Senate endorses four draft laws as referred from Lower House | Jordan News | Ammon News

Senate endorses four draft laws as referred from Lower House

[1/9/2020 10:17:03 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Senate has approved four draft bills amending laws of investment, traffic, Jordanian nationality, and waste management, as referred from the Lower House, in its session held on Thursday, headed by its President Faisal Fayez and the presence of the Cabinet members.

The new Investment Law transfers the jurisdiction of assigning the Investment Council with any other tasks, from the Cabinet to the Council itself.

The new Traffic Law transfers the authority to approve any competent body to probe traffic accidents that result in material damage only to the Minister of Interior instead of the Cabinet.

Under amendments to the Jordanian Nationality Law, jurisdiction to approve the application to waive citizenship, in order to acquire another nationality, from the Council of Ministers to the Minister of Interior.

On the goals, these amendments come to reduce the burden on the Council of Ministers, facilitate procedures and reduce administrative centralized decision-making, and gives the Council of Ministers the opportunity to focus on strategic business planning and drawing policies.

The Waste Management Law regulates the process of waste management, reducing its production, recycling, treatment, safe disposal and utilization, as well as defining the tasks of the bodies concerned in this regard.

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