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PM vows sustained anti-narcotics fight

[3/25/2019 3:38:14 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Monday vowed that the fight on narcotics will continue until this menace is eradicated and urged closer synergies between the various state bodies in a nation-wide anti-drug campaign.

The prime minister spoke as he and cabinet members were briefed on the nationwide crackdown. Razzaz voiced his government's full support of the clampdown and said drugs pose a threat to people's health and safety as well as to the rule of law.

Interior Minister Samir Mubaidin praised the "distinguished" efforts of the various security agencies in their fight against drug pushers, underlining the importance of having a community that supports the efforts exerted by security personnel in combatting drugs.

He emphasized that the security campaigns are strongly ongoing in all targeted areas and against all suspects who will be brought to justice.

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