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Future pandemic-related decisions linked to sectoral impact assessment

[9/30/2020 2:05:52 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz, said the government should study Covid-19 implications on all sectors and make decisions accordingly, in a way that weighs up the citizens' health and mitigates adverse impacts on various sectors.

Chairing a meeting of the National Committee for Epidemics (NCE) on Wednesday, held remotely at the Prime Ministry, Razzaz said the decision to impose comprehensive curfew at the national level may be "feasible from a health perspective," but it has several adverse effects on the economy and other aspects of life.

During the meeting, designed to review the government's measures to reopen schools, universities and some sectors, according with the developments of the Kingdom's epidemiological situation, Razzaz said the pandemic "is not over yet, as no date is known for its end."

With the ministers of higher education and scientific research, education, industry, and the state for media affairs, attending, Razzaz stressed the government's awareness of the pandemic-induced implications on school and university education, pointing to the importance of relying on NCE's scientific decision and recommendations regarding this matter.

In turn, Minister of Health, NCE's Chairman, Dr. Sa'ad Jaber, said the government, since the beginning of the pandemic, has based its decisions on reopening sectors on the comittee's scientific opinion and recommendations.

Dr. Jaber lauded the "prompt" measures taken by the Ministry of Education since the beginning of the academic year to shut down schools which saw Covid-19 infections among teachers and students, and implement distance education in isolated areas, or in regions with increasing cases.

The meeting went over views presented by the committee's members on in-person learning at the Kingdom's schools and universities and the expected scenarios, amid the disease's community spread, with an emphasis on the importance of preserving health and safety of students, parents and faculty members, and curbing transmission locally.

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