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Interior Minister visits PSD headquarters

[6/16/2019 3:44:22 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Minister of Interior Salamah Hammad said the Public Security Department (PSD) is the Kingdom's "safety wall", key incentive for economic growth, prosperity and preserving social peace.

In a visit to the PSD headquarters on Sunday, during which he meet with PSD Director Maj. Gen. Fadel Hmoud, Hammad said the PSD has, through its duties, established the rule of law and enforced it to all without discrimination or favoritism.

He added that members of PSD have achieved successes at all levels and in various units, especially in the areas of combating crime and controlling perpetrators, dealing with drugs and prosecute dealers, as well as the traffic departments' role in decreasing the number of deaths and injuries resulting from traffic accidents.

The minister pointed out to the cooperation, coordination and constant communication between the Interior Ministry and its security bodies, and working as a team to achieve the desired goals and objectives that everyone aspires to.

Maj. Gen. Hmoud said the PSD is operating according to a comprehensive security strategy (2019-2021), which was established on basis that took into consideration the development of the crime and combating it and expanding the police services provided to citizens.

He added that the PSD will continue to peruse its participatory approach to work and support various ministries and government institutions.

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