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PM: State derives strength from robust law enforcement

[7/26/2020 7:58:19 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Sunday emphasized that the state derives strength from robust and equal law enforcement and a society enjoying its rights and exercising its duties as enshrined in the law.

In a televised weekly speech, the prime minister said that "the Jordanian state can not be reduced to a person, a union, or a party. The Jordanian state is a system of well-established institutions built over a century, governed by the Jordanian constitution, which includes the Hashemite Throne Institution, and the three branches of government: legislative, executive, and judicial, and defines rights and duties, the foundations for agreement and difference, and access to agreements away from twisting the state's arm or violating the law or undertaking practices that confiscates others' rights and freedoms."

"Experience has taught us that the Jordanian state is strong with its institutions, which for decades have proven their ability to address external and internal crises to eventually emerge stronger and more resilient. It has also taught us that the Jordanian citizen is the end and the mean, and that cumulative building, rather than destruction, is the way to change toward a better life and resilience," he added.

Razzaz further said: "Experiences from the world around us indicate that one-man or one-party or tyrannical states are not governed by constitutions or legislation, but ideologies, whims, moods, hate speech, and exclusion of the other, which brought nothing but ruin under emotional slogans empty of content."

He stressed that the Kingdom's battle against the coronavirus pandemic underlines the importance of cooperation and solidarity as a one family that cares for the most vulnerable and shuns "herd immunity and law of the jungle".

The prime minister thanked employers who did not lay off any employees during the crisis and the employees who have agreed to cut their wages. Razzaz also praised landlords who gave breaks to tenants and thanked public sector servants for understanding the government's decision to suspended and defer a pay hike to 2021.

"Together, we are committed to protecting day workers and sectors most affected by the crisis, and to paying the increment for all public sector employees as of the beginning of next year. This is our country and these are our values," Razzaz said.

Jordan, led by His Majesty the King and armed by strong law and institutions, will continue its march toward a brighter future with the active participations of citizens who air their demands and views and evaluate the government's performance in accordance with the law and constitution, the premier emphasized.

Razzaz stressed that the fight against all forms of corruption is unrelenting, highlighting the role of public servants, citizens, watchdogs, and the parliament in protecting public money.

The prime minister said the Kingdom is approaching its centennial with more ambitions and plans to continue the development drive and build a resilient economy and a productive state.

He pointed out that the achievements, made over a century, would not have been possible without a wise Hashemite leadership and Jordanian talents and the key role of the armed forces and security agencies.

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