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Public school teachers on strike for a third day

[9/10/2019 8:24:01 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Classrooms at public schools across the Kingdom were deserted for the third day in a row Tuesday as tens of thousands of teachers pressed on with an open strike to demand a salary raise.

Most schools in the country's various governorates were almost empty of students this morning as teachers heeded a strike called for by the Jordan Teachers Association (JTA).

The syndicate had failed to reach a deal with the Ministry of Education in a series of mediation bids, the latest of which was yesterday by the Lower House of Parliament's education and culture committee.

The government has called for dialogue to reach a solution and forwarded a series of alternative proposals to the 50 percent wage hike demanded by the JTA, but the syndicate was dug in its heels and vowed to press ahead with the strike until their demand is met.

Parents and grassroots organisations have urged the government and JTA to reach a compromise to settle the dispute and ensure the return to classrooms.

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