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After meeting in Israel: America may adopt Bottom-up approach against Iran.

[6/27/2019 8:02:56 AM]

AMMONNEWS - By Dr. Kamal Alzghoul - It seems that the US president has returned to the usual path of American foreign policy, and this was clear when he did not strike Iran after the American drone was shot down over the territorial water of Arabian Gulf .In addition, President Donald Trump said that John Bolton is one of the "hawk's Team" and listens well whenever it comes to talk about the US's national security which has no space for errors based on a hasty decisions. Two basic points suggest that the US President has returned to consult the making- decision experienced team in his cabinet ,First, he didn't respond directly to the drone's incident that happened over Arabian Gulf water , which proves that President's tweets have nothing to do with decisions being taken in the White House, because the White House knows well that a comprehensive war cannot succeed without new EU-US coalition as it happened in the war on Iraq and the during the war on Afghanistan. Second, the Russian-American-Israeli meeting, which was attended by US national security adviser John Bolton, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev and Israeli Security Council chief Meir Shabat, came to announce a bottom-up approach against Iran. Militarily, American advisors with Israeli Air Force may begin to clean up Iranian militias in the region, and, it became clear that Syrian theater took the first priority to engage with Iranian Militias in parallel with setting up an economic peace plan for the Arab Israeli conflict, and the second priority would be the Yemeni theater by supporting the Arab alliance forces. In order to avoid all-out war ,America gradually starts to build up an effective policy, so Russians may participate to eject Iran from Syria, and Bashar al-Assad may be replaced if he refuses to do so, but at the same time, keeping the pillars of Bashar's regime is possible to find a transitional political solution in Syria. Therefore, practical escalations between Iranians, Syrian regime and Russians may start. The rhetoric between Iran and Russia may be escalated. "America is planning a dangerous scenario for Iran" Lavrov's said (Russian secretary of state ) and this statement was a message to Iran to leave Syria. The Syrian opposition may take a long-term approach to impose a new reality on the ground. In summary, the economic sanctions combined with the US militarily engagement with Iran's in Syria, in Iraq and in Yemen, represent the new and clear US's strategy which is being demanded by Democrats as well as Republicans in the US Congress. Generally speaking for U.S, fighting Iranian branches on the ground in Syria is the step to destroy the Iranian central regime before it activates the centrifugal force in the Bushehr nuclear reactor.

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Is Iran surprised by American presence in the Arab Gulf!

[5/9/2019 6:13:10 AM]

AMMONNEWS - By Dr. Kamal Alzghoul- When the United States declared that there is no intention to change the Iranian regime, it means that there are many common interests between the two countries. But whenever it comes to talk about Iranian Nuclear Plant the issue becomes about the matter of Iranian expansion in the region. Donald Trump's Administration is not ready to endure the economic costs of any war, in retrospect; Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S forces from Syria and Iraq came to cut the expenditure over U.S Army in the Middle East. Particularly, Showing off forces in the Arab Gulf by sending the American aircraft carrier “Lincoln” with its B-52 bombers is delivering two messages, one to Iran and another to North Korea. First message is to force Iran to stop uranium enrichment and to stop producing centrifuges related to the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant , and another transitive message to keep going in assertiveness to deter North Korean Nuclear Plant. U.S is pushing its allies to participate in stalling Iranian oil exportation to the U.S rivals such as China and North Korea. In the past years, U.S tried to give Iran a high rank to be the Middle Eastern police officer but it failed because Iran exceeded the red line when decided to build its Nuclear Plant .As the semi-conflict between U.S and Iran escalated, limited strikes against the Nuclear Site in Bushehr is on the table of U.S Military if Iran intercepts the international maritime movement through Hormuz Strait in the territorial water . At the end, Iranian insistence on the regional expansion will be the reason for the U.S to extract Iranian regime by force if the Revolutionary Guards leadership in Iran takes the wrong decision to enter the war. In addition, the convergence of interests between U.S and Iran in Iraq may take Iran to rethink its strategy in the region. Eventually Iran may accept negotiation with U.S after ending the show off of forces taking place in the Arab Gulf. Iran Used to the usual presence of U.S in the Arab Gulf but not like the way Donald Trump does, and that was stated by Ali Vaez Iran Project Director of International Crisis Group. Generally speaking, the convergence of American Iranian interests in many places in the Middle East made Iran surprised by U.S recent escalation. So that, Iran may try to renegotiate the Nuclear Deal again to avoid any clash with U.S. The reason behind avoiding the clash is that Iran doesn’t want to lose its presence in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen which may lead to siege Iran by economic sanctions and change its regime by force.

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The Partnership between Europe and the Arab World through the Lens of Jordan

[5/9/2019 5:53:15 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Following World War II, when millions of people lost their lives and many parts of Europe were left in ruins, French politician Robert Schuman launched the process that would gradually unite European countries economically and politically. It was 9 May 1950. Since then, the process of European integration has continued gradually but relentlessly, deepening and widening what is today the European Union (EU) and reuniting a continent which had been split by the Cold War. The EU today is a unique partnership amongs28 Member States shaping a single market of 500 million consumers, underpinned by a single currency (the euro) and the freedom for its citizens to live, work and travel in any of the Member States. But the EU is much more than a purely economic project: the Union is also a political project. This is embodied by the European Parliament, elected democratically by all European citizens to represent their interests with regard to EU laws and regulations. This expression of democracy will take place on 23-26 May, when people will vote to appoint 751 Members of the European Parliament. Over the years, this political project has grown around core values of respect for human rights fundamental freedoms, democracy, equality, and the rule of law . These are also the values that the EU promotes globally through its projects and partnerships with governments, organizations and individuals, to enhance economic growth and foster peace and security, especially in the countries close to us. One stark example of that is the EU’s close relations and strategic partnership with the Arab world, built over decades on the basis of our shared history and common interests. An important step to further this cooperation was taken recently, when the EU and the Arab League held their first ever summit in Sharm El Sheikh to boost the Euro-Arab partnership and address global challenges jointly. During the summit, both sides reaffirmed that stronger regional cooperation is key to finding solutions to common challenges. The Leaders of Europe and the Arab World agreed to promote peace in the world and in the region, and in particular peace between Israelis and Palestinians. On this particular issue, the EU has worked in sync with Arab states, stressing its firm position on the two-state solution as the only way to achieve a just, lasting and comprehensive peace between Israelis and Palestinians. In Jordan this partnership is most apparent. It is a partnership that has been growing since 1979, 40 years ago, when the EU decided to open its Delegation in Amman in order to promote ties in all sectors and support the Kingdom's economic development. Since 2002, this partnership has been enshrined in our Association Agreement, which is built on our common values and aims at promoting our political and economic relations. This association has been a cornerstone in identifying the key priorities that build our partnership. They include cooperation on regional stability and security, including working hand in hand on the Middle-East Peace Process and in finding a political solution to the Syria crisis. We strongly believe in Jordan’s significant role in promoting stability, moderation and inter-faith tolerance in the Middle East. Given the economic challenges that Jordan faces, the most important priority today lies in promoting sustainable and inclusive economic development based on knowledge and innovation, leading to the creation of more jobs for all Jordanians—women and youth in particular. Another priority, fully in line with the Association Agreement, aims at strengthening democratic governance, the rule of law and human rights. Emphasis is placed on our work with both the Government and civil society to promote freedom of expression; freedom of association and women's rights and empowerment in political, economic and public life. The priorities of our partnership are closely aligned with the Government's Renaissance / Nahda plan for 2019-2020. EU projects support many of the plan's concrete actions under its three main pillars, from improving education and health services, to promoting investment and trade as well as empowering the judiciary and developing active citizenship. The EU's enduring partnership with Jordan, an example of how Europe can cooperate strategically with an Arab country, demonstrates how many challenges we share and how our cooperation can help promote peace and prosperity in the region for the benefit of all Jordanians, Arabs and Europeans. *By H.E. Andrea Matteo Fontana, Ambassador of the EU to Jordan

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International Workers’ Day: A Sacred Work is Evoked

[5/8/2019 5:47:41 AM]

AMMONNEWS - By Madeleine Mezagopian - Many countries worldwide dedicate today to workers, celebrate and appreciate their roles and achievements, albeit leaving behind a sacred hardworking workers whose profession is overlooked if not undermined. “I don’t work, I am a housewife.” “We support and encourage the entry of women into the labor market with the establishment of kindergartens wherever women have work opportunities.” The former statement is the usual response of mothers who themselves underestimate their most demanding multifaceted role, keeping in mind one bread earner, whether men or women, is a characteristic of today’s considerable number of families worldwide including Jordan. Whereas the latter statement was accentuated by a speaker during the centennial celebration of ILO. While women themselves underestimate their roles as leaders of families, meeting the needs of their children and their spouses and attending to the essentials of the house at large including managing house economy. Those advocating the status of women in the labor market, instead of introducing this role as one of the most challenging labor of diverse responsibilities, promotes moving this profession from the family institution to other educational institutions. However, the great contributions of these advocates in enhancing the rights of workers at large are highly valued. In the light of the above mentioned, it is high time to revisit this role starting with the title of this most hard labor. Family custodian or family caretaker are two possibilities, Further, this point of departure must be followed with a crucial step of establishing syndicate or union for family custodians/caretakers which, like all professional unions, are designed to tackle relevant rights and challenges, including how to meet all the physical, psychological and mental needs of children and of the spouses. This said, to reward this profession is a must. Whether in form of monthly allowances which can be well translated in the developed countries and other privileges which can be served in both developed and developing countries. Or through highlighting this revered work during international occasions like today, when the public and private sectors adequately reward role models of family custodians/caretakers, males or females, especially those serving the needs of vulnerable family members, both adults and children. Last but surely not least, through giving credit to this profession, not only justice is served pertinent much disregarded arduous profession. But equally family life is honored if not saved, and foremost the dignity of this work is preserved and enhanced. Happy International Workers’ Day and Big Thanks to Great Family Custodians/Caretakers wherever you are.

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Jordan crisis: is it pure economic?

[4/29/2019 5:32:19 AM]

AMMONNEWS - By Ph.D Hussein Albanna - Since 1989 Jordan did not experience like this economic troubles. The annual budget deficit is around (USD 1.7 Billion), and the public debt reached (USD 41 Billion) which represents (94%) of its GDP, all of that led to salient stagflation last years. The major sources of the budget deficit are: Trade halt with Syria and Iraq for many years after ISIS (Dae'sh) control over large area of the borders, the government expenditure burden on the public services as a result of receiving (1.5 Million) Syrian refugees, which maximize Jordan's efforts to meet their humanitarian responsibilities, reduction of crude price that directly influenced Jordanian expatriates' transfers rate from (Arab gulf ) side by side with "nationalization" of the jobs taken place there, and the difficulties of gas importation after "pipes attacks" in Egypt. Year after year, it becomes harder to depart this economic extended " bottle neck ", in spite of governmental efforts to cut down expenditures, and taxation reform policy. Today, there is an "in-depth debate" taken place here in Jordan, argues if the crisis is pure economic or has another political side? Many local voices started "loudly" figuring out other reasons of this economic dilemma, namely: corruption, mismanagement, transparency, and constitutional power structure. Yet, Jordan has the capacity to solve its problems, and "by free!", this may be via more democracy, transparency, press freedom, and more constitutional empowerment of "elected" government and parliament. Middle East needs prosper and stable Jordan, for peace and mutual beneficial relations.

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Unforgettable details in ASSISI, Italy

[4/7/2019 11:33:42 AM]

AMMONNEWS - A sort of an unusual morning hour activity on Friday March the 29th, 2019, inside the walls of the town of Assisi, where the doors of bakeries and small confectionery stores that display (Cannelloni) with all kinds of different fillings and stuffing of cream and chocolate in their small glassy vitrines, leather and wooden crafts shops, which the town is well-known for, in addition to the shops of artistic works like pottery sets, the manually outlined ceramics, Saint Francis' figurines, animation characters (Pinocchio), also aptly known to us as “Majid, the wooden toy”, and others stores for handmade macaroni that is seasoned with mushrooms and truffles and the specifically known Italian pizza spices, are all flung opened with the first tolls of the catholic churches’ bells. Churches are spread all over the hills that surrounds and embraces the town of Assisi. In its criss-crossed stone-paved alleys, you could hear the marching of steady and rapid footsteps of ladies and gentlemen, who were all dressed up in their full neat and chic military Italian uniforms which are famous for their military golden embroidery stitches or police silver embroidery stitches on collars and hats. Compact vehicles emblazoned with the renowned insignia (Fiat) and other famed cars, all pulled over and the media and press people got out, carrying their gear and equipments, only for those vehicles to then leave the town, making their way down its hilly roads. As the day progressed, activities in the town picked up upwards towards the overlooking Basilica of Saint Francis the Assisi (Also known as the San Francisco Church), which is divided up into upper and lower churches. Hundreds of tourists would throng inside the grand Franciscan monachal court yard, to observe the exceptional preparations. In some of the strategic sections, the (Alpha Romeo) four-wheeled military compact vehicles were descried in their olive to yellowish color, with their accompanying tall and broad-shouldered soldiers, marching in front of them, armed with their modern (PMX) Beretta sub-machine guns, adding seriousness to the panoramic vista, in addition to their basic security role. A royal, yet concurrently simple convoy came undulating its way, on a slope, from a top of a spot that commanded a view of the festivity’s venue, where their Majesties (King Abdullah & Queen Rania), spent a night in one of the town’s elegant yet humble hotels. The convoy’s vehicles passed by the King Abdullah the Second’s portraits that were welcoming his visit, and announcing the awarding of the Lamp of Peace Award, which bears the name of Saint Francis, the patron saint of the town. The convoy entered into the Monastery’s main court yard that was decked out with the flags of the Franciscan Monasticism, the Vatican, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Germany and the European Union, all from underneath a high and imposing stone arch, at the entrance gate of the Basilica, where the guards of honor and the flag bearers were all lined up in their traditional velvet and colorful Italian garbs that go back in time to the (Models) of the medieval ages, with their serious posture and determined looks, testament to their unison discipline, reminding all of the officials that were passing before them and into the Basilica of the greatness of Europe, and the prominent stature and prestigious eminence of Catholicism, only then for the German Chancellor Angela Merkel (The recipient of the previous year’s Lamp of Peace Award) to appear, alongside the Italian Prime Minister, and the head of the Basilica, welcoming and greeting King Abdullah the Second, who was one step ahead of the ever-elegant Queen Rania AL-Abdallah, in accordance with the royal protocol. All attendees entered amid unrivaled standing ovation to an official presence that represented all of Italy’s religious, military and civilian spectra, and the pertinent European international entities. The King's steps were delayed by the stretched and criss-crossed hands, from left and right, all in an attempt to get the chance to shake the hand of the King, before he took his seat in the front row, right in front of the Orchestra and the Choir, where the strong German Chancellor said verbatim, word for word, during her speech, “Jordan which did not turn a blind eye to the cruelty of war, responded with humanity”, all in an indicative acknowledgment on her part of the King and Jordan’s exerted efforts in receiving the large influx of refugees. Father Mauro Gambetti, the head of the Basilica, dressed up in his usual Franciscan outfit, with the brown robe and white rope that shows the life of austerity that he leads, was also impressed with the King’s personal efforts in opening up new intellectual horizons that advocate and call for peace, peaceful co-existence and accepting others. Father Gambetti did not hide his admiration with Islam’s true values, which the King consistently make a reference to in all of his speeches, when he, Father Gambetti, made a reference to the Prophet Mohammad’s saying (Hadeeth) "You are not truly a believer until you wish for your brother what you wish for yourself. The audience was diversified and derived from all of the Italian broad political cross sections and spectra, and the European presence, which was represented by the Head of the European Parliament, and the media presence, whereas the arrangements and the preparations, which would not have been put in place, had it not been for the reason of honoring a global and inspiring leading personality in the figure of his Majesty the King Abdullah The Second, who reminded everyone of his attending audience of his unwavering and concerted personal efforts, not only towards Jerusalem and its Islamic and Christian holy sites, but also to the future of the holy city itself. Following the rising of the angelic voices and the tunes of the Orchestra to the distant offing, and out of the blue, the opera singing giant (Andrea Bocelli), suddenly graced the stage with his presence, much to the amazement of the whole audience, when he stepped up to the podium, as his participation was a total surprise, and upon the direct request of the Franciscan Monasticism, in honor of the person of the King. The King and the Queen had their lunch, alongside all of those that were invited, in honor of the King, and as per the conventional manner that is followed over there, where the King, the Queen, the German Chancellor, the Prime Minister of Italy and senior clergy all sat down on an elevated platform, in the front part of the hall. The other tables were situated and lined up before them in a horizontal way, where the invitees would sit down to those tables’ left and right sides. Three-course meal was served, comprised of salad, pasta and dessert. The King had his lunch slowly, giving the guests the chance to finish their meals before he finishes and leaves. The sun sets in a scene that could be described as one of the world’s most beautiful views, declaring the registration of a special day in the history of the city, where those fading sun rays stroked Assisi’s ancient roof tiles that are spread on top of almost all of its fenced buildings that have a wall that incorporates in it around three hundred persons, who are still preserving the detailed features of their historic city until now. The ancient religious Franciscan Monasticism, which was established in the thirteenth century, spread all over the world, and is involved in all of the charitable and humane realms, such as education and health, is the kind of institution that is represented by people who do not know but to be straight forward, and have no room for complements. Historically, they were known as the Guards of the Holy Lands (Terra Santa), and their honoring and recognition of the person of His Majesty the King, the Hashemite Arab Custodian of the Holy Sites in Jerusalem, and specifically in this particular moment in time, is a clear and direct message, as such an honoring and recognition is not a coincidence. The Franciscans do not seek for an emperor, king, president or another name to honor but on the contrary, they actually do as Socrates said, “speak, so that I can see you”. Everyone sees and perceives his Majesty the King through his spoken words, which are globally heard and highly appreciated, and his Majesty the King’s deeds in reality are acknowledged by all of the forums of the world. * By Fuad El Karsheh

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Both expanded ministerial modification and major variations are projected

[3/26/2019 11:31:56 AM]

AMMONNEWS -By Elias AlAwad - The Jordanian sight is packed with accelerated happenings and provoking details, the capture of the defendant in the forged cigarettes case, Awni Moutee’ and his associates, AMMAN’S drowning, directing a group of national security senior officers to their retirement, the Hashemite custody shattering, the normalization debate at the parliament, "Algharimat" affair, the late designations at senior commanding posts, the exploring of the Recent visit of the King to Washington , which was defined as the substantial one, As well as the commentaries campaign that attained some members of the Royal family, which specifies a new prospect. The Jordanian scene details are still quite enigmatic until the moment, with only one true element which is the survival of the polity of dr. Omar Al-razaz form departing to conclude the existing phase, which should be over by the rule expiration time of the current parliament council , by the use of a wide amendments along with a revised election law to discard the standing overloading and to create a balletic parliamentary view , down to the familiarity of the parliamentary governments bureaucratic swift procedures to cool off the internal bloc, using tools and individuals that profound institutions are thrived with that will supersede the previous technical headship. The Deputy Prime Minister “ Rajaee AL muashir “ appeal for the postponing of the trusting position sitting for a number of ministers, including communications & information technology minister Muthana Gharaybih other than water & irrigation minister Eng. Raed Abu Al Saud, which means the departure of the both of them with the expanded planned amendment without the "confidence" worry, which points out The orientation of the Jordanian state towards the "expanded amendment” and moving away from the "leave" station that had overcame during the period that was just before the date of ” London Conference” to help the Kingdom tend to self-reliance which fulfils a Royal vision. If his Majesty's interview should be linked to the current law amendment, then that should ensure a wider political and social representation at the Parliament and give the parties the chance to reach the parliamentary government only by the condition of the presence of 80 Representatives and 40 Senates, thus alleviating the country's economic costs and producing a new faces which might lead The next stage. That assumption promotes the opportunity for Dr. Omar El-razaz to stay in office for an additional term and for the expanded ministerial amendment, in conjunction with the start of a movement towards a new Parliament after the end of current Parliament's general mandate underneath a new law, which should dispose of the “phony loyalty” professional’s overcapacity. The” Innocent” and the “not innocent” consequences and bonding of the "cigarettes" case files with the subsequent of corruption suspicions and the emerge of causes related to brokerage, bids and assignments within the "Velvet" class as well as the “Algharimat” case which has begun to embody the shape of the “FOREX" litigation, signifying a trade penetration at the expense of the homeland and its sons. global vagueness and local skepticism about the deal of the century also contributed in the upsurge of compression on the Jordanian inside file which is already exhausted by the unpleasant economic situation, and in dramatizing the increasing doses of rumors about the internal situation, until the King in ALzarqa confirmed that the Palestinian and Jerusalem cause is a red line, as well as the continuity of the Hashemite guardianship over the sanctuaries in Jerusalem and that Jordan will never be a surrogate homeland for Palestine. Basting outside the saucer and the trend towards the axis of “resistance and reluctance" posed by Tehran-Damascus- hizb Allah –Hamas may overthrow the House speaker Eng. Atif Al-Tarawneh, which appeared during the Arab Parliamentary Union Conference and it’s dissuasion about "Iran's role in the region" and about the help of some Representatives and dealers For an economic road towards the reconstruction of Iraq and Syria, which enraged the Americans, where the commercial attaché threatened the Representatives and traders to punish who ever tries to cooperate with Syria. Tarawneh will also have to hold the bear of the contacts between Jordanian and Syrian parliamentary Representatives and the invitation of President of Parliament Hamouda ALsabagh to attend the Conference of the Arab Union and supporting the same hub in terms of logistics to stop the Arab normalization with Israel and the visit to the Iranian capital of Tehran even if it came under the label of " parliamentary meetings”. This approach of his will be educed in the future. Other than that, the social networking platforms of the local media had an unprecedented commentary and analysis for a really sensitive files that once was defined as an internal affairs, as the sendoff of a security major officer form the topmost security department that is acknowledged as the State's political mind and the specialized one at its internal affairs, which prepares a "new build" Added to what has been done, except with a not less efficiency new concepts and tools than their predecessor. Meanwhile, Jordanians do admit that the security institutions doesn’t rely on a specific person or persons as it does have a competing great competences and capabilities that can continue the path with a high professionalism, and apart from people, those characters are aware about who the responsibility should be handed to while he is on duty, and will be most likely extremely satisfied.

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