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Tarawneh : Proxy wars, a key hurdle to regional partnerships, cooperation

[9/24/2019 8:17:27 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Lower House Speaker Atef Tarawneh said Tuesday that development and stability in the Middle East are unattainable as long as certain "states and entities" disregard and refuse to heed international legitimacy resolutions.

Addressing the 4th meeting of speakers of the Eurasian countries' parliaments in the Kazakh capital Astana, Tarawneh said that proxy wars stand in the way of partnership and cooperation in the region.

"How can we achieve consensus and build perspectives when some still spill blood and see in our region, especially Middle East, an arena of proxy wars?", he asked.

The House Speaker called on the parliaments to condemn, reject and expose the Israeli state of occupation for its crimes, expulsions, killings, detentions of children, women and the elderly, bulldozing land and storming holy sites as well as its attempts to Judaize Jerusalem and its Islamic and Christian shrines at the expense of the city's Arab identity.

Tarawneh, who is also President of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union, called for supporting the two-state solution as a "safe path to peace and a choice that guarantees the setting up of a Palestinian state against all suspicious deals that seek to perpetuate injustice."

He also urged support of states' efforts to combat terrorism as a danger that hinders growth and called for a halt to nuclear armament in the region, commending Kazakhstan's move to give up its nuclear arsenal.

During his visit, Tarawneh also met the Speaker of Kazakhstan's parliament, Deputy Prime Minister and Agriculture Minister and discussed with them ways to push forward commercial and investment relations between Jordan and Kazakhstan.

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