Al-Masri 'We stand behind Hashemite leadership against plots' | Gotcha | Ammon News

Al-Masri 'We stand behind Hashemite leadership against plots'

[4/29/2019 11:28:33 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Former Prime Minster Taher al-Masri on Monday said that all Jordanians rally behind His Majesty King Abdullah in the face of international "plots and pressures."

He made his remarks during a celebration organized by the Zarqa University to mark its 25th anniversary that concurred with the Kingdom's national occasions.

Al-Masri said that the Arab nation is witnessing many conflicts and that Jordan is exposed to "many plots that aim to liquidate the Palestinian cause and disregard international legitimacy."

"We stand in support of His Majesty the King against anyone who tries to obliterate the Palestinian identity or deny the rights of the Palestinian people to set up their sovereign state with Jerusalem as its capital," he said, stressing the Hashemite custodianship over the city's sanctities.

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