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Jordan to take part in the international labor conference in Geneva

[6/10/2019 11:04:03 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Minister of Labor Nidal Batayneh heads an expanded delegation of 20 members representing the three parties of production "the government, employers and workers" at the 108th Session of the International Labor Conference held in Geneva, June 20th.

Jordan's participation in the Geneva conference comes within the framework of continued cooperation with the international community in achieving the development goals and the Kingdom's effective participation in various international forums, Batayneh said in a statement issued by the Ministry of Labor on Monday.

Jordan has an influential role in the International Labor Conference's deliberations, as it enjoys international community's confidence in its labor policies and projects aimed at reforming the labor market, he pointed out.

On future cooperation, he also highlighted Jordan's urgent need of the international community's support and to reach out to world institutions to meet their commitments to enable the Kingdom to face the refugee crises, in addition to supporting Arab positions and benefiting from the experiences of countries in tackling economic and social crises such as poverty, unemployment and reducing child labor.

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