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Adaileh urges public to observe curfew instructions

[3/21/2020 3:33:00 PM]

AMMONNEWS - State Minister for Media Affairs Amjad Adaileh congratulated His Majesty King Abdullah II and all Jordanians on the 52nd anniversary of the Karamah Battle, and hailed the armed forces for their role to enforce government measures to counter the coronavirus pandemic.

"We salute the efforts of our armed forces and our brave security apparatuses that faithfully perform their duty to protect Jordanians and preserve their safety, whether by keeping security and order, or carrying out their noble duty as doctors, nurses and health cadres," he told a briefing at the National Center for Security and Crisis Management.

He also congratulated all mothers on Mother's Day, expressing hope that "everyone celebrate this occasion in a different way this time, avoid contact, to help protect the safety and health of our mothers."

The minister said that he received a call from His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al-Hussein bin Abdullah II, who is following up closely on the developments of the situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

The Crown Prince, he said, hailed the efforts of all cadres to confront the pandemic and also commended the level of coordination and the tireless work to protect the health and safety of the citizens. He further said that His Highness also praised the "professional and objective media that backs up our efforts in dealing with this crisis."

Commenting on Defense Order No. (2) imposing a nationwide curfew, Adaileh stressed the government's seriousness to enforce it through the efforts of the Jordan Armed Forces- Arab army, and the security bodies, calling on "everyone to support the efforts of our armed forces and security forces and heed instructions to protect the citizens' safety and health.

He said the curfew was a difficult decision, but was for the safety and protection of citizens, noting that the state-at-home order is a "new lifestyle that we should get used to, in the hope that things will be back to normal soon."

The minister stressed that the countries that succeeded in dealing with the novel coronavirus epidemic were those that were prompt to take rigorous measures, which were "the most successful way to curb the rapid spread of the virus, and this is the aim of all our measures."

He pointed out that the first day of the defence order's enforcement saw the arrest of hundreds of violators against whom legal action will be taken, stressing that staying at home "is no longer an advice, but is a duty and a responsibility toward the country, family and public health."

Adaileh pointed out that the government has excluded a number of key sectors from the curfew, such as doctors, nurses and gas sale and distribution centers, indicating that on-duty stations will be designated for the sale of oil derivatives as of tomorrow morning. He also said the government is looking into a mechanism to open some pharmacies.

He also said the government will announce in the next two days the mechanism to allow citizens to go out at certain times during the curfew, as of Tuesday, adding that citizens can call civil defense and public security emergency numbers in case of a medical emergency.

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