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Interior Minister holds meeting on safety precautions ahead of reopening mosques

[6/1/2020 11:55:59 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Interior Minister Salameh Hammad on Monday held a remote meeting with field governors and the Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Muhammad Khalayleh to discuss safety measures ahead of reopening mosques for Friday prayers.

The meeting tackled the necessary precautions, public safety measures and preparations taken by the religious affairs ministry in cooperation with authorities and official institutions to combat the spread of the COVID-19 and prevent infections during the congregational prayers at mosques, which will re-open as of June 5th.

Hammad told the meeting that his ministry, in cooperation with security bodies, had taken all the necessary precautions and put in place security plans to prevent crowding and maintain the required safety distance between worshippers. It also assigned foot patrols to mosques to control entrance to and exit from the houses of worship.

Hammad also said that administrative governors and security agencies will deal with street vendors to prevent crowding, warning that the necessary legal measures will be taken against violators.

He pointed out that the success and order during Friday prayers lies on the shoulders of administrative governors, instructing them to hold security and executive council meetings with Awqaf (religious affairs) and health officials to plan and implement measures in all mosques across the Kingdom.

In a separate meeting, Interior Ministry Secretary-General Khaled Abu Hamour discussed with Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply Secretary-General Youssef Shamali means of providing support to field inspection teams that were formed according to relevant legislation.

The meeting, which came in implementation of the directives of the Ministers of Interior and Industry, aimed at reviewing ways to prevent the exploitation of citizens and the sale of goods unfit for human consumption.

The inspection teams will be assigned to areas under the jurisdiction of governors to carry out closure orders against stores that are found in violation of the law after the re-opening of more economic sectors.

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