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No renewal or extension to the Baqoura and Ghumar annexes, says foreign ministry

[11/10/2019 3:02:56 PM]

AMMONNEWS - An official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates ruled out any extension or renewal of the two annexes to the Jordanian-Israeli peace agreement, issued by two special regimes, to lease Baqoura and Ghumar lands to Israel.

In a statement made to "Petra" on Sunday, the source said Jordan exercised its legal right as per the peace agreement not to renew the annexes, and respects its legal obligation to any rights arising from the treaty, which are limited to respecting private property in Baqoura and allowing the Israeli farmers to harvest their crops planted before termination of the annexes in Ghumar area according to Jordanian law.

With regard to Baqoura, the source said the peace agreement recognized private ownership of 820 dunums, and that Jordan would allow any Israeli citizen, who proves his property ownership, to obtain a visa from the Jordanian Embassy in Tel Aviv to enter the Kingdom via official borders, adding the right of ownership will be respected in accordance with the Jordanian law.

As for the Ghumar lands amounting to 4235 dunums, the source announced the area is owned by the Treasury of the Jordanian state, granting Israel under the peace treaty the "leasing" right, which has ended today with the termination of the two annexes.

The Kingdom, in accordance with its legal obligations, will allow Israeli farmers to harvest crops planted prior to the expiry of the annexes, but according to Jordanian law, as visas will be granted to farmers through the Jordanian embassy in Tel Aviv to enter the area by law and without any exceptions, granted according to the annex, the source pointed out.

The source said: This procedure will be only a one-off measure, until crops, consisting of vegetables only, are harvested.

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