Mosques to be reopened as of Thursday's Fajr prayer | Jordan News | Ammon News

Mosques to be reopened as of Thursday's Fajr prayer

[9/30/2020 1:59:56 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Mosques in Amman will be reopened for all prayers, including Friday prayers, starting from Fajr prayer on Thursday, according to health conditions and controls that were circulated to the Awqaf directorates.

The necessary pledges will be signed by workers in mosques and their affiliated committees, to adhere to all public health and safety measures, including bringing a special prayer mat for each worshiper, wearing a mask and keeping physical distance between worshipers, in addition to the instructions issued in this regard, Awqaf Minister Mohammad Khalayleh said Wednesday in a press briefing.

He added that Awqaf directorates will be informed of any violation of these instructions, and appropriate measures will be taken against violators.

He stressed that mosques, where any infections recorded or located within areas of infections, will be closed until making sure that the cases were cured and the period necessary to close the mosque had ended in coordination with health authorities.

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