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Gov't will keep supporting impacted sectors, will soon announce package to agriculture sector

[6/23/2020 4:53:55 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The government said it was examining ways to support impacted sectors by the COVID-19 pandemic, announced Minister of State for Media Affairs, Amjad Adaileh.

In a joint press conference with ministers of health and transport held in the Prime Ministry on Tuesday, Adaileh said that there are draft decisions and procedures currently being studied by the government and the advisory council for economic policies, in cooperation with the private sector, civil society and all relevant sectorial stakeholders.

The week before last week, Adaileh said, the government announced decisions to support the pandemic-affected sectors, as it started with the tourism sector, which a set of decisions and measures to support it was announced at a cost of over JD200 million.

A set of decisions, incentives and exemptions on building and land taxes and municipal fees, which were also approved by the cabinet, worth over JD172 million, was also announced last week, the minister added.

Adaileh stressed that there are clear royal directives for the government to pay attention to the national industries and the agricultural sector, "and we are committed to enforcing these directives, and we are currently studying ways to support them and enhance their role to contribute to supporting the national economy."

On government's measures to combat tax evasion, Adaileh emphasized that inspections of establishments are continuing through the Income and Sales Tax Department, which are normal procedures "and they do not mean at all that the establishment that is subject to inspection is convicted of tax evasion, so the conviction is only announced by the court."

The minister pointed out that His Majesty King Abdullah conducted many visits and held a number of meetings with the concerned authorities to support the agricultural sector, stressing that His Majesty understands that food security is a priority and everything must be done to support this vital sector.

He added that the Prime Minister presided over a session of the advisory council for economic policies last week, in the presence of a number of ministers concerned in the agricultural sector, to devise a mechanism and study to support this sector, announcing the launch of a package to support the agricultural sector and its workers as soon as it is finished processing.

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