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British ambassador voices his country's continued support to Jordan

[3/11/2019 7:46:19 AM]

AMMONNEWS - British Ambassador to Jordan Edward Oakden stressed Britain's commitment to support Jordan in the security, economic, political and educational fields.

The ambassador made the remarks during a press meeting at the British Embassy in Amman yesterday that focused on the outcome of the London 2019 Initiative Conference held in London last month to support and develop the Jordanian economy.

"Our support for Jordan is constant and will continue," he said, adding that the London initiative was successful by all means and had put Jordan on the right track with regard to the economic transformation process.

"The conference also led to a new partnership between the international community and Jordan," the ambassador said, noting that this partnership will support Jordan's efforts and plans to achieve growth and development .

"The next five years will see economic reforms in Jordan in line with a plan to launch growth, investment, employment and achieve self-reliance," he said, adding that a committee representing all concerned parties has been formed, and will periodically meet to follow up on the economic transformation process in Jordan and implement the plan.

Oakden pointed out that there are eight Jordanian sectors in which growth can be achieved, noting that these sectors have been identified in cooperation with Oxford University and several specialized bodies.

These sectors, he added include services, tourism, renewable energy, health and education, and high quality services, pointing to the importance of specific programs to achieve economic transformation.

The ambassador said that his country is aware of the challenges facing Jordan and that economic growth and job creation are necessary to meet these challenges.

"As the region began to regain stability and with the opening of the borders with Iraq, Jordan is able to implement a reform plan in cooperation and partnership between the government and the private sector and funding institutions for the coming years".

The ambassador revealed that he will meet Jordanian businessmen and economic figures next week to brief them about the outputs of the initiative and emphasize the importance of partnership between the public and private sectors to achieve economic transformation, create jobs, and achieve economic growth.

Oakden stressed the importance of the Brussels conference which will be held tomorrow to discuss means to support the Syrian refugees and their host countries, especially Jordan, pointing out that the support should be directed to vital sectors such as education, health and others.

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