Cabinet approves implementation of sewage project in Balqa' | Jordan News | Ammon News

Cabinet approves implementation of sewage project in Balqa'

[7/29/2019 4:20:24 PM]

AMMONNEWS - A Cabinet meeting chaired by Acting Prime Minister, Rajai Muasher, on Monday decided to approve procedures related to the implementation of a sewage project northeast of Balqa' Governorate, northwest of Amman.

The project aims to increase the collection and treatment capacity of the sewage system in northeast Balqa' areas, by shutting down the Baqa'a station, and establishing a new station northeast of Balqa' with a capacity of 36,000 cubic meters per day, expandable to 54,000 cubic meters per day.

The 75-million-euro project also aims at producing treated water, and supplying the station with a purification process that allows the production of electricity, so that the produced electrical power would cover about 75 percent of the station's operational requirements.

The Cabinet also approved new instructions for financial subsidy for reciting, preaching, sermons and teaching in mosques, in order to support the staff and those working in mosques and motivate them to serve in the field of public speaking, preaching and guidance.

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