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Book fair opens its doors to avid and alert FESA students

[12/28/2019 2:26:15 PM]

AMMONNEWS - By By Dr. Omar Al-HajEid - Fresh hopes and optimism surged in the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Arts (FESA), UNRWA as a three-day book fair was held at the Faculty earlier this week. The event was inaugurated by Dr. Ibtisam Abu Khalifeh, Acting Dean of FESA, who reiterated the need for such activities to improve students' reading competence in achieving the educational outcomes in accordance with the UNRWA framework for implementing quality education.

The book fair also provides a unique opportunity for improving students' positive attitudes towards reading, self-study and critical thinking skills, added Dr. Abu Khalifeh.

"The fair is a qualitative leap forward in education as it enhances skills of scientific research and students’ academic success. It also increases social interaction skills among students," pointed out Head of English language section, Dr. Ghada Abu Al-Einain.

The book expo lured hundreds of book lovers and visitors who strove to quench their thirst for reading the many types of bilingual books on display. The exhibition included more than 3000 books. In a press release, the book fair organizer of the event, Dr. Abdalhadi Abu Jweid said: "The book show is an intellectual and cultural phenomenon reflecting the true vision of the Faculty," he noted.

"Culturally speaking, the fair offered a widespread, varied and intensely rendered a repertoire of books. It also encourages teaching staff to write books and display them," said Dr. Husam Al-Momani, another staff member at FESA.

Many students participated in the fair. "The event offered us an educational–cultural hub as it hosted different cultural activities such as storytelling, reading poetry in addition to delivering speeches,” said Abdullah Sabbah.

Another volunteer student, Aya Nizar, added that the exhibition attracted book enthusiasts because of the affordable prices of books in addition to giving the opportunity to look at a wide range of books before purchasing their favorite ones.

The exhibition opened its doors to visitors from 9am to 2 pm. with the support of 15 volunteer students. The fair provided a spacious hall for book exhibitors to display their books. The overwhelming majority of books were sold at between JD5 and JD1. A special corner was dedicated to low-priced books up to JD1.

A visitor to the book show said she was delighted with the wide collection of books available at low prices. Actually, this intellectual vigor is a distinctive phenomenon enhancing a variety of facets of quality education in universities. It also maintains bridges of communication between educational institutions and publishing houses in an attempt to enhance scientific research.

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