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Adaileh says gov't to soon sign 3 'major' projects

[7/7/2020 4:47:16 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The government will soon sign 3 "major" projects on water losses, the Marka Airport and the fiber-optic network, Minister of State for Media Affairs Amjad Adaileh said Tuesday.

Adaileh unveiled the revelations following remarks made by Prime Minister Omar Razzaz earlier this week about the "recovery and resilience" stage that is homed in on enhancing the economy and the implementation of joint projects with the private sector.

Also addressed was the developments of and measures regarding medical tourism as the Minister pointed out that the number of applicants who wish to seek medical treatment in Jordan had reached 411 within 2 days, most of whom live in Palestine, Iraq, Sudan and Saudi Arabia.

All applications, the Minister emphasized, will be filtered and assessed following the completion of registration process against the criteria set in place by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquity. The Ministry of Health will be assigned setting the measures of hosting visitors and following up on their medical conditions in coordination with the private hospitals.

In a session held today under the chairmanship of Razzaz, the Prime Ministry approved to settle fiscal positions of 228 companies and tax payers after the Income and Sales Tax Department's Settlement and Reconciliation Committee had reviewed applications that they had submitted to it.

Also discussed in the session was the priorities of the government for the remainder of 2020 and 2021, which were called for against the backdrop of many developments, chief of which is the coronavirus pandemic.

On the comprehensive strategy of the energy sector, Adaileh pointed out that there has been a delay in announcing its detail due to the fallout of the pandemic.

Adaileh emphasized that the government will remain adamant about planning for the future, pointing out to the growing dependence on the energy sector as it has great impact on the national economy, especially as the world is striving to recover form the fallout of the pandemic.

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