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Interior Ministry holds workshop on refugee rights

[12/10/2019 5:16:16 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Ministry of Interior, in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), organized a workshop on refugee rights between applicability and laws.

In remarks at the opening ceremony, the Ministry's Secretary General, Khaled Abu Hammour, said Jordan managed to deal with refugee crises considering it a humanitarian and a noble mission, especially as human rights represent the cornerstone of any society, something His Majesty King Abdullah II always emphasizes on.

"Jordan's burdens ensuing from the refugee crises have become more urgent with regard to fulfilling its humanitarian obligations, and are affecting all aspects of life with its profound impact on all sectors of health, education, infrastructure, the labor market, unemployment, community security, water and energy, in addition to the burdens on the security services," Abu Hammour added.

He pointed out to the Jordan Response Plan for 2018-2020, formed in cooperation between the concerned national institutions and international partners, which estimated the direct impact of the crisis at a cost of $10 billion, along with $7 billion to meet the needs of Syrian refugees. "The international community’s response to the plan was just under 22 percent until last November," he said.

"Jordan with all its institutions is trying to reconcile and achieve a balance between the need to protect the rights of refugees on the one hand and preserving national security and state capabilities on the other hand," he said, praising the partnership that brings together the Ministry and the UNHCR, especially in the areas of capacity-building and enhancing the skills of the Ministry's employee.

UNHCR representative, Firas Malkawi, said Jordan has consistently stepped in dealing with refugee issues and has never hesitated to provide them with the needed protection and assistance.

"The Kingdom is making distinguished efforts to promote and protect the rights of refugees in particular and human rights in general," he added, noting that the Jordan-UNHCR partnership constitutes a practical reality in standing close to all issues and challenges refugees may face.

The 3-day workshop discuss human rights in Jordan, the UNHCR tasks, the international humanitarian law, as well as the national methodology in dealing with refugee crises through the Jordan Response Plan to the Syria Crisis.

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