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King directed government to focus on youth, support their employment opportunities

[4/9/2019 3:12:02 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister Omar Razzaz said His Majesty the King has directed the government to focus on young people and engage them in development plans and support their employment opportunities.

During a press conference held on Tuesday, the prime minister reviewed the 2019 government's plan of action and the first quarter's achievements, stressing that the government has pledged to develop a mechanism of action that includes priorities and indicators of citizens' expectations of what has been achieved and challenges and opportunities facing the Kingdom.

He noted that these challenges do not have quick solutions and dealing with them in a temporary manner is a wrong, indicating that the government is working on radical and structural solutions to problems and challenges, requiring patience, effort and participatory work between different entities and institutions.

The prime minister spoke about the geographic distribution of jobs offered by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing within tenders and government projects in coordination with the private sector and distributed throughout the Kingdom in three areas, most notably engineering, technical and other professions.

Razzaz reviewed a number of indicators within the national renaissance project, which is based on three axes: the state of law, the state of production and the state of Takaful, to which the government now moving toward.

Razzaz said the state of law preserves human rights and duties, and the state of production preserves human dignity and unleashes its energies and promotes visions of human attitudes to be applied on the ground.

He aded that His Majesty King Abdullah directed the government in the letter of designation and the speech from the throne towards a comprehensive national renaissance project in order to achieve what is hoped and expected about the second centennial of the Jordanian state, stressing the need to work and strive to transform challenges facing Jordan into opportunities.

The premier said the government focuses on employment that is the concern of every Jordanian family, The first pledge the government has launched as a strategy is to provide 30,000 jobs.

Razzaz said there were 380,000 unemployed in Jordan. He added that there are more than 8,000 vacancies in the public sector to be announced in newspapers on Thursday.

The prime minister reviewed the operational plan through projects implemented by the private sector in partnership with the government in all regions of the Kingdom.

Razzaz said the government is seeking to combat tax evasion through the recent Income Tax Law, which set up a mechanism that imposed financial sanctions on tax evaders and prison sentences. The law also contributed to increasing treasury revenues to 62 percent from JD13 million last year to JD21 million this year.

The prime minister also tackled a number of internal and external issues, such as poverty, political reforms, the Palestinian cause and the Israeli Gas deal.

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