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IMF : We will continue supporting Jordan

[3/7/2019 1:19:54 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The International Monetary Fund (IMF) stressed its continued support to the Kingdom to enable it to face external challenges through urging the international community to increase financial aid to Jordan.

Responding to a question by Petra via internet, IMF spokesperson Gerry Rice said during a press conference in Washington, on Thursday, that the attendance of the IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde at "Grow Jordan" conference in London came to show the importance the Kingdom enjoys in the IMF.

He also said that, " Over the last several years, Jordan has undertaken a significant efforts to maintain economic stability including policy reforms against a very difficult external environment, and despite internal socioeconomic tensions Jordan continues to face considerable challenges, growth is low, unemployment is high, particularly, for youth and women, it public deficit and debt levels are very high, refugee crisis continues to place extraordinary restraints on Jordan's economy."

He added that. " Jordan needs additional financial support, particularly, in the form of budgetary grants," he noted that, " Madame Lagarde pushed strongly in the London conference last week."

Rice stressed that, " We expect discussions on this issue of increased external support for Jordan to continue in the coming days."

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