Water Ministry signs $11m agreement for Jordan Valley project | Business | Ammon News

Water Ministry signs $11m agreement for Jordan Valley project

[2/24/2020 8:20:04 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Ministry of Water and Irrigation on Monday signed an 11-million dollar agreement to finance a project to rehabilitate the hydraulic transmission and distribution system in the Jordan Valley region.

Water Minister Raed Abul Saud said the agreement aims at developing, improving and implementing projects for supplying and transporting irrigation water and operating systems in the Jordan Valley.

During the signing ceremony, which was attended by the Director of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Jim Barnhart, Abul Saud said that the project will improve the capacity of the stations and the systems.

It also upgrades services for citizens and farmers, reduces water loss and raises the efficiency of services in the Jordan Valley, while reducing the cost of maintenance and operation, thereby improving financial returns, he pointed out.

The minister stated that the agreement comes within the risk management program, adding that it will supply additional quantities and improve the efficiency of irrigation water delivery using state-of-the-art global technologies.

It will monitor water quality and reduce illegal uses, providing additional water quantities for agriculture and other uses, he said.

The project will also include the installation, implementation and application of smart metering systems on all the main and subsidiary lines to ensure the equitable distribution of irrigation water to all agricultural units.

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