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All you need to know about the Zamzam well in Saudi Arabia

[3/25/2017 4:04:51 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Located around 20 meters away from the Kaaba, the Zamzam well is a famous destination for pilgrims who visit it to drink from the holy water. It is believed to be the oldest well on earth, as water has been flowing there for 5000 years. The holy well pumps up to 18.5 liters per second and is only 30 meters deep. The researcher in the affairs of the Two Holy Mosques, Mohieddine Hashemi explained that Islam’s story of the well began when God ordered the prophet Ibrahim to leave his wife Hajar and her young son Ismail in an arid valley, later known as Mecca. When they ran out of water and food, the angel Gabriel (Jibril) made the spring water appear from the ground underneath Ismail. He added that at the time “tribes came from all directions towards Mecca, which became a commercial region for the tribes of the Arabian Peninsula and the Levant. At a certain period of time, Zamzam was destroyed. The grandfather of the prophet Mohammad had several visions, asking him to dig the well again and so he did. The old building of the Zamzam well was in the middle of the Mataf; it was composed of several floors. It included a copper ring and well cover, in addition to a water wheel dating back to the 14th century. There was also a bucket of copper dating back to 1299; it is now put in the Museum of Architecture of the Two Holy Mosques. Upon the expansion of the Mataf in 1377 AH, the Zamzam building was removed to facilitate the entrance of pilgrims. In 1400 AH the late King Khaled ordered what became known as the biggest cleaning operation for the well. In 2010, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz launched a project to build the Zamzam Water Treatment and Filtration station, valued at 700 million Saudi riyals. The station is located 4.5 km away from Al-Masjid Al-Haram. It consists of several buildings extended over 13405 square meters. 120 tons of Zamzam water is transported on a daily basis to the tanks at Al-Masjid al-Nabawi in Madinah through truck tankers with special specifications to protect the water from any damage. Zamzam water is provided in 7000 sterile containers, distributed inside and around the Prophet’s Mosque. *Al Arabiya

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Who’s the man who dared to piggyback on Kim Jong-un?

[3/25/2017 3:57:16 PM]

AMMONNEWS - After North Korea claimed their rocket engine test last weekend was a ‘success’, pictures emerged of a very happy Kim Jong-un giving a man a piggyback. The picture released by state news agency KCNA had many wondering, ‘who is this man that dared to hop onto the back of North Koreas dictator?’ Observers said that the man latching onto the back of Kim Jong-un is an unknown figure in North Korean politics, and could have played a main role in the engine test, and probably engaged with Kim in the past. Michael Madden, North Korean observer at the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University, told BBC his uniform points out that he is a mid-ranking officer of the KPA Strategic Force, which is responsible for the missile forces used for offensive attacks. “It was more a signal of allowance and encouragement than something completely machinated by an image maker.” *Al Arabiya

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Iraqi teacher uses math equation to teach students a life lesson

[3/21/2017 4:31:41 PM]

AMMONNEWS - An Iraqi teacher in the city of Hillah in Babel in Iraq taught Grade 5 students a life lesson through the use of a mathematical equation. The teacher who was identified as Hamid, according to Iraqi television channels, wrote 2+2=5 on the board in Grade 5 and then asked students to read out what he wrote. The students complied despite their disapproval and hesitation. However a student argued that the equation was false. The teacher then asked: “Do you think I am wrong?” The student wittingly replied: “You know better and you are wiser but you are wrong in this one.” This student’s reaction encouraged the others to do the same and argue with the teacher that the equation he wrote is incorrect. The teacher eventually told them that as students they must always ask questions and never take anything for granted just because an older person or a person with a higher authority said it. * Al Arabiya

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Why did Dubai’s ruler award this Canadian woman a million dollars?

[3/20/2017 3:49:45 PM]

AMMONNEWS - A Canadian school teacher whose teaching philosophy underscores hope and acts of kindness in an isolated corner of Quebec won a $1 million prize Sunday in what has become one of the most-coveted and high-profile awards for teaching excellence. Maggie MacDonnell was awarded the annual Global Teacher Prize during a ceremony in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, beating out thousands of applicants from around the world. The prize was established three years ago to recognize one exceptional teacher a year who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession, employs innovative classroom practices and encourages others to join the teaching profession. Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum was on hand to present the prize to MacDonnell. Her name was announced by French astronaut Thomas Pasquet in a video message from the International Space Station. MacDonnell was among 10 finalists flown to Dubai to attend the ceremony. The nine others hail from Pakistan, the UK, Jamaica, Spain, Germany, China, Kenya, Australia and Brazil. MacDonnell has been teaching for six years in a remote Arctic village called Salluit. According to her biography, Salluit is home to the second northernmost Inuit indigenous community in Quebec, with a population of just over 1,300, and can only be reached by air. Her perseverance to continue teaching in the remote area, where many teachers leave their post midway through the year, made her a standout for the award. MacDonnell created a number of programs for boys and girls, including job mentorship and funds to assist with healthy meals. She also established a fitness center for youth and adults in the local community, where drug use and alcoholism rates are high due to the region’s harsh winters and isolation. The tiny village witnessed six suicides in 2015, all affecting young males between the ages of 18 and 25. Her approach focuses on emphasizing “acts of kindness” such as running a community kitchen and attending suicide prevention training. “The memory that continues to haunt me is when I see these Canadian teenagers, their very own classmates of the deceased, literally digging the grave,” she said. “I didn’t know until I came to Salluit that that was a Canadian reality.” Last year, Palestinian teacher Hanan al-Hroub won for her efforts in encouraging students to renounce violence and embrace dialogue. The inaugural prize went to Nancie Atwell, an English teacher from Maine. The award is presented by the Varkey Foundation. Its founder, Sunny Varkey, established the for-profit GEMS Education company, which has more than 250 schools around the world. The foundation’s CEO, Vikas Pota, said in a statement that the award aims to shine a spotlight on great teachers and share their stories with the world. Also Sunday, 15 countries, including Chile, Iraq, Japan, Pakistan, Portugal, Somalia, Ukraine and Yemen, announced they would launch national teaching prizes with the support of the Varkey Foundation. *AP

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Woman burned after headphones explode on flight to Australia

[3/16/2017 4:56:44 PM]

AMMONNEWS - An Australian woman suffered burns to her face after her battery-operated headphones exploded during a flight from Beijing to Melbourne, Australian air safety investigators said Wednesday. The woman, whose name was not released, fell asleep on the plane while wearing the headphones and awoke to a loud explosion about two hours into the flight, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau said in a statement about the Feb. 19 incident. The woman said she then felt a burning sensation on her face. “I just grabbed my face which caused the headphones to go around my neck,” the woman was quoted as saying in the statement. “I continued to feel burning so I grabbed them off and threw them on the floor. They were sparking and had small amounts of fire.” Flight attendants poured a bucket of water on the headphones. The battery and cover were melted and stuck to the floor of the plane. Passengers were “coughing and choking” for the rest of the flight, the woman said. The transport safety agency said it believes the batteries in the headphones likely caught on fire. A spokesman said the agency has decided not to say what brand of headphones was involved, because officials believe the problem was with the batteries. *AP

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Viewers in tears over heartbreaking Egyptian street child with dogs story

[3/14/2017 3:51:17 PM]

AMMONNEWS - At Cairo’s downtown square of Talaat Harb lives young Abdulrahaman, accompanied by five stray dogs, whom he says have been “his family” in the past three years. A video of his story, published Tuesday on VideoYoum7, not only attracted lots of viewers on social media, but also prompted a government response to the boy’s situation. Abdulrahman and the dogs were seen dancing in harmony, as he recalled his ordeal of being a street child and how he found that “dogs are better company more than most humans.” Abdulrahman was forced to sleep rough on the street alongside stray dogs after he and his brother were “kicked out by their father” in a bid to please their step mother. “I only saw my mother in pictures when I was very young,” says Abdulrahman, who wishes obtain any clue on her whereabouts if she was alive. He hasn’t seen his brother ever since they separated. Surviving street vulnerabilities on his own, the boy spoke of how he gets beaten at times, and robbed, as he lacks shelter. He recalled being robbed by a woman who rented him a small room when he first lived off the street. “I rented a small room from a woman called Shaimaa when I started living on the street. I used to sell tissue papers and clean cars to make a living. But after saving 360 pounds, the women stole my money and kicked me out,” he says in the video. “I’m happier living with dogs, they are better company that most of humans. I get turned away by people at times, who tell me to stay away from them.” He said his cousins and relatives no longer want to see him after he started living on the street. Despite his misery, he says he cares for dogs, and does not like to see anyone inflict harm on them. “Every day, when I have breakfast I have to get food for the dogs, and if someone gave me fried chicken, I give the good parts to the dogs, not only leftovers.” “At many times, when I feel tired I sit in my place, no one but the dogs are kind to me.” “I’m happy with my dogs, humans want nothing but money.” More than 800,000 viewers watched the video on Facebook, with some pleading to help the little boy by offering him a place to live, and an opportunity to join school. After airing the report, the newspaper said Egypt’s Ministry of Social Solidarity will send a team to find the boy and offer him care at the ministry’s specialized institute for homeless children. The video – which is in Arabic – can be viewed below. *Al Arabiya

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Shocking video shows man feeding helpless cat to his dogs

[3/13/2017 5:10:49 PM]

AMMONNEWS - A video is causing outrage on social media after a man filmed himself offering his dogs a helpless cat to torture and feed one. The cat was mauled to death by two aggressive dogs as a punishment by the owner and the video has enraged social media users in United Arab Emirates. The video, first reported on by Al-Bayan newspaper shows the cat locked in a cage in retribution for eating a dove from the owner’s ranch. The starving pet was reportedly abandoned in a remote area for days. The man could be heard laughing in the background and cheering his dogs loudly to “eat the cat”. BLOG: The Arab world’s loose laws are enabling animal abuse Dr. Manal al-Mansouri, a member of the UAE Animal Welfare Committee, denounced the act as a “heinous crime which does not mirror the affable and sober Emirati society”. Mansouri said, according to a source, that dogs have being trained to aggressively attack and were starved intentionally to maul the cat to death. *Al Arabiya

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