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Robbers of Jerash ATM arrested

[6/16/2019 3:48:16 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) arrested two people who stole JD37,000 from an ATM machine in Jarash governorate, with a large part of the stolen amount in their possession.

Personnel of the CID North region division received a report on unknown persons who robbed a Jersah bank ATM and stole the amount of JD37,000, after unlocking its secret password, the Public Security Department (PSD) spokesperson said Sunday in a statement.

He added that a special investigation team was formed to identify the robbery circumstances.

Then, the robbers were identified and arrested.

The PSD spokesperson explained that the team responsible for following up the case and through the investigations suspected one of the employees of a company that deals with the bank, who knows the ATM secret password.

This person was arrested in his house in Amman, and during the investigation he admitted to the theft with the assistance of another person was also arrested, the PSD official noted.

The robbers, then, led the police to the whereabouts of a large part of the stolen amount, which was seized by the police, and investigations are still ongoing, the spokesperson concluded.

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