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Minister of Education : State's priority aims to sustain educational process

[7/26/2020 3:36:26 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Minister of Education, Dr. Tayseer Nuaimi, said the educational process will continue as planned, as the vision of the Jordanian state is based on the sustainability of education as a priority amid these Covid-19-induced "exceptional" circumstances.

Speaking during a joint press conference held at the Prime Ministry on Sunday, he said the Jordanian state is keen to improve teachers' living conditions and has taken several steps in this regard.

The government is paying attention to teachers "exceptionally," compared to the rest of the public sector workers, stemming from the importance of their responsibility in building generations, he pointed out.
Moreover, he affirmed the ministry and the government were "open" to the suspended Jordanian Teachers Syndicate (JTS) and used all means of dialogue, to carry out the allowance agreement.

The JTS, he said, has committed "clear" violations of its law and breached foundations of its work, through a "plain" interference in the ministry’s policies, and curricula, and deviated from the principles of organizing the syndicate's affairs.

The JTS has focused on activities that violate many laws and regulations, which is "worrisome" at the national level, according to the minister.

In this context, he pointed to the Civil Service Bureau's bylaws, which ban the public employee from making statements to the media outlets or writing on social media platforms, in a manner that "would offend the state, or divulge work secrets."

The suspended JTS has interfered in the educational policies and curricula, which is a "clear" violation of its Law, Article 5, which stipulates the syndicate's commitment to preserving the educational process, paying attention to the student’s interest, and non-interference in party activities and education policies, he pointed out.

Over the past months, the JTS has continued its " escalatory" rhetoric to disrupt the academic year when students return to schools, which had triggered confusion at the national level, according to the minister.
Rejecting JTS's practices to disrupt the educational process, he said : "The syndicate has used teachers ’issues to serve party and ideological agendas."

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