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FT publishes article by PM on Jordan's vision for economic growth

[3/13/2019 5:07:11 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The London-based Financial Times published an article by Prime Minister Omar Razzaz, in which he referred to Jordan's vision for economic growth, including investment opportunities, titled "Jordan: Doing Well by Doing Good." The Prime Minister said "Jordan lives in a tough neighbourhood, and while geography is a matter of ‘destiny’, Jordan has chosen to turn these challenges into opportunities based on its ethos of doing well by doing good." Following is the full text of the article: Jordan: Doing Well by Doing Good Jordan lives in a tough neighbourhood, and while geography is a matter of ‘destiny’, Jordan has chosen to turn these challenges into opportunities based on its ethos of doing well by doing good. This sounds like a cliché until one examines Jordan’s history, whether in terms of its open-market economy that has withstood one regional shock after another; its hosting wave after wave of refugees from surrounding countries, the latest being 1.3 million Syrians; or its steadfast support for regional and global peace. Throughout, Jordan has focused on education for all, Jordanians and refugees alike, and our graduates have excelled both locally and worldwide. Although Jordan represents 3% of the Middle East and North Africa’s population, over 23% of the region’s tech entrepreneurs are Jordanian. Jordan is a small country, indeed, but it is located on a strategic crossroads, and has some of the best international trade agreements. Today, we export garments and sophisticated cooling systems to the US; gourmet foods and machinery to Europe; and consumer goods to Africa and the Middle East. Global investors also recognise the value of Jordan’s human capital. The Kingdom has a unique synchrotron accelerator (SESAME), which allows Jordan to conduct joint research projects with eight countries. Leading international investors Aspire, Expedia, Amazon and Microsoft, to name but a few clearly recognise Jordan’s competitive edge. Jordan’s quality service sectors, from healthcare, to higher education, to IT, engineering, business-outsourcing and creative industries are ready to welcome investors from around the world. And as you explore the prospects of investing in a country that believes in doing good and doing well, we invite you to take the time to immerse yourself in our natural and historical sites the breath-taking backdrops of Lawrence of Arabia, Indiana Jones and The Martian which offer an incredible setting for diverse experiences, including medical, adventure, spiritual, eco-friendly and conference tourism. We look forward to welcoming you.

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What Lies Tomorrow

[2/9/2019 4:45:24 PM]

AMMONNEWS - By Feras Werr - Our Earth is literally a magnificent and invaluable inheritance passed on to us as humans to keep and dwell in. Its eternal like existence is measured at approximately five billion and a half years. Very briefly explaining the scientific theory behind its origins, it began as a blazing ball, being ejected off from the flaming material of the sun. The massive flames that engulfed it raged for an extensive but unestimated period of time before gasses released from its scorching flames began creating a sphere that eventually gave birth to clouds. The clouds released massive rainfall that extinguished the flames on the surface of our Earth and through the course of time land began to surface. Surrounding the land were the oceans that were produced from the biblical like rainfall mentioned. Those events happened through the course of millions of years and thus following these events the elements that lead to life began taking focus: *land, water and a gaseous sphere that eventually would be saturated with oxygen and support life. Our globe’s life activity rebounded between four major ice and four major water ages. Ice ages were periods of bitter cold where a part of our known world or at times all of it was covered with immense ice sheets. Those ice ages were interrupted by much warmer water ages where the presence of ice would be many times unfound. Many scientifical reasons were suggested for these shifts and among which are, the migration of the poles and continental drift, changing ocean currents, variation in sea level from Earth movements and fluctuation in Earth’s own heat. The earliest ice age is assumed by scientists to have taken place 2.7 to 2.3 billion years ago. However the earliest well documented one and which is believed to have been the harshest took place from 850 to 630 million years ago. Earth resembled a complete snow ball because of permanent ice conditions during this period which ended quickly as water vapor returned rapidly to the atmosphere. Our present ice age began 40 million years ago with the spur of the ice sheet in Antarctica. This intensified three million years ago with the spread of the ice sheets in the Northern Hemisphere. Since then our world has witnessed different ice phases (periods within the ice age), each phase having time spans ranging from 40,000 to 100,000 years, with the ice sheets advancing and receding in the process. We are presently witnessing the retreat of an ice phase that ended some 10,000 years ago. The still iced up polar caps are only remnants to the piercing cold that ruled back then. As Earth witnessed those profound changes within its natural balance, and according to scientific hypotheses, life managed its way in the form of very simple cell organisms believed to have begun at sea hundreds of millions of years ago. Thus believed to be the theory of evolution at work and through eonic periods of time those organisms gave birth to more complex sea life form and soon the oceans were vibrant with the first ancestors of life. Bustling with the usual but powerful zeal and will to flourish a lineage of the sea life witnessed a revolutionary change within its physiology and the characteristic to breathe and navigate on land was added to it. This change involved both an adaptation to its internal organs and a bodily modification, whereby providing it with the internal organs that support breathing fresh air, and bodily abilities to maneuver on land. Earth then witnessed its first amphibians treading along its golden sandy beaches. Hundreds of thousands of plant and animal genera crowded our ecology before man kind or “Homo-Sapiens” developed on Earth. Some went extinct due to the reverberating atmospheric conditions on Earth while others, according to the theory of adaptation, were able to adjust defying the climate changes, and to reproduce successfully. While the Dinosaurs first appeared approximately 230 million years ago and ruled successfully the seas and lands for over 160 million years; the greater part of their groups became extinct due to a catastrophic event. One of the strongest hypotheses, that is yet still to be assured by modern science, states that a bulky meteor struck on land whereby arousing a huge amount of dust that spread densely in the Earth’s atmosphere. This event blocked the much valuable rays and heat of the sun causing the gradual extermination of the dinosaurs which are believed to have included more than two thousand known genera. It is worthy here to state that geologists have found alien dust residue within the Earth’s deep crust layers that is believed to coincide in age with the dinosaur’s extinction dates. Nature’s behavioral patterns proved to our modern scientists that it is unstoppable. Despite this prehistoric catastrophe the sand eventually settled down and life regenerated its abundant species once again. The Earth thrived, its atmosphere freezing and defrosting continuously, its animals and plants adapting and changing as the ice and water battled for rule and domain. Everything remained naturally proceeding, calm and peaceful till the arrival of man; Homo sapiens Man with his advanced mental capacities and fully erect body was the capable being to fully invest and exploit the compete splendors of Earth’s material and natural resources. Pre-industrial revolution man found the means to camelflouge and blend perfectly with Mother Nature. He had neither misdemeanors nor sins to fear from. It was industrial revolution man with his metropolitan cities, his interests in the odor-full black gold, his profit-loss economical philosophy and greed that made impacting changes on his life and the future of his children. Over five thousand years of primitive plant growing, hunting and tribal life abruptly ended when he immediately began harvesting the produces that took nature 5.5 billion years to yield. In less than one hundred years he turned the rough plain undisturbed grounds of Earth into massive nations and bustling cities. The steam engine that he developed opened huge horizons for industry and manufacture. Quicker travel was made possible when trains were manufactured and cars were commercially sold. Oil by products were used as combustion elements in many industrialized plants, vehicles and ships. By the mid twentieth century airliners were a very normal way of travel and traveling from one continent to another was becoming less time consuming. Pre-industrial revolution man sailed the seas for land conquest while twentieth century man tore through the sphere’s of Earth with supersonic spaceships, traveling at 30 thousand kilometers per hour, wanting to explore and announce supremacy in space and its’ planets. Although retired from service presently, the Concorde was a state of the art invention in the seventies that ferried air passengers at a super speed of 1400 M/P/H (2253 Km/P/H). Hear ye Hear ye! The tax for living in easy street turned out to be colossal. The ozonosphere is an area in the stratosphere where rich concentrations of ozone are found. Ozone is an allotrope of Oxygen. An Ozone molecule is made up of three Oxygen atoms. This layer that wraps our Earth absorbs lethal quantities of ultraviolet rays that come from the sun, whereby making life possible on Earth. Ultraviolet rays are very harmful to living organisms because they damage the genetic structure of living cells. During the 1970’s scientists began to worry that the CFCs, which are man made chemicals, are damaging the ozonosphere. Upon their invention these chemicals were considered a blessing to industry. They were nonflammable, nonpoisonous and didn’t corrode metal. These characteristics made them very proper to use in coolants in refrigerators and air conditioners; as propellants in plastic foams, spray cans such as deodorants, insecticides, and paint. These things were usable everyday around the world by billions and for a full two decades the merciless sprays used on a daily basis were spreading titanic amounts of deadly gas in our atmosphere, rising head way into the stratosphere and killing the ozone layer. Intensive research proved that the chlorofluorocarbons brutality against the ozone unleashes when it gets subjected to the sun’s rays in the stratosphere precisely. Ultraviolet light breaks down its’ molecular composition and 1 to 4 chlorine atoms, present in its compounds, get released. A single chlorine atom can destroy up to 100,000 ozone molecules. This is because their deadly effects don’t stop from only one reaction with the ozone. They continue to rotate and reshuffle themselves within the stratosphere damaging more ozone molecules. Significant news of ozone thinning in Antarctica’s South Pole was published in an article in “Nature” in 1985, which is a scientific journal in the US. Scientist’s research showed ozone thinning from 50 - 98 percent in spring time when it is usually detectable. The fact that Ozone is especially concentrated over the North and South Poles and is less abundant near the equator played a major role as to why the thinning on the South Pole was easily noticed. It is generally highly concentrated in the spring time and less in the summer and fall. Accordingly NASA reviewed information sent by the Nimbus 7 weather satellite since its launch in 1978. It showed the thinning had actually commenced ever since 1979! Although ozone concentrations fluctuate naturally during the year and are present in different percentages from area to area in the stratosphere, the thinning was very obvious. Further thinning commencing over Canada was detected. In 1997 the ozone read a decrease of 45 percent! Physical thinning of ice in northern Canada was noted also. World efforts to combat the usage of CFCs were fruitful although a little bit too late. By 1995 there was a drastic drop in the manufacture and usage of CFC products by all nations of the world. The US pledged to ban all substances that posed a threat to the Ozone Layer by the year 2000. However the CFCs active in the ozonosphere will not be neutralized very easily. The chlorofluorocarbon’s molecules will remain active in the stratosphere from 60 – 120 years into the future! CFC molecules released one or two decades ago are still slaughtering the ozone up till today, thus making the ozonosphere’s complete recovery time consuming. The ozonosphere is repairable. It is produced by lightning discharges and by ultraviolet rays form the Sun. However its destruction was faster than any natural repair possible. Ozone has to be created naturally and precisely in the stratosphere for it to be an effective sunscreen for Earth. Ozone produced in the troposphere or Earth’s atmosphere is ineffective. It is a highly reactive element easily breaking down or combining with any surrounding elements long before it reaches the stratosphere to substitute damage there. Has man triggered a warm water period by his poison and debris that he infested the natural healthy environment with? Is man’s selfishness and ignorance going to cost him a balanced future? The so much valuable black gold by-products that our air, sea and land vehicles use; the infamous oil that nations have battled and slaughtered each other for, upon motor combustion releases lethal Carbon Dioxide (CO2). This poisonous gas is a main feed for the greenhouse effect that is a catalyst in global surface temperature increases. Solar radiation passes through the atmosphere naturally warming the Earth’s surface. Energy from the sun is absorbed by the Earth’s surface as well and then radiated into the atmosphere as heat. Some of this heat escapes into space; some is absorbed by the green house gases and radiated back towards the lower atmosphere and Earth’s surface. This is helping to double heat our environment. The immense amount of this gas that is being released on a daily basis by land and air vehicles combined with its present level within our atmosphere is fatally increasing this heating process. The greenhouse gases are water vapor, carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), methane and nitrous oxide. Let’s rest the scientific influx of information and start processing the data on an Earthly consequential scale. A forceful intervention from the side-effects of human civilization that possibly changed the natural course of Earth from a cool period to a warm weather phase; the unceasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the air and the depletion of the ozonosphere; what is the bitter reality expected? The IPCC reports are shedding light on this constantly. The IPCC is a network made up of 2500 of the world’s leading climatologists from 70 countries. Their TAR report contains full and up to date information and future evaluations about our global climate system. Some of their alarming findings were their assurance that global warming is reality and happening, a rise in the surface temperatures of our globe by 0.6 degrees Celsius so far and the melting of snow and ice that is leading to a rise in average global sea-levels. They assure that during the past century a sea level rise has occurred already. Paralleling with their reports were expectations of a number of scientists which were published in an article by Andrea Thompson and Ker Than on the Yahoo website on April 22, 2007 under the name “Timeline: The Frightening Future of Earth.” The article stated that by 2020 flash floods will increase across Europe and less rainfall could affect the agricultural yields by up to 50 percent in some parts of the world. In thirteen years we are already talking about an expected imbalance that is going to alter the present precipitation map drastically. The article added that by 2030 the temperate glaciers on equatorial mountains in Africa is expected to disappear, that by 2040 the arctic sea could be ice free in the summer times, and by 2080 the average global sea levels will have risen by approximately one meter. At that point numerous coastal lines and people living near river basins will experience flooding. As we tread down towards the mid years of our present century and as the weather becomes warmer drought will strike different parts of the world and fresh water will become hard to acquire. Heat related diseases will begin to surface by as early as 2030. Among the most astonishing mentioned in the article was that the Earth’s rotation rate could witness a slight increase along with other alterations as these natural misfits take focus. By the year 2100, if human civilization is able to out live these exhausting global hazards, and by then the IPCC expects many ecosystems to have been pushed to their top limits whereby endangering their abilities to adapt to climate change; atmospheric Carbon Dioxide will have reached a peak unseen within the past 650 thousand years; thawing permafrost and other associating factors will make land a main discharge channel for carbon dioxide and this will happen faster than its natural absorption by land; roughly 20 to 30 percent of species assessed as of 2007 could be extinct by 2100 if global mean temperatures exceed 2-3 degrees of pre-industrial levels; new climate zones may appear and affect up to 39 percent of the world’s land surface radically transforming the planet; and last but definitely not least a quarter of all species of plants and animals (a million in total) could be driven to extinction. What is to be done? Today our community can do a lot to repair our ecology for our growing up children and the generations after! We no longer can choose what is inviting for us. We have to choose what should be done for the welfare of our globe and before our race can be threatened by the danger of extinction. We can do a lot to start controlling CO2’s fatal concentration in our atmosphere. More effort has to be maintained by all countries with forestry potentials and actual forestry hosting, to better maintain and increase their vegetation. Countries should initiate budgets to grow more trees and plant life. The vegetation literally absorbs CO2 from the Atmosphere and replaces it with Oxygen in the daytime. The global community should have penalties inflicted on nations that do not abide by such and similar plans. Vegetation is a global possession and not a country possession. On a global scale of course, families should be better aware that cars are a major propellant of CO2 in the air. I think that self motivation and our conscience should play a role in better utilizing our cars for necessary errands and regulating any over leisurely outings. Owning more than one car was once a luxury. However these days it is a major threat as it means our atmosphere will be more infested with greenhouse gases. We invite our global community to have better incite and to plan their vehicle usage more. More money, effort and industrial awareness should be focused in alternative safer fuel than oil. Do it for the sake of our Earth today. Tomorrow there will be only land, water and a gaseous sphere...just like the beginnings

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State of the country

[1/15/2019 5:17:49 PM]

AMMONNEWS - By Jawad Anani - Mustafa Hamarneh finally came, through the Economic and Social Council (ESC) that he chairs, with a voluminous report on Jordan, titled “State of the Country”. It is almost 1,500-page long, and 750 researchers participated in putting it together. It was published almost a month ago, and, unfortunately, has not had the response its issuers had hoped for. It instantly became a classic work, which everyone talks about, but few have actually read. Its sheer size is intimidating. In the years 2012, 2013 and 2014, I was the chairman of the ESC, and we published three annual reports. Thanks to the energy of Hamarneh, the effort has been resumed with vehemence. The value of this rich report lies in its 360-degree purview of Jordan. It tackles its task with a comprehensive and integrated approach. The report is full of very useful details. The other important advantage of the study is that it provides a comparable zero ground information, which will serve in monitoring future changes on the basic issues in Jordan. It also provides a very important historical background for future economic, social and political historians and researchers. Yet, the most important element of the report, in my opinion, is that it raises the question without saying it specifically: What is next for Jordan? The needed fiscal reforms cannot be done in financial terms; it has to deal with current public employment, its modes, cost/benefit analysis and quality of services offered to the taxed public. Thus, if we want fiscal reform, we have to venture into the dangerous zone of employment, performance and quality of public entities and their respective staff. The report takes aim at the many key documents which have been issued and labelled as “reform packages or strategies”, but were all shelved after sucking the oxygen and evincing disappointment. We should be as good in implementing any one of those documents as we are in writing and creating a fanfare about them. The “State of the Country” analyses political reform which His Majesty King Abdullah wrote seven discussion papers on. His Majesty said to a group of MPs he had met with recently that we need a new political parties law, and we need also to reform and rearrange the elections bylaw to afford better legislative representation. The report emulates, in both name and content, the USAID’s State of the Union. This is a descent and a good effort. However, it would have been better if it had projected the challenges that Jordan could encounter in the next two years, and suggested possible solutions to surmount them.

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Israeli perception of just peace

[11/10/2018 1:50:56 AM]

AMMONNEWS - By Dr majed shami - Never in the history of mankind we have heard or read about peacefull nations the way the Israeli people love it. They love making peace with themselves and with other nations. They are peace paranoid to the extent that they went even further than the rules of nature wishing to make peace with all his mighty God. This is what I call a nation with a lot of peace aspiration in their mind. They master twisting words in a quest of peace. It is a nation that are professional in fabricating lies, thereafter, starting to believe it. No wonder why George bush the son, on every possible event, enthusiastically announced that Sharon is a man of peace, at a time when Sharon was delightfully slaughtering the Palestinian kids during the stones uprising of year 2000. Why Sharon did that? because he wished to make peace with the Palistinians before he faces all his mighty God, and the Palistinians ignored him. Yet, Israeli never wanting to give up, and they raised up the flag so high sloganed "give peace a second chance" , this time carried forward by their prime minister Netanyahu who is so madly in love with peace. A man who is so great that his dream is not only wanting to make the occupied territory of Palistine a better place to live, but he wants to make the whole region of the middle east looks like heaven on earth. Evidenced by the fact that during the world cup tournament, he appeared on a short video clip begging the Iranian citizens to rebel against their leaders in the quest for ever lasting peace with Isreal, and in the aftermath to play football with them in Jerusalem where both shall win. Blessed the peace loving makers, like Netanyahu, for he shall be called the child of God. Furthmore, today I read about Israel intention to inaugurate the so called "regional peace train" an announcement is made by Israel katz who is transportation and Intelligence Minister, who is heading to Oman to discuss a regional rail line at a transportation conference in Muscat, on the assumption that such an act will help foster peace in this part of the world. From the above mentioned points we can simply realise how desperate Israel for peace, conditioned that it is with an Isreali recipe. In this regard i shall advice the Israeli leaders once again to remember that "you can fool some people some times but you cannot fool all people all the time". And, if you are really serious about peace, let me tell you how you start. First, make peace with yourself and within your own community by stopping descrimination aganist Falashia jews and stop treating them as a downscaled class. Second, extend your hand to make a just peace with the people that you are currently occupying their own lands, I mean the oppressed Palestinian people, thereafter, you may make peace with other nations. but most importantly is to make peace with God all his mighty, asking him for forgiveness, for one day you crucified Jesus Christ the king of peace. In conclusion, there will be no peace on the face of earth if it is according to Israeli recipe. A real peace message came on the face of earth, at the time of Jesus Christ, who was a Palistinan jews and his followers and his believers converted to christianity. In conclusion, a call for peace that comes from the heart of the occupied land of Palestine is considered the half empty of a cup of water because the half full are still living under oppression of the apartheid system of Israel. God please give the Palistinians the courage to stand up high in the face of corrupted new world order that applaud the oppressors and curse the oppressed.

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King writes article entitled "Social or antisocial media?"

[10/31/2018 3:32:34 AM]

AMMONNEWS - His Majesty King Abdullah II has written an article entitled "Social or antisocial media?" that was published on several media outlets on Tuesday. Following is the full text of the article: Social or antisocial media? By Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein Writing this article is a way for me to address all dear Jordanians and encourage a constructive discussion on our priorities and multiple key national issues, some of which I have highlighted during my various meetings and recently in the Speech from the Throne, covering political, economic, and social aspects. I will continue to shed light on such important national matters through various platforms. In this article, I have decided to focus on a crucial issue that of disturbing trends on social media platforms. Our current era may be witnessing the most profound change in the history of media and communications, and in the way information is consumed, produced, spread, and interacted with. I am sure most of you are reading this article on their mobile phones, and once done, some of you will be sharing their opinions and thoughts on social media. I look forward to reading them. Today, social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, enable us to make our voices heard. They provide us with unprecedented opportunities to connect with each other, to express our opinions and exchange views, to come together around key and humanitarian causes, and to highlight and discuss critical issues while building on them through constructive dialogue. These tools and technologies have become vital for us all, myself included. They are a means for me to listen to citizens’ thoughts and opinions, as much as possible, unfiltered, without mediators, barriers or restrictions. Although times and tools may change, the high values of compassion and solidarity will remain at the heart of the Jordanian ethos. This is what distinguishes us. It is the anchor that enables us to stand firm in the face of all storms. None can deny Jordan’s steadfastness in the face of adversity. No force, agenda, or attempts to sow sedition can sway Jordanians from their commitment to protecting the homeland at the first sign of an attempt to threaten its security and unity. These deep-rooted values we have inherited and strive to instil in our children are the protective, sturdy shield we maintain and are proud of. However, seeing recent attempts to shake this anchor on social media platforms has pushed me to write this today. When navigating social media platforms, we often face an overwhelming volume of hostility, libel, and hatred. These platforms have almost become a place for slander and defamation; they are rife with hurtful comments and misinformation, and they almost lack any sense of moral or social responsibility, or adherence to the laws in place to deter and hold all offenders to account. What we witnessed lately with the Dead Sea incident which has caused deep pain to us all and some of the commentary that followed indeed prove that this anchor has been shaken. It reminds us that using social media requires that we do so with a sense of responsibility as we engage over events of a national scale. I find myself compelled to examine some patterns of this engagement. We must differentiate between those who criticised performance and called for identifying the responsible parties this stems from deep concern and we need that and between those few who have been offensive to the memory of the children we have lost, which makes us question the basis of their relationship with society and the goals behind this negativity that has, unfortunately, robbed them of their humanity. We must also question who is behind these opinions that are far removed from the values of our society. Dealing with the aftermath of the deeply painful Dead Sea incident requires taking stock of shortcomings and aspects of negligence, in order to hold to account those who prove to be responsible and to learn lessons that would enable us to avoid such painful incidents in the future. It also requires a deep, comprehensive reflection on the scope and nature of engagement on social media platforms. It is evident to all observers of online discussions that rumours and fabricated news are used by certain individuals to mislead their followers, fuelling their own agendas and polarising public opinion, or settling personal and political scores. [We] have been long warned of rumours and rumourmongers; God says in the Holy Quran: "O ye who believe! If a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest ye harm people unwittingly, and afterwards become full of repentance for what ye have done." (Al Hujurat: Verse 6) Amongst lies, empty slogans, and false heroisms, negativity and frustration thrive. Readers are often left confused between truth and rumour. An air of suspicion, confusion, and pessimism, lingers in society because of a rumour that bases its credibility solely on its ability to go viral. Thus, the virtual world no longer reflects the real image of our deep-rooted values, our society, and our everyday reality. It has been said that a lie can travel halfway around the world, before the truth can get its boots on. An MIT study supports this, reporting that fabricated news is 70 percent more likely to spread on a social media platform such as Twitter than a factual report. This calls to mind the wave of rumours and false stories that spread while I was on my annual break, and continued even after I returned and resumed my activities. The question persisted: where is the king? Some went as far as questioning my presence even as I stood before them. Can it be that an illusion perpetuated by screens has become a reality to some? Unfortunately, some people have tried to spread rumours targeting the morale and unity of Jordanians. And when those people are confronted with the fact that their accusations are baseless, they still argue: there is no smoke without fire. I can surely say that those with ill intentions towards Jordan will always find a way to spark a crisis out of nothing. From time to time, I find myself compelled to address this issue, and we must all never hesitate to confront, those who hide behind their screens and lies with the truth. Whoever suffers harm may resort to court to seek justice, for we are a country of institutions governed by law. Anyone who offends a Jordanian whether from my bigger Jordanian family or my immediate family offends me personally. To put the phenomenon of misinformation in context, we must remember that it is not unique to Jordan. It is a global phenomenon and challenge. The impact of fabricated news and misinformation was evident in key moments over the past two years across Europe and the United States. As a result, we are witnessing a global trend of countries developing laws to address the spread of fabricated news and misinformation. Today, there is an urgent need to develop our laws to ensure the protection of freedom of expression, protect citizens’ right to privacy, combat rumours and misinformation, and counter hate speech, especially since several senior executives of the world’s largest social media platforms have openly recognised that their platforms could be abused for negative and destructive purposes. In light of these pressing developments which must be addressed, it is important to strike a balance between safeguarding freedom of expression a right we are always committed to protecting and between the rights and priorities integral to the stability and welfare of our society. This will positively contribute to enriching the public debate necessary to combat the phenomenon of using social media irresponsibly and negatively in many instances. Social media companies undoubtedly have a key role in countering the negative use of social media platforms, through ongoing technical enhancement, and regular reviews of ethical and legal terms of use. Moreover, governments are compelled to work transparently and provide accurate, timely information to the public in this era of openness. And I hope that our current government will rise to public expectations in this regard. We also cannot disregard the role of media platforms and professionals as key pillars in the flow of information and communication. They must enhance their professional standards and uphold their ethical responsibilities. More important, however, is our responsibility as individuals and societies not to be a passive audience, but to be active and critical of what we read, what we believe, and what we share with others. We must apply reason and common sense to weigh news and information. Let us reflect and ask ourselves: where would we end up if we were not responsible and cautious when interacting on social media? What would our future look like if we abandoned rationality and reason; if we chose rumours over truth; if our discourse were based on lies and hearsay; if character assassination became the norm? Imagine what would happen if officials were too paralysed by fear to take the right decisions to serve the country and its citizens, or if they were rushed to take arbitrary, uninformed decisions. If citizens did not have reliable facts and information readily available, how could they make informed decisions and engage in responsible national dialogue on decisive issues? Indeed, Jordan still has a long way to go to fulfil its aspirations and become what Jordanians strive for and well deserve; many challenges remain before us. Therefore, our first priority is development and reform. Countries are not built on scepticism and self-doubt, nor on undermining and denying achievements. They are built by determination, will, hard work, and positive and constructive engagement in national issues. As we proudly near the centennial of the Jordanian state, and as the world around us develops at an unprecedented pace, let us march confidently and positively towards the future, lest we are left behind. Let us utilise the tools of this age in our favour, enriching them with our Jordanian identity, values, and ethics that have guided this homeland’s journey over a century.

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Deceptive Netanyahu

[10/16/2018 11:43:53 AM]

AMMONNEWS - By Dr Majed Shami - Mr Netanyahu, couble of months ago, during world cup in Russia, you stunned the world with a video clip in which you appeared as if you are the peace loving maker of the world. I have had a chance to watch your well fabricated video clip addressing the Iranian people with warm, kind, and gentle words, accompanied by a gesture of a human being, inviting the Iranian for peacefull coexistance, pretending that you are an inspiration to peace, and you are not, and you can never be. Here are few humane words, hope they will tickle your eyes and ears, give yourself a chance to review yourself and you will discover that you are a person filled with hatred to any peace love and tranquility. Before extending your peace loving hand to the Iranian and wishes to play football with them, promising them that you both will be winner, why dont you do that with the palestinian people that are closer to you than Iran and extend your peace loving hand to them, rather than bombarding them every day. Why dont you accept a just peace based on two states resolution so both inhabitants can live in peace instead of your hallucination about the century deal. Mr Netanyahu you are the last man on the face of earth to lecture about peace when it is not in your dictionary. I would like to give you a humble advice i have learned when i was doing my doctorate in the USA "you can foul some people sometimes but you cant foul all people all the time". My final word is directed to the jews that are currently occupying the land of palestine. Please extend your hands to the same people you are currently occupying and remember that they are the same people who opend their land and heart when you were discriminated against in Europe. Those people deserve to be treated with kindness and love for being too nice to you before your taking over their land that was given to you by a falsification of Balfour promise (palestine for the jews). There are enough land in palestine to inhabit both of you. Put your hand with the fascinating palestinian people and both of you shall fascinate the world. Think of the long term, think of your children if you want them to be safe. Occupation cant last forever but love and kindness can. let us raise the flag of love and kindness and let us sing together "we want to make the Holly land a better place to live" rather than the voice and noise of tanks and weopons of mass destruction. It is time for you Jewish people to tell Netanyahu that enough is enough and the time has come for a new era .

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The Russian hackersare just so much to bear

[8/25/2018 6:45:12 AM]

AMMONNEWS - By Feras Werr - As a response to an article in the New York Times named “New Russian Hacking Targeted Republican Groups, Microsoft Says”. How much can the US handle pressure. Is it time to really act or are we left with a US president that cannot handle Russia and its influence. It’s about time we cut the sex scandle crap away and really ask the president. What does he have up his sleeve to reverse Russia’s pressure away from the US and its internal affairs. Its not a big secret. It’s all over the news world wide; that the US is subject to massive Russian manipulation to the extent that the legitimacy of the latest presidential elections and the future ones are under questioning. The question of how many insults can the pride of the American nation handle is definitely not open to discussion. What is the presidency’s plan to really stand up to this Russian internet attack is a question I would really love to ask the real president of the US.Obviously Trump doesn’t have the know howas to how to stop Russia and it’s growing influence in the US making me really wonder as to who is running the White House. There are somethings that have to stop. Many thanks to Microsoft and its efforts in stopping the Russian hackers from what they are doing… but on an internal scale there should be massive measures taken to fortify all the sites that have been hacked and to tell Russia to also back off..America is hands off for you. What is the Trump administration waiting for. The goal of the Russian hackers were geared towards tearing apart the unity of the Republican party. Should the US ease up its nosing into Russian affairs so Russia will do the same? A lot of political analysts in the Middle East have noticed that the Russian internet hackers are revenging NATO and US attempts to curtail Russian influence in many areas around the globe. Moreover explaining Putin’siron will to supportBashar Al-Assad’s regime in Syria; a move to strike back at the US’s will to remove Al-Assad’s regime from power. Russia also sustained army bases in Syria strategically stating to the world that it is counteracting against growing US influence and goals in the region… again proposing the same question. What is the Trump’s administration plan to cut down on ths tension between the US and Russia. What is Trump waiting for… a move by Russia to damage US internal political solidarity? I just wonder if Trump is at all qualified to lead the battle with Russia...although I hope he is for all the good and democracy that the US stands for. I will be praying for the US.

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