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PM, business community discuss COVID-19 impact, mitigation efforts

[4/4/2020 2:21:47 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Saturday held a teleconference with representatives of the business community for a discussion on the fallout of the COVID-19 crisis on the national economy and private sector and ways to mitigate the ramifications of the pandemic.

The meeting discussed a set of measures and decisions to protect the national economy and the private sector, maintain job security, and limit the damages arising from this crisis. Razzaz reviewed the results of studies conducted on the main concerns of employers and employees.

He explained that some world countries need 60 days to recover from the impact of the crisis while others need at least 100 days, adding that some countries have already fallen into what he called a "cycle of chaos" needing long periods for recovery.

He emphasized that the government is closely coordination to come out from the crisis with the least damage possible. Razzaz indicated that relevant government committees will continue to cooperate and meet extensively during the coming period, to come out with recommendations and solutions to maintain the minimum level of work in the private sector and ensure its permanence, thus preserving the job security of all employees.

In turn, the representatives of the business sector appreciated the government's understanding of their demands, noting the need resume work while applying general safety conditions when returning to work.

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