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Tax committee receives 2,349 settlement applications

[10/15/2020 8:47:03 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Individual and corporate taxpayers lodged 2,349 applications with an Income and Sales Tax Department (ISTD) committee in the first nine months of the current year seeking settlements with the department over their tax balances.

Of the total, 1,650 applications were related to the income tax while the remainder (699) were sales tax settlement applications, according to figures issued by the ISDT. The Tax Settlement Committee has so far looked into 1,747 applications, including 1,276 for income tax and 471 for the general tax on sales.

The ISTD noted that the cabinet had approved 1,256 of the total, including 957 income tax applications and 299 sales tax settlements.

The committee is headed by a judge and includes members from the ISTD and the private sector. It is mandated with receiving and studying the settlement requests and forwarding its recommendations to the cabinet for final approval.

The ISTD indicated that the committee does not look into cases which received final court verdicts and facilitates the enforcement of any ruling without prejudice to the rights of any of the parties.

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