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Jordan condemns Israeli attacks on Gaza

[11/12/2019 2:10:29 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates on Tuesday condemned Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, which began this morning. Ministry spokesperson Daifallah Al-Fayez said that the Israeli escalation against the Gaza Strip and targeting of innocent civilians will only increase tension and violence, deepen despair and promote extremist agendas in the region, and will not lead to any solutions. He said that the solution to the problem in the Gaza Strip lies in finding a real political horizon through returning to the negotiating table between Israel and Palestine, lifting the unjust blockade on the enclave, promptly addressing the humanitarian needs there and respecting the international law. Fayez said that Israel is held accountable for the escalation and its repercussions, and called on the international community to act urgently to stop the aggression and provide protection for the Palestinian people.

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Jordanian community in US welcomes regaining Baqoura, Ghamr

[11/12/2019 6:54:32 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Jordanian community in the United States welcomed the regaining of Jordanian sovereignty over Baqoura and Ghamr lands. Founder of the Jordanian-American Association of Southern California, Fares Haddad told Petra's reporter in Washington that the return of Baqoura and Ghamr lands to Jordanian sovereignty is a great historical decision, a royal vision, a clear and frank political skill before the whole world. "It is also an honorable step through which our land has been safely restored," Haddad added. Abu Adel Safarini, a professor in Virginia, congratulated His Majesty King Abdullah II and the Jordanian people on restoring Baqoura and Ghamr lands, expressing hope to restore all occupied Arab territories. President of the Jordanian Association of Chicago Ladies Faten Omari, said, "An important part of our land has been restored." Laila Fakhoury, a member of the Canadian Jordanian Association, said it was "a great Jordanian joy for us as expatriates and an indescribable feeling," expressing hope that Jerusalem, all the Islamic and Christian holy sites and all lands of Palestine could be restored. Mahmoud Aladdin, a bank manager, expressed his pride in restoring Baqoura and Ghamr to Jordanian sovereignty.

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Turkey’s Erdogan says will tell Trump US failed to keep Syria promise

[11/12/2019 6:51:52 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday he would tell President Donald Trump that the United States has not fulfilled its agreement last month to remove the Kurdish-led forces from a region along Turkey’s border. It is “impossible to say” that the “terrorists” have withdrawn from the strip of northeast Syria, Erdogan told reporters before a flight to Washington where he is scheduled to meet Trump at the White House on Wednesday. Erdogan also warned European nations during the press conference that his country could release all the ISIS prisoners it holds and send them to Europe, in response to EU sanctions over Cyprus. Erdogan said that Turkey would continue repatriating foreign ISIS militants to their home countries, even if those countries decline to take them back. Erdogan’s comments were in response to the EU’s unveiling on Monday of a system for imposing sanctions on Turkey over its unauthorized gas drilling in Mediterranean waters off Cyprus. Erdogan warned EU countries: “You should revise your stance toward Turkey, which holds so many IS members in prison and controls them in Syria.” *Agencies

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Lower House to draft reply to Speech from Throne

[11/12/2019 6:48:49 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Lower House has formed a committee, chaired by Speaker Atef Tarawneh, to prepare its reply to the Speech from the Throne. The King delivered his speech at the opening of the 18th Parliament's ordinary session on November,10. During the House's meeting on Tuesday, Tarawneh called for the need to draft the reply to the Speech from the Throne soon to approve it, adding the response should be in line with the King's visions that tackled the overall domestic, foreign conditions and challenges that must be addressed by the cooperation of the State authorities.

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Moderate weather today, unstable on Thursday

[11/12/2019 6:46:52 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Moderate weather conditions are expected to prevail nationwide today, with clouds at different altitudes and a slight chance for scattered showers in the eastern parts of the country, the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD) said in its daily update. As of tomorrow, a slight rise in mercury levels is expected, bringing mild weather in most regions while it will be relatively hot in the Jordan Valley and Aqaba, with clouds covering most parts of the Kingdom and the possibility of showers in eastern areas, the JMD added. Unstable weather conditions are forecast for Thursday, with a chance of showers around the Kingdom that may be heavy accompanied by light and thunder at times, and causing floods in valleys and lowlands. Winds will be southeasterly moderate, picking up at times and stirring dust in the desert. Daytime temperatures expected for today in Amman will reach 25 degrees Celsius, 28 degrees Celsius in the northern cities, and 24 degrees Celsius in the southern cities, dropping down to 14, 15 and 14 respectively. The weather will be hotter in the port city of Aqaba with highs reaching 36 degrees Celsius and lows standing at 22 degrees at night.

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Watery grave for ancient Turkish town of Hasankeyf

[9/21/2019 2:15:59 PM]

AMMONNEWS - In a graveyard beside the doomed town of Hasankeyf, workers are exhuming bodies, carrying them to a new resting place away from the waters that will soon submerge this ancient site. Here on the banks of the Tigris in southeastern Turkey, the residents of Hasankeyf, a town with 12,000 years of history, are waiting for the waters to come. A new dam upstream is already operational. In the next few months, the town and nearly 200 villages in this valley will be gone. Fatih, who did not give his full name, watches as workers carry away the bones of his brother, killed in an accident more than 20 years ago. It is like a second funeral, he says. In the background is Hasankeyf’s ancient citadel, one of the few monuments high enough to survive the rising waters, but is now fronted by a huge, white stone wall to protect it. For 73-year-old Mehmet, the endless construction work around these old monuments is like watching the funeral of an old friend. He is busy cultivating the figs and grapes in his garden that he has tended since he was a child. This is the last time -- by April, they will be underwater. A new Hasankeyf has been built nearby, with some of the old town’s monuments relocated there and brand-new homes for its 3,000 inhabitants. But many find it hard to let go. “This year, officials told us not to sow seeds because the water was coming, but we did it anyway. We will sow right up to the end,” said Meseha, 62, in the nearby village of Cavuslu. Some parts of the valley have already become a lake. That is forcing local fishermen, used to working the flowing waters of the Tigris, to adapt to still waters. Halil Ertan, 48, isn’t impressed by the new types of fish he finds in the lake -- fatter and less tasty, he says. Back at the graveyard, 12-year-old Yunus is looking for the grave of his little brother who died at birth in 2016. But when he finds it, the officials tell him the family has not done the necessary paperwork for the grave to be moved. It will be submerged with everything else that is left behind. *AFP

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PM: JTA 'positive' response key step to end teachers' strike

[9/14/2019 3:38:18 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister Omar Razzaz said Saturday that the Jordan Teachers Association's (JTA) response to a government proposal to link performance with a salary raise is "a key and positive" step to end a week-long strike by public school teachers. "We and the teacher are all in the country's trench under the leadership of His Majesty the King. You, teachers, are the safety valve of our internal front," He said in a message to the education community through the Prime Ministry's webpages. Referring to a teachers' demand for a 50 per cent wage hike, Razzaz said "improving teachers' living conditions is inevitable and that's why we don't disagree on the principle or the objective, but we (need to) engage in dialogue on resources, steps and timing." "We can, through a serious and real dialogue between the education ministry and the teachers association, put forward a common national vision on these matters," he said, commending the JTA's move for dialogue as "a goodwill gesture that will have encouraging results for developing the education process." It is time that students return to classrooms, and that the teacher performs his noble task so that parents are reassured about their sons and daughters, and to sit at the table to elevate the education process for the good of the country and future generations," Razzaz concluded.

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