Refugee inflow threatens Jordan population-growth balance, warn pundits | Editor's Choice | Ammon News

Refugee inflow threatens Jordan population-growth balance, warn pundits

[7/23/2019 9:54:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Demographists have warned that successive displacement waves and refugee inflow to Jordan from a number of Middle East countries pose a serious threat to the Kingdom's efforts designed to forge balance between population growth on the one hand and economic growth on the other.

In a joint meeting organized by the University of Jordan (UJ) and the Higher Population Council (HPC), a number of subject matter experts warned that the unresolved refugee crises risk undermining social cohesion, security and stability.

UJ Vice-President for Humanitarian Faculties Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Majdouba, called for finding appropriate solutions to abrupt demographic changes so that the society can bring about the desired development and progress and exploit the population opportunity.

Director of Studies and Policies at the HPC, Ali Al-Mutlaq, underlined the importance of taking demographic dynamics and forced displacement and migration dimensions into account in any economic or social planning at the national and local levels.

He called for consolidating national efforts to address population challenges by upgrading educational and healthcare services and finding an investment-friendly climate to create jobs and empower women.

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