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Commemorative gift from Jerusalem

[6/15/2019 3:54:46 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Mr. Fuad El Karsheh (a well-known Jordanian Broadcaster) received a commemorative gift by the name of HRH Prince Sixte Henry de Bourbon-Parme (Head of the Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem) in honor of his media work and his activity as an influencer through electronic communication platforms, Mr. El Karsheh sheds light on historical and humanitarian issues, especially in Jordan and the Holy Lands too. This took place at the house of the Commission in the Old City in Jerusalem, where he met His Excellence Count Philippe Piccapietra – Grand Chancellor and Delegate for the Holy Land, who briefed him about history of the Knights of Saint Lazarus and their humanitarian and charity work worldwide in addition to their social presence in Jerusalem, as an adviser to the Knights of Saint Lazarus Count Philippe Piccapietra have welcomed Mr. Fuad El Karsheh as a friend of the body.

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Azerbaijani Diaspora in Jordan celebrate the 101st anniversary of National day

[5/30/2019 5:38:21 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Azerbaijani Diaspora in Jordan gathered for iftar to celebrate the 101st anniversary of the establishment of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. HE Ambassador and the embassy staff joined the iftar along with their families and some members of the Jordanian-Azerbaijani Friendship Society.

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American picked to design vast car-free garden at Eiffel Tower

[5/22/2019 7:21:07 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The city of Paris has chosen an American landscape architect to re-design a huge area surrounding the Eiffel Tower, a project that will banish almost all vehicle traffic near the immensely popular monument. “We can create the biggest garden in Paris... with much more biodiversity, much more ecology,” Kathryn Gustafson said after Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo presented the plan late Tuesday. Gustafson has studied in France, where she has designed several parks and squares but is best well known internationally for her memorial fountain for Britain’s Princess Diana in Hyde Park, London. A total of 54 hectares, currently crisscrossed by several roads including two major thoroughfares on each side of the Seine river, will be largely turned over to pedestrians and “low-impact transportation” such as bus and bike lanes. In particular, the heavily used car lanes on the Lena Bridge, which spans the Right and Left Banks underneath the Eiffel Tower will also be given over to lawns and rows of trees, according to a video rendering of the project. “We’re going to have an extraordinary garden where we’ll hear birds singing once again,” Hidalgo said. That will be music to the ears of the estimated 150,000 people who visit the site every day during the summer high season, including the 20,000 to 30,000 who climb the tower itself. Overall, seven million people visit the tower each year. The expansive garden will stretch from the Ecole Militaire, a military academy dating from the 18th century to the modernist Trocadero esplanade and its Chaillot Palace, built for the 1937 International Expo. The project also calls for an overhaul of the vast lawns on the Champ de Mars, the site of dozens of major public events each year, such as concerts or mass viewings of sporting events like the World Cup. The bulk of the work, expected to cost 72 million euros ($80 million), is scheduled to be finished before the start of the 2024 Summer Olympic Games in Paris. “The Tower will find itself at the center of a vast park that will make Parisians want to come and visit,” said Jean-Louis Missika, the city’s deputy mayor in charge of urbanism. Currently, there are “too many cars, too much mass tourism, too many coaches,” he said. *AFP

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Pitt, DiCaprio talk Tarantino’s love letter to Hollywood

[5/22/2019 7:20:07 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio said they forged a “cinematic bond” making Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood,” while Tarantino bristled at the suggestion at the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday that Margot Robbie’s Sharon Tate isn’t primary enough in the film. “Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood” made its splashy premiere Tuesday evening at Cannes, 25 years after Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” debuted at the French Riviera festival, where it went on to win the Palme d’Or. Tarantino’s latest is about an actor (DiCaprio) in TV Westerns and his stunt double (Pitt) in 1960s Los Angeles, set against the backdrop of the Manson family murders. It’s the first time DiCaprio and Pitt have made a feature together, though the two co-starred in a 2015 short directed by Martin Scorsese. They both suggested it might not be the last. “There was an incredible ease and comfort getting to work alongside Brad. We kind of grew up in the same generation, got our start around the same time,” said DiCaprio. “We together forged, hopefully, a great cinematic bond in a film about our industry together.” Pitt concurred. “It’s that thing of knowing you’ve got the best-of-the-best on the opposite side of the table holding up the scene with you,” he said. “I hope we get to do it again.” The anticipation and glamour of “Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood” brought a frenzy unlike anything else has to this year’s Cannes. Festival artistic director Thierry Fremaux had desperately sought its inclusion. The film was a late addition after Tarantino was able to finish post-production work in time. The stakes have been high for Sony Pictures, which gave Tarantino a $95 million budget to make what DiCaprio called “his love letter to the industry.” On Wednesday, Sony Pictures chief Tom Rothman sat front row as Tarantino and his cast spoke to reporters. Tarantino said he didn’t consult Roman Polanski - who was Tate’s husband at the time of the Manson family murders - on the new film. The tensest moment for Tarantino came when a New York Times reporter asked why an actress as talented as Robbie had relatively few lines in the film. Robbie’s Tate is largely a side narrative in the movie, which focuses on her fictional neighbors (DiCaprio and Pitt). “I just reject your hypotheses,” Tarantino retorted curtly. Robbie gave a fuller defense, calling her Tate “a ray of light.” She said Tarantino referred to her character as “the heartbeat of the story.” “The moments that I got gave the opportunity to honor Sharon,” she said. “I did feel like I got a lot of time to explore the character even without dialogue, specifically.” When another reporter asked Tarantino if he ever had any hesitation about turning a real-life tragedy into a movie, he replied, simply: “Um, no.” “Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood,” which opens in US theaters on July 26, has been met with largely good reviews in Cannes, with critics calling it a nostalgic ode to a bygone Hollywood. Asked if he would have rather made movies in 1969 than now, Tarantino said: “I prefer any time before cell phones.” *AP

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Mexico to auction Lamborghini, Porsches seized from criminals

[5/22/2019 7:18:25 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Mexico announced Tuesday it will auction off scores of luxury cars seized by police, as its austerity-crusading president seeks to send a message in a country where powerful criminals often wield their bling with impunity. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said the proceeds from the sale of the 82 cars – which include a Lamborghini Murcielago, three Porsches and dozens of armored trucks – would be invested in poor communities. The auction, scheduled for Sunday, will be run by the government’s newly launched “Institute to Return What Has Been Robbed to the People,” he told a press conference. “Everything that is seized (from criminals) will now be given to communities, especially the country’s poor communities,” said the left-wing populist. Lopez Obrador, 65, took office in December with a promise to “transform” a country fed up with crime and corruption. The official tasked with heading the new institute, Ricardo Rodriguez, said its mission was to undo what he called a “reverse Robin Hood effect” in Mexico. “They were robbing from the poor and giving it to the corrupt. Not anymore. Now (the president’s) instructions are to give back to the people, the legitimate owners of these resources,” he said. The total value of the entry-level bids for the vehicles is around 28 million pesos ($1.5 million), though officials expect the final bids will come in higher, he said. Real estate and jewels seized from criminals and corrupt politicians will go under the hammer in separate auctions, he said. The vehicle auction will be held at the former presidential residence, Los Pinos, which Lopez Obrador has forsworn and turned into a cultural center. The president, widely known as “AMLO,” has also given up the presidential bodyguards, jet and 60 percent of the salary. Lopez Obrador, who won last year’s election in a landslide, remains widely popular in a country that was hungry for change after years of corruption and violent crime that has claimed more than 250,000 lives since 2006. But he faces growing criticism for failing to curb the violence: the first quarter of the year set a new record for homicides. And experts accuse him of lacking a clear strategy for fighting the country’s deeply entrenched, multi-billion-dollar drug cartels. *AFP

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Katy Perry as chandelier, Lady Gaga in layers at Met Gala

[5/7/2019 11:15:35 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Jared Leto was accompanied at the Met Gala on Monday by his own (fake) head, Katy Perry was a candled chandelier, Lady Gaga used the pink carpet as a runway and a changing station and Tiffany Haddish brought fried chicken in a plastic bag as many of the A-list guests worked the camp theme to the max. Perry appeared concerned her heavy looking headpiece would topple as she smiled and walked precariously up the stairs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, designer Diane Von Furstenberg briefly in her orbit as Lady Liberty. Perry, Bella Hadid dished, “had to be trucked here in a UPS truck.” Leto wore a red caftan with jewel loops, cradling his long-haired macabre version of himself, and Tracee Ellis Ross posed inside a gold picture frame attached to the front of her black dress. Regina King, in a copper sequin gown with a large shoulder embellishment, said she wasn’t ready to go full camp, so she stuck to high lacquered hair. “So, glamour is camp,” the Oscar-winner said. “Maybe next year the comfort level will have expanded.” The 71st annual gala hit a campy high point early with Lady Gaga working the pink carpet to its fullest in long golden eyelashes and a huge fuchsia dress, peeling off layer after layer until she was down to a bra, panties and fishnet stockings. Billy Porter went Egyptian-esque sun god in gold wings and a chain head piece by the design duo the Blonds, carried onto the carpet by shirtless men in gold pants as he lay on top of a black throne. “Camp is the art of being extra and I’ve always been extra,” he laughed. “I’m from the theater so it’s easy for me.” Brandon Maxwell, who created Gaga’s reveal, helped her navigate the stairs at the Met as she posed with several helpers. Maxwell undressed her further, revealing a black strapless asymmetrical ball gown underneath with a huge side bustle. Then she undressed again to show off a pink dress reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” walking up and down the carpet. But she wasn’t done. Moments later, she undressed again to pose in a glittering bra and panties set, with huge platform shoes. Gaga is a hard act to follow but Serena Williams, one of her co-hosts, did her best in a neon yellow flowing gown adorned with leaves, Nike sneakers on her feet. This year’s theme This year’s gala theme, “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” was inspired by a seminal 1964 essay by Susan Sontag in which she describes the phenomenon as something that shan’t be talked about: “To talk about Camp is therefore to betray it.” The theme is the basis for the Costume Institute’s spring exhibition. Karlie Kloss showed off her signature long legs in a gold miniskirt and singer Anderson Paak wore Gucci. Haddish, in a black and silver pantsuit, a glitzy hat on her head, said she vowed not to go snack-less this year, hence the fried chicken. “I bring my own snacks because last year I was starving and I learned my lesson,” she said. Ava DuVernay, who wore a green dress with a huge pink flower on the skirt, wasn’t at all sure about camp before she was filled in. “I thought it was camping and I was afraid,” she said, choosing a bright green gown with a full skirt and a huge pink rose on the front. Lena Dunham, meanwhile, wore a pink mini dress emblazoned with “rubberist.” Harry Styles arrived in a black jumpsuit with see-through sleeves, one earring, black nails and heeled booties. Kacey Musgraves was a proper pink Barbie with platinum hair and Gigi Hadid looked like a silver cat woman in a swirl-pattern jumpsuit, long coat and helmet-like hat. Awkwafina breezed through in trophy gold, accompanied by designer Joseph Altuzarra, while others in garish greens, animal prints and metallics soaked up the theme. Some played it safe in more traditional carpet looks, like Hailey Bieber in a lovely, tight pink dress with a daring - but not terribly campy - low back. Also not particularly camp, and not particularly high-fashion, for that matter: Gwyneth Paltrow in a loose pale colored yellow. Naomi Campbell wore pink with a long, feathered cape, lace leggings and low barely-there neckline. And Joan Collins, perhaps the queen of camp, posed with her in a white puffy gown reminiscent of Scarlet O’Hara. Kim Kardashian West was dewy in tight, tight, tight couture Thierry Mugler, husband Kanye West stone-faced silent at her side in a Dickey’s zip jacket. Sister Kylie Jenner went for purple from her loose dyed hair to her big feather-muff sleeves, giving husband Travis Scott a peck on the lips as she walked. He looked storm trooper in black with utility harness accessories. Janelle Monae, always evocative on the carpet, balanced multiple hats piled high on her head wearing a pink and black gown with a black-and-white eye on one side. Fellow singer Dua Lipa went big in a multicolored gown with bulging accents. Anna Wintour, who masterminds the gala every year, wore a light pink cape with loose ostrich feathers over a matching gown adorned in a flower sequin design. She told waiting reporters this year’s theme is anything goes. “I hope they have a lot of fun,” she said of her A-list guests. “The more crazy the better.” The worlds of fashion, film, music and sports converge at the massive gala every year, a fundraiser for the museum’s Costume Institute. Porter and Gaga weren’t the only ones to have big fun with camp. Celine Dion, who wore a backward tuxedo to the Oscars one year, was in a pale gold dress with fringe embellishment and a queenly feather headpiece. As for Porter, who was a hit at the Oscars in a tuxedo ball gown, said his gala moment was inspired by back-in-the-day Diana Ross, Elizabeth Taylor and “everything else.” It took him five hours to get ready. *AP

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Scientists develop device to detect bacteria in minutes, not days

[5/7/2019 11:13:18 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The era of doctors prescribing patients powerful antibiotics while they wait for lab reports could soon be numbered, with a new device returning results within minutes instead of days. It was invented by a team at Penn State University and described in a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Monday. Co-developed by Pak Kin Wong, a professor of biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering, the device uses micro-technology to trap single bacteria cells that can then be viewed under an electron microscope. The approach allows clinicians to determine in as little as 30 minutes whether bacteria is present and its susceptibility to drug treatment - as opposed to the three-to-five days such lab work currently takes. “We currently prescribe antibiotics even when there is no bacteria present,” Wong told AFP. “That is over prescription. That is one of things we tried to express. Can we quickly determine the existence of bacterial infection?” The researchers’ paper said that in addition to being able to detect whether bacteria is present, the device can begin to classify the type by determining whether the cells are spherical, rod-shaped, or spiral. “This device determines existence but not what type of bacteria it is,” said Wong. “What we’re working on is a complementary molecular approach such that we can ID the species.” And after finding bacteria is present, the sample is exposed to antibiotics to determine whether the strain is resistant, in which case antibiotic intervention would prove ineffective. “Urinary tract infections are the most common bacterial infections,” said Wong. “However, over 75 percent of urine specimens sent to a clinical microbiology laboratory are negative. Rapidly ruling out or confirming the presence of bacteria at a clinically relevant concentration will dramatically enhance patient care.” He added that the team had applied for a provisional patent and could bring their device, which they hope to scale down in size so that it can be used in hospitals and doctors’ offices, to market in three years’ time. *AFP

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