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Razzaz stresses need to adopt a holistic human resources vision

[2/13/2020 4:00:26 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz, stressed the need for a "comprehensive" vision for the human resources in Jordan, "our true wealth," to enhance its value and maintain achievements made in building the Kingdom and many countries.

During a workshop held on Thursday by the Lower House's Administrative Committee, under his auspices, in cooperation with the National Democratic Institute under the slogan "Human Resources in Jordan, to Where? (Thinking Outside the Box)," he added: "We are keen in Jordan to enhance capabilities of our human resources that we are proud of."

The premier also said the government, in implementation of the Royal directives to unleash the youth potentials, is working to launch policies and procedures to achieve this goal.

On human resources development vision, Razzaz pointed out the interest in enhancing human resources requires paying more attention to the kindergarten stage, which has a role in refining the human personality through school education, which encourages independent and critical thinking.

The new civil service by-law, he noted, "promotes a culture to engage in any available job opportunity," as it grants additional points on the Civil Service Bureau's (CSB) competitive roster for those working in the private sector.

He also expressed hope the workshop would come out with "specific" recommendations and a "clear" vision on the mechanisms to develop human resources, hailing the House panel's role in proposing a set of national issues with the utmost responsibility and openness.

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