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Minister : Media diversity promotes control on government

[1/11/2020 10:45:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS - State Minister for Media Affairs Amjad Adayleh said on Saturday that media diversity plays a supervisory role on government performance and elevates the level of official media outlets amid the competition.

In an address to the Government Communications Forum, titled "Communication and Government Harmony", which was organized by the Institute of Public Administration in cooperation with the United Arab Emirates government, the minister said that providing accurate and up-to-date information is a key ingredient for a successful government communication to fend off disinformation and rumor.

A successful government communication, he pointed out, requires developing the tools to reach the widest possible audience, including openness to social media as a key means to get the message across, as well as the various media outlets, including the private media.

"The government is aware of the importance of a successful communication, and the need to upgrade its tools and develop it in a manner that serves the message of the Jordanian state, and contributes to preserving its national achievements and a cultural heritage of nearly one hundred years," he said.

"We began to build a media strategy a top goal of which is enhancing government communication and institutionalizing the work of the media units in the ministries and government institutions," he added.

Adayleh said the government looks forward to boosting the "Your Right to Know" platform as a tool for a successful government communication whose role is not restricted to refuting rumors but providing information and facts to the public in a transparent and credible manner.

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