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Safadi talks peace, multilateral action in UN’s 75th anniversary

[9/22/2020 2:02:49 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ayman Safadi on Monday participated in an event to mark the UN’s 75th anniversary.

Speaking in a recorded statement, Safadi said that the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the UN is an opportunity for all nations to restate commitment to the principles of the UN Charter and of the International Law, as the "challenges that we face are collective".

"Multilateralism is becoming more necessary given the challenges that we face in our collective world," he said, noting that the covid-19 pandemic has "reconfirmed our interdependence".

In his remarks, the minister stressed that Jordan welcomes the adoption of the Declaration on the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, as it represents renewed collective vision to meet the aspirations of peoples for a peaceful fair world.

"Multilateral action on the basis of International law is more urgent in the middle east, it’s a necessity in order for us to reach a holistic and fair piece to resolve the regional crises, whose consequences affect innocent people and also threaten food security," he added.

The minister also affirmed that Jordan exhorts the international community to work together with the UNHCR to mobilize the necessary financial resources so that these organizations can continue to provide vital services. "The international community should also provide sustainable support for countries that are hosting refugees to ensure that they can have a decent life," he added further.

Safadi also noted that the violations of the UN Charter and of international law continue, and that might undermine the credibility of the organization. "Also, efforts for a fair piece meets unprecedented obstacles", he added.

"Fair piece is a strategic choice and also an International and regional necessity, so the only way of achieving it is a two-state solution, by the creation of a Palestinian state that is independent with Jerusalem as capital on the base of the 1967 borders," Safadi said, adding that it is when the people of the region can have the piece that they deserve.

The minster reassured that genuine negotiation to achieve piece should be a priority in our collective action, stressing that Jordan remains a partner in multilateral action to resolve this conflict, strengthen cooperation and to build a better future where we have peace not conflict, hope not despair.

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