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Workers at Jaber border center tested for COVID-19

[8/12/2020 4:11:26 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The epidemiological investigation teams working at the Jaber border center finished collecting samples from all workers in the center after two people tested positive for the COVID-19, an official told Petra.

Assistant Secretary-General for Primary Health Care at the Ministry of Health and the Kingdom's point man on the COVID-19 file Adnan Ishaq on Wednesday said that the health control authorities quarantined individuals who came into contact with those infected for 14 days and will be re-tested twice in accordance with standard procedures.

Ishaq stressed that the epidemiological situation at the center is considered "mild" because the source of the infections is known, explaining that the two workers had come into contact with travelers from Syria. He stated that the measures taken at the center aim to eradicate the disease and slow its spread.

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