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PM : Gov't focused on accelerating return of Jordanian expats

[8/9/2020 7:30:13 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Sunday said that his government will ramp up its efforts to speed up the repatriation of Jordanians abroad, saying some of them have been going through tough living conditions after they lost their jobs as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

In his weekly address to the nation, Razzaz announced that the government and the Himmat Watan Fund, a national fund launched on March 31 to combat the COVID-19 outbreak in the Kingdom, will co-pay the travel costs for those who can not afford it according to transparent criteria that will be announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates.

The prime minister also announced that he will issue today Defense Order No. 15 which will entail expanding the coverage of new support programs launched by the Social Security Corporation (SSC). Under the new order, Razzaz explained, public sector employees will be entitled to interest-free advances of up to JOD200 to be repaid at retirement.

In addition, the order will entail broad credit facilities and exemptions to private sector entities as well as individuals who owed unpaid amounts to the SSC, according to the prime minister.

Speaking on the forthcoming parliamentary elections, slated for November 10th, Razzaz said: "The royal decree to hold parliamentary elections expresses that we are a strong country capable of moving forward with the reform and modernization drive even in the darkest circumstances and challenges."

He stressed that the government's role in elections will be limited to providing support to the Independent Election Commission, which is the body responsible for managing all aspects of this democratic process, as well as encouraging turnout.

With regard to the next academic year, which will start in early September, Razzaz pointed out that the government's efforts are currently focused on providing safety requirements against the COVID-19 pandemic, and improving distance education to include all students and back up in-school education.

"I would like to reassure parents that we are aware of the challenges that students have faced and the amount of learning that they have missed due to this pandemic. Therefore, we are before a national responsibility to make it up for them and guarantee their human and constitutional right to education. The present generations, who are on the study seats today, are the makers of the future and the guardians of a better tomorrow," the prime minister emphasized.

Razzaz stressed that the "Jordanian state is for all its children, and will not allow itself to be bullied by one party or allow any party to challenge its authority or monopolize the truth and detract from the rights of others." He added: "Our main concern has been to protect the right of our children to education, away from tensions and polarization, and to protect the rights of teachers and enhance their status; that is the position we are committed to."

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