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Palestinian FM discusses Israeli plans on Jordan Valley with Jordanian, Turkish counterparts

[9/16/2019 4:29:36 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad Malki met in Jeddah with his Jordanian and Turkish counterparts and discussed coordinating efforts to confront the declaration by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on annexing the occupied Jordan Valley and Israeli violations in Jerusalem and its Islamic holy places. Malki told Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi that annexing the Jordan Valley will destroy any chance of having a just and comprehensive peace in the region and will be a threat to world peace and security. Safadi stressed Jordan’s strong position against Netanyahu’s plans, which it considers a blatant violation of international law and undermines the right of peoples in this region to live in peace. The Malki-Safadi meeting took place on the side of a meeting for foreign ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation's (OIC) member states, who also strongly condemned Israeli plans to annex any part of the occupied Palestinian territory. Malki also met on the side of the OIC meetings his Turkish counterpart Mevlüt Çavusoglu where they also discussed Netanyahu’s plans and ways to confront this in international forums, particularly at the upcoming meetings of the United Nations General Assembly. Çavusoglu said his country strongly condemns and oppose annexing any part of the occupied Palestinian land and considers it a blatant violation of United Nations resolution. *WAFA

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Leaders of Turkey, Russia, Iran set to tackle Syria turmoil

[9/16/2019 4:26:50 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The leaders of Turkey, Russia and Iran meet on Monday to try to secure a lasting truce in northwest Syria following attacks by the government that risk deepening regional turmoil and pushing a new wave of migrants toward Turkey. The summit in Ankara, bringing together countries whose Syrian allies are combatants in a ruinous eight-year-old war, will focus on the Idlib region, the last remaining territory held by militants seeking to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iran’s Hassan Rouhani have backed al-Assad against the militants. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, along with the United States, European and Arab allies, has supported different militant factions in the conflict. Al-Assad’s forces, aided by Russian air power, have regained control of most lands lost in the war. In recent months, al-Assad’s forces have attacked Idlib, where Syrian and foreign extremist fighters hold sway alongside other more moderate factions. Under a deal with Moscow and Tehran two years ago, Turkey set up 12 military observation posts in northwest Syria aimed at reducing fighting between al-Assad’s forces and rebels. The Turkish military posts have recently been caught in the crossfire due to the Syrian offensive in the region. RELATED: Caves and buses: Idlib chaos forces displaced Syrians into strange dwellings In an interview with Reuters on Friday, Erdogan warned that any Syrian government attack on the posts would draw retaliation from Turkish forces, possibly risking a direct confrontation between Ankara and Damascus. “The moment that the regime messes with our observation posts, if there is any attack, then things will take a very different direction,” Erdogan told Reuters. “We will not hold back like we are now. We will take any necessary steps.” Erdogan and Putin agreed at talks in Moscow in August to “normalize” the situation in the region, after Syrian troops encircled militants and a Turkish post in a move Ankara said threatened its national security. While Putin and Erdogan have forged close ties over a range of issues like energy and defense cooperation, recent attacks by Syrian troops have also strained ties between Ankara and Moscow. Possible migrant wave The fighting in northwestern Syria has also raised the risk of a new migrant wave toward Turkey, which currently hosts some 3.6 million Syrian refugees. The United Nations has said that more than 500,000 people have been uprooted since late April, most of them escaping deeper into the rebel bastion and towards the border. While Erdogan has said that Turkey could not handle such an influx of refugees, he has also previously threatened to “open the gates” for migrants to Europe unless Ankara receives more international support. On Friday, Erdogan reiterated his warning and said Monday’s summit would aim to stop the migration from Idlib and establish a ceasefire to prevent any further civilian casualties. “The expectation here is not a momentary ceasefire. First, it is to put a stop to the migration here,” he told Reuters. “Second, to ensure a ceasefire here. Third, to seriously get terrorist organizations under control,” he added. “Turkey, which is hosting 3.6 million refugees in its home at the moment, cannot take the millions of people that will arrive from there,” Erdogan said. “We cannot carry that weight.” Erdogan’s ruling AK Party (AKP) suffered some stunning local election losses this year in part due to impatience among Turks over the Syrian refugees. Erdogan has said one million refugees could return to a “safe zone” in northeast Syria, which Turkey is trying to establish with the United States. Syrian troops shelled the south of Idlib on Sunday, according to rescuers and residents in the rebel stronghold where a ceasefire had halted a fierce army offensive two weeks ago. The summit also comes after Yemen’s Iran-aligned Houthi group launched drone attacks on two of Saudi Arabia’s Aramco oil installations on Saturday. Washington later blamed Iran for the attacks, which Tehran dismissed as “pointless” on Sunday. On Monday, Erdogan, Putin and Rouhani are expected to hold bilateral talks with each other before holding trilateral talks on the developments in Idlib. The three leaders will then hold a joint news conference. *Reuters

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Energy Ministry: Global oil prices jump in second week of September

[9/16/2019 4:24:24 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The prices of oil and its derivatives in global markets have significantly pulled up in the second week of September, compared to the first week of the month, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources announced Monday. The prices of 95-octane gasoline rose by 7.5 percent to $623.1 per ton, 90-octane gasoline by 6.2 percent to $581.9 per ton, kerosene by 3.5 percent to $614.4 per ton and diesel by 3.2 percent to $578.6. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) stood at its average price in the first week of September with $357.7, while Brent crude oil jumped to $62.7 a barrel compared with $60.3 in the first week.

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Moderate weather forecast for two days

[9/16/2019 4:21:05 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Moderate weather conditions are expected to prevail on Monday in the hilly areas and the plains, while it will be relatively hot in the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea with low clouds, the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD) reported. The weather will change to be relatively cold at night in the highlands and fair in the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea with low-altitude clouds and northwesterly moderate winds, the JMD said. Mercury levels will rise few degrees on Tuesday, but moderate conditions will prevail in many parts of the country, while it will be relatively hot to hot in the Jordan valley and Aqaba with northwesterly to northeasterly moderate winds, the JMD added. A further rise in temperatures is expected on Wednesday, bringing relatively hot weather in the mountainous areas and the plains, while it will be hot in other regions. Winds will be northeasterly moderate to brisk changing to northwesterly light, the department noted.

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Dubai manager accused of embezzling Dh17.5m

[9/15/2019 8:27:54 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Two men went on trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance after they were accused of transferring Dh17.5 million from a businessman’s account in online banking fraud. One of the defendants,46, a Jordanian, betrayed the trust of a 58-year-old businessman, also Jordanian, after working with him as his office manager with a Dh35,333 monthly salary for 14 years. The other defendant, an Indian who works in a local bank, helped the Jordanian defendant in committing fraud by forging multiple documents and using them to apply for an internet banking service for a client without his knowledge. They forged the man’s signature on the application and added the mobile number and email of the Jordanian defendant. According to official records, the Jordanian defendant had access to the victim’s documents because he worked as his office manager. He provided it to the Indian defendant to avail the online banking service. After gaining access to the account, the Jordanian defendant made 55 online transfers worth Dh17.5 million on 2015. The victim discovered the fraud in 2019 when the defendant was questioned by the businessman for embezzling Dh40,000. “The defendant worked with me since 2004. I trusted him with all my assets and business. I discovered later that he embezzled my money in cooperation with the banker who handled my account in the bank,” said the businessman in records. The Indian defendant’s responsibilities included contacting the account holder when any irregularities cropped up, but he instead he facilitated the fraud and covered it up, according to the businessman. An official from the bank said the money was illegally obtained through online transfers made over a span of 20 months from the victim’s account to the account of the Jordanian defendant. “The victim is a senior client for the bank and the Indian defendant used to handle his account. In 2015, we had an offer on deposits and the Jordanian defendant claimed that the victim had agreed to it and that he would prepare the documents,” said the 33-year-old Pakistani bank official in records. However, he added that he did not know why the victim didn’t check his bank account for more than four years. “He told me that he has many accounts in different banks and that the Jordanian defendant was following up these accounts.” The two defendants were both charged with forgery, use of forged documents and illegally obtaining Dh17.5 million. They denied the charges in courtroom. The next trial has been posted to October 1. *Gulf News

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PM: JTA 'positive' response key step to end teachers' strike

[9/14/2019 3:38:18 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister Omar Razzaz said Saturday that the Jordan Teachers Association's (JTA) response to a government proposal to link performance with a salary raise is "a key and positive" step to end a week-long strike by public school teachers. "We and the teacher are all in the country's trench under the leadership of His Majesty the King. You, teachers, are the safety valve of our internal front," He said in a message to the education community through the Prime Ministry's webpages. Referring to a teachers' demand for a 50 per cent wage hike, Razzaz said "improving teachers' living conditions is inevitable and that's why we don't disagree on the principle or the objective, but we (need to) engage in dialogue on resources, steps and timing." "We can, through a serious and real dialogue between the education ministry and the teachers association, put forward a common national vision on these matters," he said, commending the JTA's move for dialogue as "a goodwill gesture that will have encouraging results for developing the education process." It is time that students return to classrooms, and that the teacher performs his noble task so that parents are reassured about their sons and daughters, and to sit at the table to elevate the education process for the good of the country and future generations," Razzaz concluded.

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Russia: US being ‘malicious’, electronic gadgets sent to Syria’s Hmeimim

[9/25/2018 3:45:47 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Despite American condemnation and the Israeli state of alert with the Russian Defense Ministry announcement on Monday that it will supply the Syrian regime with S-300 defense missiles, it seems that Russia is determined to proceed with its project. According to Russian newspaper Izvestiya, the first group of electronic warfare devices was delivered on Monday on an El-76 plane, to Syria’s Hmeimim military base. This is despite the warning that it will disrupt the functioning of radars and communications systems on aircraft trying to approach the Syrian shores. The Interfax news agency said that the work of these groups will aim to disrupt the work of radars and communications systems and control aircraft that will attack Syrian territory. The means of electronic warfare would disrupt the work of satellite navigation systems. This development, comes after a Russian reconnaissance plane was shot down on September, 17, off Lattakia, killing 15Russian servicemen on board. The Russian Defense Ministry blamed the Israeli air force for that incident and described Israeli conduct as “deliberate.” On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Russian President Vladimir Putin that supplying advanced weapon systems to “irresponsible players” would increase dangers in the region, Netanyahu’s office said. Full story Russia foreign ministry: US is being ‘Malicious’ At the same time, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday that the arguments of Russia’s partners, who previously demanded that Syria should not get the S-300 missile defense system, are no longer convincing, stressing that any country has the right to provide technical military support to its partners. The ministry stressed that the supply the S-300 missile defense system to Syria will not lead to escalation in Syria, but to stability, noting that this system is defensive, and the United States is being “malicious” when it says that Russia’s export of the missiles threaten the US security. The Russian Foreign Ministry explained that the S-300, which will be received by Syria will be able to cover the Syrian airspace, where it requires doing so. *Al Arabiya

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