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Georgian Ambassador : Direct flights to link Jordan, Georgia

[6/1/2020 11:54:03 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Direct flights will be operated between Jordan and Georgia to enhance tourism cooperation with two flights per week, Georgian envoy to the Kingdom has said.

During a meeting with journalists on the occasion of his country's national day, Ambassador Zaza Kandelaki stressed the need to boost tourism cooperation with Jordan as it is an important source of national income for both countries, which are among the least affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

"Discussions are underway with the Jordanian side to establish a Georgian cultural center in the Maghtas area, which will have a significant impact in receiving Georgian tourists and pilgrims to Jordan" Kandelaki said, noting that an agreement has been signed with Jordan’s Department of Antiquities to begin drilling operations in the Jabal Shehan region in Karak, where there is an eleventh-century Georgian church.

The envoy highlighted the two countries’ key role in bringing peace and stability to the Middle East and Caucasus regions, despite the surrounding challenges.

On the bilateral economic cooperation, he said that it is still "modest" with a scope for development in the fields of meat, vegetables and fruits trading, noting that talks are being held with the Ministry of Agriculture and the competent Jordanian authorities on the possibility of proceeding the export of meat from Georgia to the Jordanian market.

The Ambassador also pointed to the two countries’ educational cooperation, as the Georgian government allocates two annual scholarships for Jordanian students to study in Georgia, in addition to a number of Georgian students who are studying Arabic in Jordan.

Commenting on the COVID-19 pandemic, the envoy lauded Jordan’s vigorous response in managing the health crisis, expressing appreciation to the Jordanian authorities for evacuating Georgian families after the spread of the virus.

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