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Jordan: Diplomatic Escalation With Israel On Eve of Peace Treaty Anniversary

[10/31/2019 2:54:18 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Jordan is on the verge of diplomatic escalation with Israel on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the signing of the peace treaty between the two sides.

Amman has toughened its position on the issue of the detention of Jordanian citizens in Israeli prisons and summoned its ambassador in Tel Aviv “for consultation.”

The Jordanian ambassador arrived from Tel Aviv on Wednesday after being summoned for consultations “in protest against Israel’s continued illegal and inhumane detention of Jordanian citizens Hiba Labadi and Abdul Rahman Miri,” according to a press release issued late Tuesday night by the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants.

Foreign Affairs Minister Ayman Safadi said Jordan “holds Israel fully responsible for the lives of its citizens, and will continue to take all legal, diplomatic and political measures to ensure their safe return to their homeland.”

The statement stressed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made continuous efforts and intensive contacts through diplomatic and political channels to demand that Israel release the Jordanian citizens, whose health has deteriorated since their administrative detention, in violation of international laws.

The ministry warned Israel clearly and firmly of the repercussions of the continued detention of its citizens, according to the statement.

Meanwhile, the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the authorities arrested on Tuesday evening, an Israeli citizen who illegally infiltrated into the kingdom’s territory across the border in the northern region. The ministry added that the concerned authorities were investigating with the man before referring him to the competent legal authorities to take the proper legal action against him.

The escalation between Jordan and Israel coincided with the anniversary of the peace treaty signed by the two countries in October 1994.

*Asharq Al-awsat

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