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Youth are cornerstone of nation's second-century transition: Ghunaimat

[4/27/2019 3:22:09 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Minister of State for Media Affairs and Government Spokesperson Jumana Ghunaimat said youth are the cornerstone of the nation's second-century transition, so they are the top priorities for the government as they constitute the present and future, and an integral part of the democratic process and decision-making.

The government is aware of the need to work alongside young people, and to integrate them into the development process, to create the future that suits them and meet their aspirations, and to be a major tool of defending the country, Ghunaimat said in a seminar held in Amman on Saturday.

She added that the government is working on a new formula for creating job and employment opportunities for young people, so this year it will provide about 30,000 jobs and focus on attracting new investments to create jobs and increase exports.

She pointed out that the government has recently taken a series of measures to alleviate burdens on citizens during the holy month of Ramadan by postponing loan installments, not raising the prices of water and electricity, and lowering the prices of goods, noting that the prices of goods in Ramadan will be less than last Ramadan.

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