offensive that regained rebel-held parts of southern Syria. The kingdom agreed to a request by Britain, Germany and Canada to give the White Helmet workers temporary asylum in the kingdom before settlement in the West on humanitarian grounds, spokesman Mohammad al Kayed said. He said the aid workers would remain at a “closed” location and that Britain, Germany and Canada had agreed to resettle them within three months. Officially called the Syrian Civil Defense but known by their distinctive white helmets, the group has operated a rescue service in rebel-held parts of Syria after aerial bombing of civilian areas. They are credited for saving thousands of lives. *Reuters

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Jordan slams Israel's "Jewish nation-state" law

[7/19/2018 6:38:56 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Minister of State for Media Affairs Jumana Ghunaimat Thursday condemned the Israel's adopting of the so-called 'Jewish Nation- State' law passed by the Knesset. The minister, who is the Government Spokesperson, said the bill contravenes the norms of the international law. She said the racist law turns us away from the comprehensive peace option in the region and would fuel extremism and violence. The minister also called on the international community to assume its legal, political and moral responsibility and to take urgent action to stand against the newly adopted law. The two-state solution, which ensures the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, is the only just and sustainable solution to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the minister stressed. The law stipulates that "Israel is the historic homeland of the Jewish people and they have an exclusive right to national self-determination in it". The bill also includes additional racist amendments, where the most important article defines Jerusalem as Israel's unified capital . Another article says the state considers the development and promotion of Jewish settlements as a " high national value" and will act to encourage and promote its establishment.

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