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Health minister: Concerned institutions jointly work to block coronavirus' spread to Jordan

[2/26/2020 3:20:20 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Minister of Health, Dr. Sa'ad Jaber, announced the Ministry of Health has transferred a number of Jordanians arriving from Italy to the quarantine on Tuesday, as a preventive measure to ensure that they are not infected with novel coronavirus.

In a telephone intervention with "Frankly with Rotana" program, aired by the Rotana Radio on Wednesday morning, Jaber said all concerned institutions are working in partnership and maintain cooperation to prevent the virus from reaching the Kingdom.

Jordan, he affirmed, did not ban importing commodities from China, but rather has put restrictions and controls in place to halting livestock imports.

On the ministry's "preventive" measures to deal with the illness, Jaber said the ministry is preparing a field hospital in the desert Khau region in a precautionary manner, in addition to the active 12 isolation beds at Bashir Hospital, adding a separate ward at Prince Hamzah Hospital will be equipped to receive any suspected cases.

A permit, he said, has been granted to Jordanian factories to produce masks on a large scale to meet citizens' needs through the local market, adding medical teams across the Kingdom are trained, as well as workers at the border crossings to monitor passenger movement.

On the ministry's "precautionary" measures, he noted thermal detectors were installed at the airport and border crossings to detect and check any traveller abnormal temperature.

These measures aim to make sure whether any travellers were in contact with any people coming from China or other countries with coronavirus cases, he said, adding a contract was signed with a company to carry out sterilization operations in different locations.

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