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House Finance Committee concludes budget deliberations

[1/9/2020 10:20:38 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Lower House Finance Committee has concluded on Thursday, in the presence of Prime Minister Omar Razzaz and a number of ministers and stakeholders, the discussions of the draft general budget laws and government units for the 2020, which lasted 6 weeks.

The committee's chairman, Khaled Bakkar, said the panel met during the deliberations all ministries and government institutions, and a group of economic experts were also consulted, in addition to the civil society institutions, unions, and parties.

Bakkar noted the committee wanted to work to find a "balanced and distinguished" budget, in line with the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II expressed at the Throne Speech during the opening of the fourth regular session of Parliament last year.

Bakkar talked about the "negative" aspects in the 2019 budget in light of the government's inability to achieve revenues, noting economic growth in the region has declined.

Before starting to discuss the budget, he said the committee met the prime minister, and agreed with the government on some budget items, and some of them were jointly okayed.

During the budget deliberations, the committee, he said, found that some institutions need to be merged as they carry out similar roles as soon as possible.

The committee and the deputies, he noted, asked the government to improve the revenues, adding: "this is its responsibilities, " which need to be tackled urgently with the Income and Sales Tax Department and the General Customs.

He also noted the committee also asked the government to finance projects in the governorates through partnership between the private public sectors.

The committee, he added, called on the government "not to increase the deficit by the end of 2020," to avoid future complications with donors.

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