Cooler weather forecast for Saturday, depression Sunday | Jordan News | Ammon News

Cooler weather forecast for Saturday, depression Sunday

[12/7/2019 4:59:40 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Temperatures are set to drop for Saturday by 2-3 degrees below annual average, as clouds partly cover the skies with a slight chance of sporadic rain showers in the southern and eastern parts of the Kingdom.

The Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD) reported that maximum and minimum temperatures in Amman and the northern region will hover between 14 - 5 degrees Celsius, and 13 - 6 degrees in the southern highlands. In Aqaba, the weather will be a bit warmer with highs reaching 25 and lows dropping to 11 degrees.

The JMD said a depression centered over Cyprus will affect the Kingdom on Sunday, with cloud-filled skies. Rain, accompanied by lightening and thunder and occasional hail storms, is predicted to fall throughout the day.

Monday is expected to bring in similar weather, the department forecast. The Kingdom will experience the effects of an air mass, keeping the weather chilly and rainy, it added.

The JMD warned of possible floods in the valleys and lowlands over the next two days.

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